Saturday, February 16, 2008

NYX swatches for ABB *edit3*

I finally got around to doing proper swatches of some of my NYX stuff for the NYX swatch collection on ABB. Didn't post any of my trios though because most of them have already been covered by other people. I did actually do the trio swatches ages ago, but never got around to editing and submitting them.

*edit* After looking through the ABB entry again today I realised I have two trios that aren't covered there yet, so I'll be editing and posting those too :)

*edit2* Shangri-la eyeshadow trio:


*edit3* Lakemoss eyeshadow trio:


I know they all look the same...:( This trio disappointed me. The colours are clearly different in the pan but they look black when swatched. I included that swatch of MAC Fertile to show that it looks kinda similar to the purple-black shade, in case anyone wants a dupe of Fertile.

NYX singles:


Comparison of Prune single eyeshadow with the Prune from the trio:

For some reason the colour of Prune is pinker in the trio, and more purple in the single...I don't know why. I initially bought the single, then found that I wanted the other two colours in the trio so i have both....which look nothing alike after all.


NYX Ultra Pearl Mania loose eyeshadows:

The yellow gold is a bit more yellow than what this picture shows.


NYX Jumbo eye pencils, lip pencil, liquid liner:


As I've mentioned before the liquid liner really sucks, so I'd advise against getting it. The lip pencil I found is too shimmery, but I might be able to make it work as a base and layering a light, non shimmery colour over it.


Vanessa said...

Awesome swatches! I have almost all the colors you swatches and they are gorgeous aren't they!??

I have not tried MAC's oil cleansers yet, have you tried them are they good? I am scared to try certain things for the face from MAC (foundations), so I haven't really bothered, also because when it comes to my face I notice the cheap, natural methods work best for me...but I have to say when they come out with their powder mineral foundation, I just HAVE to try it.

(g)ezebel said...

that's too bad the liquid liner sucks, 'cuz that electric blue is soooo pretty!! have you tried urban decay's liquid liners? they rock!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

NYX have some really nice pigmented colour. I just wish they were available here >_< lol

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Ooooh, Shangri-La looks pretty. Thanks for the swatches. NYX is hard to find in my area so I'm not really familiar with any of the trios. And I agree with gezebel that it's too bad the liquid liner sucks. I'd grab that electric blue asap.

watercoloursky said...

vanessa: NYX is awesome! only issue i have with them is their packaging - if they had easily depotable shadows like MAC, i'd buy less MAC :)

gezebel: i've only tested out the UD glitter ones at sephora, which ARE nice :)

nic nic: that sucks...:( actually, i think they are available on ebay, you should check it out !

psychoexgf: i had a hard time locating them too. i finally found that they're sold only in Pharma Plus drugstores, and not all locations have it either.

alien man?! said...

I blame the sudden surge of hours they've given me at work. Otherwise, there's no reason I could have missed this entry -_-; I'll def. get around to adding them to the collection real soon. Thanks SOOO MUCH for doing these, Arashi, they look great! Wow... I did hear comments on how the same-named colors differed between the trios and singles, but I didn't think it'd be THIS obvious o.O I mean, maybe it won't make that much of a diff but it really makes me wonder :/ I really like the trio prune, though. I think I actually prefer it to the single...

alien man?! said...

otay! they've been added :D

lemme know if everything looks okay :D

thanks again for this :D

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