Saturday, February 16, 2008

recent acquisitions

don't mind the title, i'm just bored with using the word 'haul' all the time lol. I guess that means I buy too much stuff.


i borrowed a whole stack of animes from my bf in case I got bored:


Anyway we didn't really celebrate V-day because he had to pack for his trip that night. But on Wednesday we did have dinner. Also before that, we stopped by the mall because I had already mentioned to him I wanted to get something from MAC that day. He was nice enough to pay for it too :)


I got the Sassed-up iridescent powder, and Cult Fave lipglass.


Originally I was going to get the Rollickin Paint pot instead of the lipglass, but the texture felt drier than I had thought. It also didn't look as wearable for me when swatched on my skin. The lipglass on the other hand was really pretty colour so I decided to get it anyway despite the disappointing packaging.

You can see here the design is a label that goes around the lipglass cap:


The top part of the label even sticks out a bit :S


Not good, because I'm the type that picks at stuff like that. But I guess even if I end up ruining the sticker, the MAC logo is still somewhat unique compared to the ones on the permanent products.

Besides MAC, I also hauled some drugtore items over the past few weeks:


  • Castor oil (to try the oil cleansing method featured on Mrs Lynne's blog)
  • Glycerine (to make homemade mixing medium)
  • Jamieson's Vitamin E cream, 30,000 IU, For dry to very dry skin
  • NYX Pearl Mania pigment in Yellow gold
  • Bonnebelle eye liners in Indigo and Stonewashed
  • Nivea LaBello Hydrocare lipbalm
Also pictured is the sample of Calamine soap I received from Northwest Orca Soaps, haven't tried that out yet though.

The drugstore close to where I live was clearing out its stock of Valentine's day chocolate. I saw these and had to have 'em :)



Among all the Marvel heroes, I like Spider-Man the best :)

I have this in my shower:


The shower in my apt is the crappiest, but this usually helps cheer me up, haha :P


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

haha! my little sis loves spiderman! :] oh, and i took a glance at your stack of anime's and Rahxephon is a good one. :] if you like dramatic animes you should watch "the eternity you wish for" that's the english translation, i forget the japanese one. :P also, evangelion is a good anime. :]

(g)ezebel said...

LOL at spiderman! i'm more of an X-Men girl. i love all of 'em. in fact, once my hair starts getting lots of grey, i'm gonna dye it all silver and rename myself Storm. hahahaha

i agree that the Fafi stickers were tacky. cult fave l/g looks fantastic over high top l/s!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

that lipgloss looks pretty! i dont know if i'd buy anything when fafi finally comes out here tho =/ might get one item as a souvenir haha.

wow your a hardcore anime fan! i used to be into Bleach, cos my bf got me into it haha, then i kinda drifted from it.

na said...

Fafi packaging is quite possibly the most craptastic MAC packaging I've ever seen! The logo on the tester at MAC was already unwrapping itself. :\ At least the colors are nice.

The iridescent powder was really nice! I didn't like the first release, but it seems to have been reformulated a little bit.

watercoloursky said...

christiana: hmm i should see if my bf has those in his collection when he gets back :)

gezebel: haha you should! i like storm :) hmm i really liked high top swatched on my hand, but it looked like it'd be way too shimmery on my lips. maybe i'll try it on my lips next time.

nic nic: hehe actually my bf is the hardcore anime fan, i never watched much until he started lending me collection.

emilee: i sad because it looked so good in the promo pics too! the colours are nice, but the interesting colours don't suit me at all :S i'm still not sure I liked Sassed up, but Belightful was nice. I didn't want to get Belightful though because I already have something similar.

alien man?! said...

ahahahaha you're SO CUTE! the spiderman made me chuckle.

omgosh, drugstore hauling is too much fun T_T my bank is right next to Rite Aid and I was SOOOOOO TEMPTED to drop in and look around

what's calamine soap good for? i remember using calamine lotion for mosquito bites...

jewels said...

lol so i guess you always have spiderman spying on you in the shower.

Just make sure you throw a towel over his head then hahahaha.

Fei said...

I believe Pursebuzz mentioned that they're shrink wrapped? I dunno, because I have yet to see it in real life. :\ lol @ Spiderman! I'm a Batman girl myself. I just can't get past that tall dark and handsomeness and those steely blue eyes. *drool* Yes, I know he's a cartoon. :p

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hahaha, cute haul, especially the Batman Valentines day stuff. :D I was thinking about getting a bottle of castor oil too to try the oil cleansing method. But then someone brought up how much time you'll spending cleaning your towels and I decided to pass. LOL. :D

watercoloursky said...

alienman: i'm the same way, i stop in that drugstore about 1-2 times a week for no reason, and spend like 40 mins in the cosmetics section. Usually i don't buy anything though, the SA probably thinks i'm a weirdo :D

i called it calamine soap but its basically a facial soap that contains calamine as well as some other ingredients for problem skin...its the same one that Vanessa raved about in her blog :)

jewels: haha i never thought about it that way! but its all good, i get to ogle his butt :P haha ;)

fei: haha i know the feeling....i have a huge crush on Cloud from FFVII: AV movie, even though I know he's not real :S

psychoexgf: good call! i tried it already and i don't think i like it...its not an ester like the commercial cleansing oils from DHC and MAC, so I don't get the same clean feeling when I rinse//wipe it off.

alien man?! said...

i also just noticed the labello. i didn't know you could buy it in canada! i might have to ask you for hookups when the one i got from Chi runs out

watercoloursky said...

no problem, i'll send one over anytime :D

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