Monday, February 18, 2008

online shopping and pictures of dinner

Today, I caved and ordered this:

Kanebo T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes - the 01 Green palette


(Picture from Ebay seller fubsypig, but I ordered it off AdamBeauty as it was cheaper.)

In my defence, the T'estimo line is being discontinued by Kanebo, and this was an older palette from the Spring 2007 lineup, so I had to get it sooner rather than case they ran out.

Also, there were so many good reviews for the Frame Impact palettes in general...I couldn't resist. I did already ask my bf to get me the purple one from Japan, because it sounded so good in the review by A Touch of Blusher. But I didn't want to add the green one onto the already-too-long list...

Apparently these consist of a cream base (the left pale shade), a cream liner (the right shade), and the two colour shades in the centre.

I can't wait for this to arrive....but man, it'll probably take like 3 weeks :S


Here are some pictures that I took when I went for dinner with the bf. We went to an Italian restaurant on Wednesday night, because he had to pack on V-day. No fotd though, because there wasn't enough time for me to go home and change or prettify myself after work lol.

Appetizer - Bruchetta (x 4 pc...I took the pic of the last piece :) , was not bad)


Appetizer - Calamari (fried calamari is always good! The dip was good too)


My main course - Rack of Lamb (not too bad)


His main course - Veal (tasted mediocre)


Dessert - Tiramisu (bad decision, I should've gone for creme brulee instead...this had too much cream)



mayaari said...

those palettes look lovely :) and mmmm calamari!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Yum! Food looks good! Do a review of the palette when you receive it.

na said...

I plan to move to Japan solely for the purpose of buying makeup. Seriously. Do a review of the palettes when you get them!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

omg... you've officially awoken the fatty in me. LOL. your dinner looks DELICIOUS. lol. :] i'm jealous. lol. :D anywho, i'm glad you had a tasty dinner (at least it looks tasty) and i can't wait to see your looks with your japanese makeup. hehe.

Vanessa said...

OMG all that food looks so good! I haven't tried any of the MAC Cleansers yet, I know they too have a cleansing oil, so I might want to try that out for kicks, I am also eyeing their Green Tea Cleanser....

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

omg you bought all 4? nice haul!!! and good defence might i add =P I agree with the others, please do a review on it later :)

The food look delicious!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

oops i just re-read the beginning of your post, lol you bought green.. i'm sorry i am literally half asleep I had 4hrs sleep. Still, nice haul! can't wait for the review :D

watercoloursky said...

thanks everyone, i'll definitely post a review when i get it :)

emilee: LOL, you know, i have entertained that same thought myself! plus my bf wants to go work there too...

vanessa: i hope you try it soon then lol :) i've only ever used MAC so thats the only thing I have as a point of reference.

nic nic: lol i'm chronically sleep deprived these days so i do the same thing too...sometimes i don't think my comments make sense :S

(g)ezebel said...

i was really hungry until i got to the slices of BAMBI..!! gah..!!!

i love those e/s palettes; the colors are soooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

That green palette looks so good! I'm curious as to how it turns out. Mmm your food is making me hungry, everything looks SO YUMMY. well, except for the Veal, it looks kind of mushy lol.

watercoloursky said...

gezebel: hahaha :D but none of the dishes contained deer so don't worry about poor bambi :)

petitebelle: yeah...that veal was not done properly, it wasn't mushy but was drowned in way too much sauce :S

Bliss said...

The eye palette does look lovely, thanks for a good website do a review when you get them hhehe,,Your dinner looks so yummy...i also love calamari :)

nilla cookie said...

Ooo, I love taking pictures of food when we go out too! Reminds me of which restaurants are worth going back to :)

Tiramisu looks good, too bad it wasn't great :(

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