Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lemmings lemmings lemmings *and unrelated edit*

This look is so pretty, it makes me want to rush out and buy the Shiseido hydro-powder eyeshadow now...

Hydro-powder eyeshadow in Violet Visions


And beauty blogs are just so addictive! I was going through A Touch of Blusher again and found a post on Maybelline Dream Mousse Eyeshadow and now i just have this 'need' to go to the drugstore and get it....Except that I did, but the Shoppers Drug Mart near me doesn't carry them! :( I don't think they're discontinued, since they are still on the Maybelline website. I probably just need to visit a bigger drugstore.

Lilac Cloud is the colour I want:


I like the other turquoise colour she got, but I don't see it on the Maybelline website so I must not obsess over it...

Also, I saw this Pop palette because of the Muse and now i want it :S
Mostly because I think it would've worked better than the NYX for the Clarins look I did previously.

Pop Beauty Lid Neon palette


But I have to resist all of these except the Maybelline perhaps. Reason being the closest Sephora and MAC is too far to get to since my bf isn't here to drive me for the next couple Perhaps this is actually good for my addiction then....:(

And I want my T'estimo palette already! This week is going by too slowly :S

Its supposed to arrive early next week hopefully, as long as Canadian customs doesn't give it a hard time.

*Edit* Psst! if you are a fan of Snowkei, she just posted what seems to be her MAC collection. It seems less than I thought, but she does have tons of pigments. Also I guess if this is just MAC I would love to see what she has from other brands :)


the Muse said...

teehee I create the lemmings ;)

I'm curious about the Hydro-powder myself...hmmmm....I feel a purchase coming on!

I can't wait for you to get your first T'estimo palette! I LOVE them! God I miss them too! I'm still in mourning..sigh!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

nice lemmings. :] her MAC collection is still intimidating... especially for someone like me who only owns two MAC eyeshadows. LOL. :P

na said...

Snowkei's collection does look kind of small, but from her tutorials, it also seems that she uses a lot of NARs. That's a huge number of liquidlasts, though!

I tried the Maybelline mousse shadows, but they creased on me. :(

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the lilac is so pretty! reminds me of MAC's Beautiful Iris, and the maybelline looks like a cheaper alternative!

I hope your palette will arrive smoothly ;)

(g)ezebel said...

those lavender shadows are sooooo pretty..!!

i saw that palette on The Muse, too, and now i MUST go get it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been lemming the Shiseido hydro-powder eyeshadows since the day they came out!! Somehow I just cannot justify $25 for a cream to powder eyeshadow, which is what it essentially is. Also, I hate working with cream shadows. But they are SO PRETTY....

watercoloursky said...

the muse: lol...well if you get it i'll look forward to seeing what you do with it :)

christiana: i'm still intimidated myself. i'm surprised she can even keep track of what she owns!

emilee: that sucks :( i've seen a lot of MUA reviews mention the creasing too, but I still want to try it because it looks so pretty! i'm hopeless :S but i'm hoping since i don't really get oily lids it might work. i think the reviewers that had the creasing problem had oily skin.

nic nic: hmm i have Beautiful Iris. If i get the Maybelline i'll do a comparison swatch.
thanks for the good wishes for my palette :D

gezebel: if you do i will be asking for a fotd :D

petitebelle: that is EXACTLY how i've been the whole time. Lemming them, but unable to justify the cost. AND i prefer powder shadows like you too. But now I have a feeling I'll cave and get it :)

Anonymous said...

The Shiseido hydro-powder eyeshadows are very nice... soft in texture and highly pigmented. I like Violet Vision and Green Exotique. :) Yes, it is quite expensive... so I suppose it's one of those purchases one makes when one has money lying around. ;)

jewels said...

I purchased the Shiseido Hydro powder violet vision H6 last summer. and I still have it, prob 1/4 used.

I have greasy lids, even with UDPP i crease mid day with the hydro powder. I guess my lids cant hold the creamy textures in. overall i love the rich colour.

I also sample tried the the Hydro powder in green exotique H7 and Bare Pink H8. I love them also. easy to ware colours. If u wanan test them out, just ask the Shiseido counter for samples.

my mommy always ask for samples for me to try, since she's a VIP customer with the Shiseido sales person, its alot easier to ask.

alien man?! said...

Out of all beauty bloggers, Snowkei and Jeban are probably the two biggest influences in my interest in makeup. By the way... has this been around for a while?! o.O WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

Bliss said...

Now im also lemming after the maybelline mousse eyeshadow heheheh, i tried the mousee blusher and the colour also looks good :)

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hey Blue! Where have you been lately? LOL, I depend on your blog as part of my weekly/daily readings. Anyway, I swear I've seen Maybelline's dream mousse eyeshadows on sale at London Drugs. Have you tried there? I know that Lilac one is still left at least. I'd offer a CP for you but it would cost a ridiculous amount to ship it out to you in ON. :(

watercoloursky said...

liz: yeah, the price of the hydro powders are really expensive in canada too :(

jewels: i wish i could get samples...but i think i don't frequent the shiseido counters enough. or maybe not the right ones. last year i was buying shiseido sunscreen and asked the lady if they had samples of the hydro powders she said no :*(

alienman: hmm....looks like she just posted it on Feb 18th she's starting to write on Livejournal now?

bliss: lol :) the blushes ARE nice btw. i would buy more if they had more matte colours. i have too many shimmery blushes now.

watercoloursky said...

psychoex: nope unfortunately there isn't London Drugs here. But i'm definitely checking out the walmart closest to me next week when i have time :)

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