Sunday, February 24, 2008

update and a green Everyday Minerals eotd/fotd

I went snowboarding on Friday and now my legs are stiff. Didn't remember hitting my knee at all but now there is a nice bruise on the right one. Strangely, my butt was bruised on saturday but now its gone, while the knee bruise and stiffness only started showing itself today. weird...

Haven't been online very much the past couple days. mostly because I was mentally wiped out from work, and now physically wiped out from snowboarding (because I am such an out of shape

I did get off my (bruised) butt though and make myself a dinner of chicken wings and baked potatoes :) I stupidly overdosed on the pepper, which i shouldn't have because my skin has been looking irritated lately. There are some reddish patches on my cheeks now, which really worries me because my skin doesn't do that very often. I think my system is too "heaty" right now so i really should've cut down on hot/spicy foods. any suggestions on what cooling foods i should make for myself?

I hope my T'estimo palette will be in my mailbox when i get off work tomorrow...but I think its too soon for that.

I sorted out my traincase last weekend, and am a bit depressed at how little of it I actually use :( Having many blushes and eyeshadows are fine by me, but I have a lot of drugstore lippies/lipglosses that just don't work for me :( and they just sit there making me feel guilty about not using them. I might have some kind of clearance sale / giveaway just to get rid of those things that don't work for me. Will be looking into shipping costs first, and also maybe i'll wait until i have a bit more time to spare.

Oh and I also just revamped my labels, so it should be easier to navigate :)




Picture is a bit blurry...because at the time of taking this pic i hadn't figured out the trick of taking clear, true to life colour pictures. But I discovered it today so my next couple FOTDS will be better :)


Here you can see that the Ardell InvisiBand Fairies are super crazy long...a bit too long for me to wear during the day. At least not in the company of people I know that is :P


I love MAC 3N lipstick. It is the FIRST and ONLY nude lipstick that, without any concealer, shows up true to life on my lips, and mutes them just the right amount. Am wondering if I really need a backup of it though...I don't really believe in backups because I figure there's always going to be a new product that is just as good by the time the old one runs out. But then ...a good lipstick is such a rarity for me...

Photobucket lips are dry :S but see, even though they are dry, 3N doesn't show up cakey at all. I'm so surprised that it even shows up because its a lustre and I always thought lustres are the sheerest MAC lipstick formula. A lot of frost lipsticks don't even show up on me (like Sandy B. for example...). I have a hunch now that it is the shimmery lipsticks that are sheerest and don't show up on me, rather than whether it is lustre versus frost.

I gotta say thanks to blogger psychoexgirlfriend though, the only reason I checked out 3N lipstick was a comment she left on one of my entries. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone back to check it out thank you :)

For anyone thats interested here's what I used for the eyes:

  • Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Envy cream eyeshadow all over mobile lid as base
  • Everyday Minerals Pressed Olive eyeshadow on inner corner
  • Everyday Minerals Cypress eyeshadow on middle of lid
  • Silk Naturals Lush eyeshadow on outer corner of lid
  • Everyday Minerals Tinsel Time eyeshadow in crease
  • Ardell Invisiband Fairies with DUO clear lash glue and Sephora Lash Placement tool :)


psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hey Blue, thank you for the link! I appreciate it. :) I'm glad 3N lipstick worked out for you. I'm envious that you have such pigmented lips! But then again, I guess I can see how it can be annoying since lipsticks and glosses are rarely the true colour in the tube. As for the dream mousse, I'd still have offer a CP for you! :) Or if you do end up getting rid of some drugstore lippies, maybe we can do a trade. :D

mayaari said...

lovely eyes - the lashes are a little long/dramatic, but aren't too over the top :)

Anonymous said...

that's a really pretty look. your eye looks really perfect in that one picture with the falsies :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

how pretty! you make me want to play with all of my green pigments. :P hehe. but seriously, i really love, love, love this look on you! and those eyelashes are killer, i like them. LOL. :]

Anonymous said...

wow look at those lashes :) very pretty green eye look too! let us know how to take ultra clear pictures cuz i'm STILL trying to figure that out haha

Bliss said...

Ooo, im loving the greens on you heheh. The Ardell lashes looks fab on you and the nude lipstick is beautiful on your lips,i never suit nudes :).

Cooling food, i heard off are cucumbers, pineapples i think, cos my sis has nearly the same problem, after eating hot spicy food, her face would turn red but she still eats spicy food cos she loves them too much lol.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Wow the green looks gorgeous on you!! I have both of EDM green colors :D I will need to try them out sometime!

Are you amethyst or grey contacts? looks very pretty on you!

I've bought some fair few drugstore cosmetics in the past, esp mascaras, eyeliners and's all about trial and error - don't worry about it girl! i'd more pissed of they were high-end stuff that didn't work =_= lol

Vanessa said...

I love the simplicity of this look! And those contacts look gorgeous on you! I feel you on finding things you rarely use! Last week I bought MAC's "Sunbasque" blush and then when I was organizing things found A BRAND NEW MAC blush in "Margin"! They look almost the same so now I gotta go back and return

Mary said...

Oooh your eyes are so unbelievably pretty! *has a bout of jealousy* those green colors look beautiful... looks like I have to try out EM eyeshadows soon!!

watercoloursky said...

psychoexgf: you're welcome :) i'm not sure if the lippies i have are colours that you'd like.... :)but hopefully i can find the mousse shadows because the glass packaging will probably cause the shipping cost to be super high anyway... :S

mayaari: good to know! but i'm not sure if you'd say the same if you saw it in real life lol. they are rather long.

incandescent: thanks! :) and glad to see another ABBer stop by! :D

christiana: awww thank you! :) you're still the best though with mineral pigments, i have so much to learn still lol

watercoloursky said...

mae: thank you, and lol its no big secret that i discovered...i just needed to switch modes. i don't know if it would work with other cameras though...

bliss: i thought nudes weren't for me either, i usually look too washed out when i use a nude colour over concealer. but now having found 3N i think its a matter of finding the right nude colour that matches your skintone.
i'm like your sis too lol...thanks for the suggestions! i think i'll stock up on some cucumbers tomorrow! hmm i always thought pineapples were heaty because they are so acidic?

nicnic: amethyst :) i found though that the colours aren't very vibrant without the cream base underneath. or you can use them wet , i was too lazy here lol
true! i still wish i could return them though :) i think i'll stick with MAC now just because they will take it back if it doesn't work for me.

vanessa: thanks! that just happened to me with another mac lipstick. Good thing you found margin before it was too late to return sunbasque though :)

mulzanza: thanks! i love your eyes too though, i think they look so sultry! EDM has lots of nice shadows, but just note they have a TON of shimmer in the Shimmer ones. Seems like an obvious statement, but there's just a bit too much for my taste in a lot of them.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i know what you mean, i had to pack on the purple for the scene look in ABB. I found glycerin is available here, so im gonna buy it when i can. i know you spell "colour" with "u" yay on that!

watercoloursky said...

lol yes :) i think australia, canada and UK follow colour, while US is color.
i've been so lazy to actually use the glycerin, you might beat me to it :P

na said...

The falsies are long, but they look natural! I was totally going to ask you what mascara you've discovered lately. :P

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

er.. i tried to look at major pharmacy for that and they didnt sell it, might have to get MAC mixing medium or buy glycerin on9 lol.

standupforme said...

i love the color. the green looks so natural

nilla cookie said...

diggin' the long lashes! I should wear them more often. Although, I haven't seen ardell lashes anywhere..

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