Monday, February 25, 2008

Review: Lancome Aqua Fusion creams

I have been using Lancome Aqua Fusion cream since last August - about 7 months now. I have the non-SPF version, which I use some nights, and the SPF version, which I use whenever I know I'm going to be using foundation that day.

Background on my skin type: My skin type is what I call 'combination-dry', where my face tends to be dry but the t-zone and chin get oily at the end of the day. But my skin will still get super oily all over when I travel to tropical climates.

(FYI, my HG lotion used to be Ponds moisturizing lotion with SPF, but they discontinued it a few years ago. I've tried other lotions/creams from Neutrogena, and Clarins, but they usually leave my face a bit shiny/feeling a little greasy.)


AQUA FUSION CREAM and AQUA FUSION CREAM SPF - Continuous Infusing Moisturizer



"Infuse your skin with moisture! This ultra-charged moisturizer delivers 16 skin-essential elements including Calcium, Zinc and Manganese to keep skin hydrated all day. Oil-free, water-smooth texture leaves skin glowing with health."

According to the Lancome Canada website, this product is targeted for normal to combination skin.

Ingredients: (this is for the SPF version, as I didn't have the box for the non-SPF one.)



Light bluish gel-like consistency.

The SPF version tends to be more liquidy and runny. See comparison picture below: you can see how the surface of the SPF version is smooth even though I just scooped some out. The non-SPF version is stiffer and you can still see the area where I just scooped some up.


Despite the difference in texture, I find both creams are equally moisturizing. The only thing that bothers me is that the SPF one is a bit hard to scoop out since it is more runny.

Pleasant fragrance. I don't know how to describe the smell, but I can say its more fruity than floral. It doesn't quite fit into any of these categories though. Personally, I love the fragrance! That was what first drew me to the cream. Those with sensitivities to fragrances might have to test a sample of it first.


Absorption rate into my skin is fast, feels very light on my skin. Most other moisturizing creams tend to feel heavy. I normally have a paranoia of creams clogging my pores. but not this one, because it feels so light and clean.

Moisturizes my face without leaving a shiny look on my face. Doesn't feel greasy at all.

My skin tends to look a bit cakey in winter with foundation. However I find that the cakiness is reduced if I use this to moisturize after washing my face in the morning.


US$37 on I usually like to wait for the department store counters to put on their gift with purchase promotion to repurchase this product as it is quite expensive especially in Canada. I don't remember the exact price I paid at The Bay, but after including the 13% sales tax we have in Ontario :( , it ended up costing over CDN$50. At least I got a gift with purchase...
Can also be purchased on Ebay for less - my first jar was off Ebay.


Does it meet its claims?
Yes - it does give the "oil-free, water smooth" hydration to my face. I don't know if those "16 essential elements" are the key to it, but whatever is in there works well for my schizophrenic skin.

Pros: -
  • Feels light on skin, absorbs quickly
  • Very moisturizing
  • No greasy feel, does not leave a shiny look on the face
Cons: -
  • Expensive
  • Pot format, which is less sanitary (I transfer my product into smaller jars usually to lessen contamination.)
  • Fragrance may be overwhelming for some (make sure you are okay with the scent before buying)
If you have oily skin but am still interested in this product, there is also an Aqua Fusion Lotion, which is for oilier skins. It comes in a pump style bottle so it is also more sanitary.


Anonymous said...

wow that's a really thorough review. Yay thank you I have always been curious about this product. I was actually most attracted to the jar because it's so pretty lol.

Grayburn said...

I'm glad you like the 3N lipstick as well. It really was made for those of us with pigmented lips (I'm even contemplating stocking up a 3rd tube!).

The smell from this lancome cream maybe lemony + geranium since those are the ones I could pick out from the ingredients list that smell of something.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thanks for review! i tried lancome Zen moisturising cream once and it was too fragranced for me :S
im still looking for HG moisturiser!! Glad this is working for you tho :)

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Oh thanks for the review (very thorough!) on this moisturizer. I am of oily/combo skin, so I may look into the lotion when my current moisturizer runs out.

ilurvemakeup said...

Thanks for the reviews, your page is always so informative. You are a shopaholic too! ;)

watercoloursky said...

ilurvemakeup: yes i am lol :D its a good thing there isn't a mall right next to me otherwise it'd be a lot worse.

psychoexgf, nicnic, petitebelle: thanks, i hope it was useful :)

grayburn: good point! i never thought of checking the box :) now that i'm looking at it again i spy linalool too, which is lime i guess?
i still don't know if i should get a second tube as a backup...though it might be sold out by now.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review :) it sounds like a product I used to use from biotherm, but biotherm is not sold in stores in the US anymore and I don't buy stuff online. I'm intrigued in this product now :)

Chiara said...

Hrm, I'm in the market of a good moisturiser, this post was very helpful! I wonder if the Lancome store gives samples of this :P

Bliss said...

Great review, sometimes my skin gets so dry, i don't know how to cure it, i use Bio Oil though, but the price for lancome is expensive, ooo i love Ponds, i also used it during my highschool years hhehe.

IchigoBunnie said...

*waves hello* ^_^ Just wanted to drop by to say hello when I saw your comment :)

watercoloursky said...

incandescent: thats weird, i wonder why biotherm would do that... i think i've seen that product you speak of :) i've been thinking of trying it myself but i still have a lot of the lancome product left.

chiara: i hope so! though when i first wanted to try it, the lancome counters said they had no samples :( then again i never get samples from counters. guess i don't look like a good potential customer for them?

bliss: i have bio oil too but i am afraid to use it on my face...
right now i just use it for very dry areas on my legs.

ichigobunnie: :D

Anonymous said...

i just purchased this yesterday at macys cuz of the GWP that is supa good! so i tried it today (2:00am) and it does make my face feel so moisturized. i actually thought i still had the cream on my face cuz it still feel sorta damp and cool but when i touched my face it was completely dry already. lol. I LOVE IT! but i will go back and exchange it for the 1 with no SPF so i could use it at night without purchasing another one.

Melanie Clark Mogavero said...

How is this hydrating when the third ingredient is denatured alcohol, which is very drying? I also see a sodium sulfate, wich is a drying salt? I am concerned that this product will dehydrate over time with continued use. I have oily skin, but need a good oil free moisturizer to use at night without spf.

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