Tuesday, March 25, 2008

burnt out

I don't know what to post about....other than that I've been spending too freely on makeup as can be seen from all those 'haul' posts :S

On Sunday, I added a 'day counter' to my igoogle homepage, to keep track of how long I could last without buying any sort of makeup. Today, I was up to 3 days since my last makeup purchase...until after work, when I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart while my bf was at the doctors. Somehow I ended up purchasing Burt's Bee's lipbalm, and one of those Maybelline Cool Effect liners, in Snow Bunny because they were on sale! So....my day counter is now back to ZERO :(

I also got tons of Easter chocolate since they were half priced :D - a lot of Cadbury mini eggs, and some Ferrero Rocher for the bf. I prefer Lindt myself but the Easter Lindt products seemed pretty boring and not worth my money.

Note that I'm so cheap, I didn't bother getting any Easter chocolate because I knew they would be half off this week lol :P At least that makes up for my makeup purchases right? ;)

I've decided take some measures to cut down my spending though. My goal is to not buy any makeup for the next two months starting this week.

That means no purchases from drugstores, Sephora, or online websites. Also no purchases from MAC. Although I might have to make an exception for the Heatherette nail polish if I do get it...If it wasn't LE I would've been able to put it off for sure :( Stupid LE...

I find my problem is that I get a rush from buying stuff for myself - whether its makeup, skincare, clothing, shoes, purses, whatever....it usually ends up being makeup because makeup is easy to select and easy to find. I can easily find swatches and reviews of whatever I like.

With clothing, shoes, purses, I'm very picky. I have to see it in person and try it on, so no online impulse buys for me. At the same time, the clothing stores in Toronto are very repetitive and boring. There aren't any stores I like anymore. Some think of clothing as a better investment, but I personally don't agree except for classic items like work clothing (pantsuits, shirts, etc). Otherwise, things go out of fashion quite fast. Also, no one would wear the same sweater everyday or even twice a week, while you could sport the same e/s colours everyday and no one would notice.

Clothing is often more pricey anyway, lets not even get on the subject of shoes and purses....so makeup is a cheaper high for me :P But I do know its getting a bit out of hand, hence my goal to stay off it for 2 months at least to see how it goes.

Also planning to sell/give away some of the stuff I never use...I took out a bunch of stuff already from my traincase but there isn't much hi-end stuff - I just can't part with those yet :(


ilurvemakeup said...

Yeah it's really hard to 'cut back' specially when you read tons of beauty sites/blogs hehe :) I can never go in a drugstore without taking a peek at the cosmetic section! I never used to be this obsessive over makeup, never. I blame ABB haha :P I've been avoiding the Heatherette collection, but sheesh all the swatches is making it hard to avoid :( Going to check them out this Friday, praying I see nothing I like haha

I have so much chocolate from the after easter sales I'm starting to get sick of chocolate LOL

Grayburn said...

I hear ya, I want to sell some of my stuff as well and maybe over ebay. Do you have any experience with that to share?


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

hmm I'm the same with cosmetic spendings!! def spend more on my cosmetics than clothes, shows and purse.. i am picky with that too LOL.

I'm gonna try and save up when it hits April, I have given myself a target month to start, I hate starting in the middle haha.. fingers crossed for us both! LOL.

the Muse said...

does this mean you won't come visit me anymore on my blog b/c it creates too many lemmings ;)


Seriously if you can do two months that is a major accomplishment! I wish I had the willpower!

I'm awful with cosmetics :( and the sad fact is I don't NEED anymore. I have enough already but I still want new colors, etc...

Can we have a beauty addicts club?

Support each other!

Anonymous said...

I think you'll reach a point that you'll be lazy to buy. I used to rush to stores when I want a product. Now, I always plan but never get a chance, not even to the drugstore to catch those deals. I used to order so much online too, especially much raved sites. However, I can't make up my mind. I would want to many things but have a tiny budget. I'd rather want to have everything or nothing at all. I usually end up with nothing. Also, what helps is I open my stash and realize I have so much stuff to play with. I saw your post on your stash, and you've got soooooo much to play with! Hope you succeed with your no-buy!

theChas said...

You can makeup for lack of buying makeup by posting lots and lots of wonderful FOTDs of the makeup you have! XD I know I want to see them.

Bliss said...

It so hard, i agree with Lurve when you guys buy so many beautiful makeup and it looks so beautiful on you guys hehhe. Im also trying to curb my spending , we can do it hopefully heheh. I love Ferrero Rocher choccies.

(g)ezebel said...

LOL! i have been having the WORST time with spending money on makeup, especially after reading so many beauty blogs. ENABLERS, ALL OF YOU!!

i received my last two online orders today, from the body shop and sephora.

watercoloursky said...

ilurvemakeup: me too! i always HAVE to check out what sales are going on in the cosmetics aisle. i haven't checked out Heatherette either....might do it Saturday...

lol is it possible to get sick of choc???

grayburn: i was thinking about selling one or two new items i have on ebay...but nope i dont know much about it. you could just try having a sale on your blog first like some other bloggers. that way at least you don't have to pay the listing fee for ebay.

nicnic: yes lets support each other! :)

muse: we should start a beautyholic rehab club ;) and of course i'm still going to visit :) i just have to use more willpower to resist those products :S

gisele: i hope i reach that point soon! thanks for the good wishes :D

bliss: lets form a rehab club lol :P

gezebel: haha hey you do the same too! can't wait to see what you get this time :)

Grayburn said...

Well I've started Spring cleaning in my beauty cabinet so I might give that a try!


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