Wednesday, March 26, 2008

some incentives

another motivation for me to stop overspending:


i've wanted a place of my own for some time now, in fact i used to be a huge saver all my life, until the beginning of 2007. Then somehow I just started spending more and more and being less reserved about treating myself to things. Its like a stress reliever for me - whenever I feel down or stressed I think about what I could possibly buy and the stress vanishes magically, haha. But I find that checking out places like Ikea and looking at floorplans seems to be helping me get back my motivation to save.

It probably won't be apparent until the next 2 weeks because I did order a bunch of stuff last week that has yet to :) but no more from now!

Another floorplan, a 1 bedroom + den:


P.S. Its now 12.41am and I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow for work....I am so screwed. Every morning I swear I'm going to go to bed at 10pm and every night that never happens :(


Grayburn said...

oooh, that looks like a damn good incentive :) Hope you can save enough soon for that dream place for yourself. You've just had some major hauls lately so that should last you a while?


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

shopping has also been my vice!! at least you got motivation to stop :)

ilurvemakeup said...

Ooo I like the first one :) It's hard as hell to save, well for me anyways. The hubby too, he refuses to admit it, but his constant $50 game purchases every week adds up *snickers*

Eeek, I can never ever go to sleep on time either, bleh.

Anonymous said...

I like the second one better because of the sliding doors in the bedroom. Good luck!

mayaari said...

I love IKEA and Crate & Barrel...I so badly want to move into a bigger apt, and I would, but my lease ends on Monday and unfortunately this is the one time my landlord told me that all the 1br units aren't available. So one more year of attempted saving, unless I find somewhere else to live & get out of my lease?

I'm with you on the going to bed late thing - always a good intention, but hard not to be a night owl! that's why coffee and tea are my best friends in the morning :)

cheryl said...

the second floor plan looks really good. hey but aren't 2 months too long a ban as a start? maybe start with 2 weeks? good luck anyway!

Vanessa said...

I feel you on that! I have been cutting back on buying crap, I noticed id buy things here and there, things from each MAC collection and did I ever really use ALL of them???? The thing is, most of the shades are similar in color, just different names (ahem C-Thru and Bonus Beat) so there are definitely a lot of things you can pass up on, yet I am such a sucker for anything labeled "limited edition".

Especially living here in Cali, everything is SO DAMN expensive! I am just glad I saved some money BEFORE I got into makeup and that mom is a banker so she gave me budgeting tips (which every now and then I throw out the window! LOL)

jewels said...

aw yes i want a condo too. a condo downtown toronto would be so nice.

theChas said...

Shit, those floor plans are huge! O_O *looks around at miniscule two bedroom* I like the second one because it has a den XD and in house washer and dryer units rawk.

ilurvemakeup said...

Nessa cutting back? No WAI! I pooped a little when i read that! No wai! :P hehe *runs*

(g)ezebel said...

is that a townhouse floorplan or a single home dwelling?

girrrl, the market for BUYERS is excellent -- just go do it! go to bank, get pre-approved, then go house shopping!

watercoloursky said...

grayburn: haha i hope so but my problem is that i enjoy the buying process too much...

nicnic: i hope it'll be a strong enough incentive :)

ilurvemakeup: i know, isn't it? everything costs money :( My bf's the same, his money goes into games, but he doesn't think he spends as much I do on makeup. I beg to differ. games are freaking expensive too!

gisele: me too, and i also like the fact that it has a den.

cheryl: yeah we'll see :) i did time it so that it doesn't coincide with major collections from MAC :P

vanessa: yeah the LE part gets me too :( not as much with MAC anymore but more with other brands like Dior.

jewels: yup that would be my ideal location, but those are even more expensive :( these ones are in North York (which you probably know is still pricey).

thechas: haha i think these are quite small since they're only 1 bdrm. your 2 bdrm probably has more sq ft.

ilurvemakeup: LOL :P

(g)ezebel: its a condo. townhouses are way out of my budget, at least the ones in toronto are. our housing market is still going strong. too bad i don't live in the US, or prices would probably be better right?

Chiara said...

Oh my I wish I was at that stage in life :D I am SO ready to live on my own now, I've my own apartment at school, but I still have to listen to mom's rules during breaks. GAH.b

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