Thursday, March 27, 2008

eye candy

i burnt myself while making dinner today :( was careless and accidentally reached over the rice cooker steam vent to get something , and the steam hit a spot on the inside of my arm. Now its all red and angry, sigh. my bf put some polysporin on it but said from the look of it, its probably gonna get worse :(

but anyway, these are some drugstore products I picked up here and there in the past month. As you can see I really do need this 2 month ban i'm on :)

some skin and hair stuff:


  • Boots No. 7 Botanicals Ultimate Eye Lift gel (because of the Muse's review...)
  • Garnier Fructis Anti-split ends serum (because Vanessa uses it and she has gorgeous hair...*jealous*)
  • Burt's Bees More Moisture Raspberry and Brazil Nut shampoo

Makeup of course:

almay masc mayb mousse


  • Almay Play up the brown in Purple Amethyst (they changed the brush! i hope this works better than their old brush which clumped bad!)
  • Maybelline Mousse eyeshadows in Lilac Cloud and Turquoise Dream (so expensive! they were CDN$9 each...)
I also got NYC translucent powder (not pictured) for prepping when using shadows that tend to give me fallout like the Japanese ones and my mineral makeup. But now I really want to try those Shadow Shields I saw on the Muse's blog. Those look so much more convenient. Wonder if they're sold in Canada yet? Maybe I'll be cheap and try making some myself lol :)

oh and somehow for the Maybelline mousse shadows, i got similar colours as the Shiseido hydro-powders:


But of course the Shiseido ones are more pigmented. The Maybelline ones are quite sheer. I think all 4 would be perfect for doing this look though:


The look on this model supposedly uses Revlon's new loose powder eyeshadows, but I wouldn't bother getting those as they cost so much in Canada $15, plus I don't like loose eyeshadows that much.

Also, my bf got these from HK as he stopped there enroute to Japan, but didn't give them to me until now.




i'm not sure how that makeup remover is going to be effective since it seems water based...? i think i'll be paranoid it isn't cleaning my face enough.



Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Nice hauls. :) I think I need to go on a ban too. :( I've actually been good for the past... couple of days? LOL. :P mMm, I love how raspberries smell. You should do a review on that shampoo you bought. :D

mayaari said...

nice multi-haul :) I see the Burt's Bees shampoos & conditioner all the time and wonder how good they'd be...hope you do a review soon! and those shisheido/maybelline shadows look like they'll be perfect for that look you posted.

alien man?! said...

ooh, an added bonus from ur bf's last trip! what are the tubes?? i LOVE their tins of shea butter

u trying to sleep early, young lady? >:T

and i am totally rooting for u to find a bigger living space... i didn't realize how MISERABLE one could be simply from living in a small apt but my last apt in Portland was practically a jail cell. once i had a desk in there, there was literally no room for any other furniture - no couch, no bed, no table, no thing... i had never felt so miserable in my life

Grayburn said...

I have the raspberry shampoo as well! I got that the last time I was in North America. Let me know what you think of it. I'm trying to decide whether to get it again when my bf heads to toronto this year.


Bliss said...

OOoo thats such a nice haul, i've tried the Garnier Fructis Serum before, the smell is soo delicious heheh, i love L'Occitane green tea perfume its on my wish list (was too expensive for me that time heheh), you bought the maybelline turquoise mousse eyeshadow, the colour is soo pretty been lemming for those. Dear, i thought you were on a ban hhehe :)

theChas said...

Nice haul! And I LOVE L'Occitane...XD especially their rose stuff. *inhales*

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ooo nice haul! please can you do a review on that lilac mousse shadow from maybelline and the beautiful iris?? :D For some reason, whenever i buy shadows from MAC i end up buying another colour that isnt beautiful iris! LOL.

cheryl said...

i had a maybelline cream eyeshadow in a sheer celery green, but i never really got a hang of HOW to get the product (with a brush i couldn't get much product). let me know how u manage...

ChyiX2 said...

I got the same blue hydro powder from Shiseidos new collection. I'm in love with hydro powder e/s now. The texture is amazing and I really like how they look on my lid. How would you compare texture with the maybelline dream mousse e/s?

ilurvemakeup said...

Awww poor boo boo *kiss-kiss* :)

You have become a very huge haulaholic!!! :O

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you have any tips on how to make the shiseido hydro power eyeshadows look more apparent? for some reason, for me, the eyeshadows don't appear very well on my eyelids. thanks! love your blog!

watercoloursky said...

alienman: those are tiny tubes of hand cream. one of them is the shea butter one :)

chyix2: i swatched them yesterday and shiseido is WAY better definitely.

ilurvemakeup: thanks, its getting better :)

bliss: these hauls were spread out over march so they were before my ban, which is why i shouldn't be getting any more :S

christiana, mayaari, grayburn, cheryl: i'll be sure to review them once i've gotten some use out of them :)

watercoloursky said...

Anonymous: thanks for dropping by! with the amount of stuff i got recently, i haven't worn the hydro powders out yet sorry :S

But how do you currently apply them, do you use a primer underneath? With most eyeshadows using a primer improves intensity.

Also you can try to 'pat' on the product. Patting will deposit more product, but if you are swiping colour on horizontally some of the product gets rubbed off in the process.

if you're still having problems even after following the suggestions i'd refer you to my fellow blogger Chi (

She has a few hydro powders and loves using them so i'm sure she would have some good tips for application :)

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