Friday, March 21, 2008

Initial thoughts on Coastal Scents

I got my Leap Year haul from Coastal Scents last week....which arrived in my mailbox ripped open :(


At first I thought someone had opened it on purpose to see if there were any valuables inside. But then I noticed there was no customs declaration on the package, so most likely it was Canadian customs that opened it. So thanks a lot, Coastal Scents for your incompetence :S I was lucky nothing was missing from the package, because customs didn't even tape it back up, freaking retards.

In any case this is what I picked up:



Closeup of the brush heads:



Brief rundown:

1. Eyeliner brush is now wonky due to inadequate packaging -.- I'll wash it and see if that'll help put it back to shape.


2. Angled eye brush is a bit stiffer than I was expecting...not something I'd recommend to anyone.

3. Face cleansing brush is okay. Nothing to rave about, the bristles are supple, but the tips are a bit scratchy. Also I don't like how there are 2-4 'mutant' bristles that are a lot longer than the rest....

4. Powder dispensing brush I've yet to try, will update when I do.

5. Duo fibre brush - very soft. Bled a little during washing, a few hairs shed. After drying the brush head was very fluffy.

So far I've only used this for blush and it works great but the brush head is too fluffy :( so it spreads blush over a larger area than I would like :( Also, because its so soft I don't find I have much control over the application as with my other skunk brushes. We'll see how it does with mineral foundation.

6. Italian Badger brush - very soft and dense. No bleeding during washing, no shedding either. Like the duo fibre, it becomes fluffier after washing and drying.

I was afraid it'd have some funky bleeding problems after reading Ilurvemakeup's experience with hers, but mine was ok in the first wash. It does have the smell people describe as "wet dog" smell, but honestly, if I hadn't heard that term I wouldn't have thought of the smell that way. To me it smells more like lacquer and brushes, haha I don't know how to describe it. But fortunately for me I don't get bothered by it. We'll see how it does after some more washes and uses.


ilurvemakeup said...

Ugh for opened packages -_-; I'm glad your badger didn't bleed :) OMG I HATED the face brush!!! I've used it 3 times and it's harsh as ever! It had so many loose bristles and I finally just threw it out. Remember to open the dispensing brush from the top lol Don't break it like I did hehe <3

Bliss said...

Your haul does look nice "jealous" heheh, too bad abt yr eyeliner brush.

Aya said...

Sorry to hear about your ripped package...I just placed an order with them (o_0;) Love your blog though, I'm linking it to my page, hope that's okay with you ;]

Chiara said...

Ooh, DO tell us how the duo fibre brush compares with the Mac 187 xD I'm thinking of placing an order for Coastal Scents :X

Oop, and be careful you don't break the dispensing brush like poor Lurvely did!

cheryl said...

hi, i guess the smell's just the coating of the new brushes, i'm sure it'll be gone after a couple times of wash and use...

Mandee said...

Hey! Uh oh, I live in Canada too and I just ordered with them last week! (It still didn't arrive yet) How long did it take for you to get ur haul? I hope mine isn't gonna b ripped open too!

Enjoy the brushes! :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i hope they declare with what i bought! :S i bought 2 stippling brushes the other day :) including that new pink one hehe... anyway nice haul :D glad you didnt get bleeding from the infamous badger brush!!

watercoloursky said...

ilurvemakeup: yeah that face brush is a bit scratchy for me too :( i'll be really careful with the dispensing brush. It sucks that all your brushes didn't work out :(

bliss: thanks :) i've been spending too much lately though...

aya: nope i don't mind, i'll link you too :) hope yours arrives intact!

chiara: i don't actually have the MAC 187 full size, but i'll compare it with the Sephora brush and the 187 SE...

cheryl: probably, but luckily it doesn't bother me at all :)

mandee: i hope you get yours safely! if yours doesn't have the customs notice either we should complain...

nicnic: thanks :) i was quite relieved that the badger seemed ok. let me know if they don't fill out that customs dec either! those pink ones do look nice, unfortunately i missed them :S

ilurvemakeup said...

Just wanted to say Happy Easter if you celebrate it :)

I also just got the Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush, it's pretty good and was only $1.99 at Target :)

Fei said...

Yikes! That's really retarded on their part... What kind of business are they running?!?!

alien man?! said...

hahaha, next time i clean my flat-top, i'll have to see if it does smell like coating... cuz all i could think of was "wet dog" T_T

i'm not too excited to try out their eye makeup brushes b/c the crescent brush is so stiff and scratchy - makes me think the rest would be the same way

let me know how everything works out after a while!

also,i'm so relieved for you that the badger didn't bleed nor shed!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

wow. that sucks about your package. i'd be thoroughly pissed too. you should email them though and tell them about the customs declaration so that they're aware of it. :P sorry about your misshaped liner brush! :(

(g)ezebel said...

gah! if the brushes all fell out during mailing and i were you, i woulda had to kill someone!!!

glad you got all your stuff. :0)

Tracy Roa said...

hello! new reader here. just wanted to stop by and let you know i really like your blog. :) i actually have some of the same brushes. i totally know what smell you're referring to, and i think it does smell like laquer/paint supplies/whatever you wanna call it. i have 2 dogs, and those brushes smell nothing like them, thank goodness.

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