Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Review: Majolica Majorca palette and others

A few people were interested in the Majolook palette from Majolica Majorca I acquired courtesy of my bf, so I did a FOTD using it with Silk Naturals Sassy blush and Coffret d'or lipstick/gloss combo.


Some swatches first so you get an idea how they (sorta) really look:

Majolica Majorca Majolook GR741:


Colours swatched clockwise:



My shade descriptions from L-R:

Highlighting shade - Light blue-green shade with silvery shimmer

Main colour - Teal green shade with silvery shimmer

"Trick on powder" - champagne-gold shimmer, has an iridescent look to it

Liner - Dark green-black shade with minimal shimmer

The colours were sheerer than MAC but still pretty decent. I know that Japanese makeup is known more for being sheer and shimmery so that was to be expected.

In this case, I noticed that the Majolook is less shimmery (and less fallout) than the previous palette I reviewed (T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes). Definitely a lot easier to work with despite the cheaper price tag. I didn't have to do any cleanup afterwards at all ! There is some fallout after a few hours, but it was so little I only noticed because I was closely checking for it. Its not something others will notice on your face.

Texture was nice - soft and blendable. A review I read on MUA on Majolook palettes described them as "buttery", and I would have to agree that is the perfect word to describe them.

Coffret d'or Combient Rouge 06 Peach Blossom:




Sheer peach-apricot lipstick
Sheer pink gloss with fine gold shimmer

I love the colours A LOT. Too bad the natural pigmentation of my lips kills the softness of the colour. I was lazy to use concealer, plus I knew it wouldn't work that well...usually concealer doesn't help much because it rubs off when I apply lipstick on top. But I still like how it looks on my lips, it makes them a more peachy pink red rather than just red.

Silk Naturals Sassy blush as from my previous post:


I had to pack on A LOT of product to get it to show up. Its probably because I'm too used to dealing with Everyday Minerals super pigmented blushes. I usually pick up the absolute minimum amount I can with EM, but this time I kept on picking up product and it still barely showed up!

Still a really pretty, soft colour though. I think its lack of pigmentation would still make it a suitable blush for people that tend to have a heavy hand with blush.




I did the eyes according to the instructions on the box:





MAC Emote was also used to contour....



Just remember my lips are really pigmented naturally so it won't look so red on most people...



Ok, can't see too much here because I didn't bring the shadow up too much AND my right eye was having its monolid day lol....sorry I don't have a better pic :S

But you get the idea that all 3 products are very wearable, right? :)



Anonymous said...

Green looks great on you! The color of that lipstick/lipgloss is so pretty. I dab some MAC Myth for the color to actually pop up. It's satin finish, so it's difficult to apply, but dabbing works for me. I wanna check out other nude l/s to cancel out the color. I heard Guerlain KK liplift works well. Thanks for the clear swatches and very detailed description/reviews!

Anonymous said...

so cute! Such a pretty and spring-y look. The lip color looks so prettyyy!!

ilurvemakeup said...

That palette is so pretty :) The colors def look sheer, good for spring/summer :)

Violet Honeybee said...

Aww I like it! =) For some reason I can't do soft and subtle colors anymore =(

I know what you mean about not being able to give up makeup! When you wear it you feel all nice, but without you feel all blehhh O.o Kinda wierd how that works huh?

Anonymous said...

gahhh asia as the cutest makeup, too bad its not sold here :( the palette looks so cute.

ChyiX2 said...

Hehe, I love Japanese eyeshadow palettes that are n00bproof =) You can't go wrong with those. Love your look!

Chiara said...

Ahhh. Gorgeoussss. Now all I have to do is to find someone to get it for me all the way in Japan... :/

theChas said...

I totally agree. The entire look is very wearable, and I think, despite what you say about the pigmentation of your lips, that the color is pretty on you regardless.

cheryl said...

hi, i have a majolica majorca blush that i got from yea it's very sheer and a bit shimmery, but it's buildable. definitely a brand that i'd get more of.

(g)ezebel said...

thanks for posting the instructions!! *never mind i can't read it* heehee

that pallette is so pretty, i love pastels.

i have a ruddy-red pigmentation to my lips; i hate them. but yours look really pretty with that pink/peach gloss!

alien man?! said...

omgosh, arashi, you look sooo pretty!!

did you use anything else other than the Majolook palette and some mascara? if not, then i'm impressed that you didn't need anything else! it's perfect!

also, the lip color is so pretty hehe i want something in that shade :D

Bliss said...

Pretty FOTD.The colour combo is very pretty, definately has a spring feel about it, and i love the fact that it has instructions heheh. Ive never contour my face , i'll try it next time, the lipcolour totally suits you :).

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you always look gorgeous in green :D such a pretty look!

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