Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Silk Naturals haul, swatches, and comparison with Everyday Minerals

I took advantage of Silk Naturals' Leap Year sample sale about 2 weeks ago.

What I ordered:

Samples of:
  • Love Lure perfecting powder
  • Sassy matte blush
  • Flirt matte blush
  • Sheer Perfecting powder (I still have some left but figured I could use an extra one to carry around)
  • Some empty sifter jars

Also ordered their Ultimate dual ended eye brush, but that was out of stock so it was shipped later separately, still haven't received it yet.



Love the organza bags they always pack your order in :)

Also make note of that card in the background - 'friend' is the coupon code for 5% off :)

As part of the Leap year event they also included a sample of Sizzle eyeshadow and Breathless lipgloss.


I noticed something though...the sample sizes this time around weren't as generous as my previous order....not sure how much I really saved on that sale :S Oh well, I still like the chance to try out different products anyway.

Blush and powder swatches:

I noticed some possible similarities between the colours and some Everyday Minerals' blushes I own, so I swatched both for comparison.

Also included a swatch of Dait Bait perfecting powder to compare with Love Lure, as Love Lure is meant to be yellow toned while Dait Bait is pink toned.


In the pot:


Something I noticed while swatching, is that the blushes from Silk Naturals are nowhere as pigmented as the ones from Everyday Minerals.

Sample eyeshadow swatch compared with EM's Pressed Olive eyeshadow:



I have to say, I much prefer SN's Sizzle over EM's Pressed Olive. Sizzle is a true duochrome, where you can see a slightly different colour at different angles. Pressed Olive is just a straight blue-green colour with lots of golden shimmer.


Violet Honeybee said...

I like the Flirt blush, it looks like it would be a good everyday blush. =)

ilurvemakeup said...

I have so many EM blushes cuz I love them so much and from your swatch comparison, it looks like EM is deeper and pigmented, while SN looks more sheer. Thank you a bunch for the comparisons, I've been eying a few of their items awhile now, excluding their foundations.

watercoloursky said...

violet honeybee: yep i thought the same :) i wish it was just a bit more pigmented though. had to really pack it on to swatch the color

ilurvemakeup: you're welcome :) yes thats exactly what i found....i had to use a lot of product to swatch the SN ones, compared with EM.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Silk Naturals' pigment in sizzle does look prettier than EDM's pressed olive. :) great review! :) i haven't ordered from SN in a while, you should have picked up some lippies! i DO like their lippies. :)

Bliss said...

Ooo another nice haul, so jealous of your makeup collection, great review . The all smile blush looks pretty, always wanted to try ti use an orange one, never got the chance, cannot wait to see them on you :).

Violet Honeybee said...

Bummer about the pigmentation on the SN blush, it would be perfect if it had the pigmentation of EM blushes. =(

Does it have a lot of glittery bits in it?

cheryl said...

hi, seems like silk naturals products are better than everyday minerals. are you going to press the shadows?

Grayburn said...

Lovely haul! I have been trying to decide whether to try SN foundations but honestly I have so many mineral foundations that unless SN is far superior, I should try to resist!


(g)ezebel said...

okay, i must be the only asian chick on earth who hasn't yet purchased anything from silk naturals or everyday minerals. i might hafta change that... :0/

alien man?! said...

omgosh, arashi, don't make me buy SN eyeshadows now!! i haven't tried them, yet haha

this is such a great comparison post! thanks for doing this :D

wow, the blushes look EXACTLY alike except for the difference in pigmentation. i gotta say, i have a hard time w/the heavy pigmentation of my EM Sunday Brunch, mainly b/c i need a separate dish to swirl-tap in. the lid is WAY too small for something so pigmented. I've been using my SN Climax blush everyday now.

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