Thursday, April 3, 2008

junk food!

Tagged by Nic Nic and Bliss to confess to my top 5 junk food guilty pleasures...

1. Chocolate

Especially truffles of any kind, Lindt, and almost all Cadbury chocolates :P



2. Peanut butter

I eat peanut butter out of the jar sometimes......but I know its soooo fattening so I try to reduce it to once in a while. I also like just peanut butter on bread. Hate peanut butter and jelly with a passion, it has to be pure chunky peanut butter, nothing more.


3. Pocky and Hello Panda

Love them! They go quick though so I've stopped buying them for a bit.



Oh I found the Pocky website when looking up pictures haha. They have mini games, wallpapers and more stuff here :)

4. Ice cream

I don't buy ice cream in tubs so usually when I indulge its with either Oreo ice cream sandwiches from the convenience store, or McDonald's cones :)


5. Chocolate egg rolls

I could eat the whole box in one sitting if I'm not careful. The only brand I buy is Julie's Love Letters (corny name I know, but they taste the best!). Other brands don't know how to make chocolate ones, they usually use too much sugar and have no chocolate flavour whatsoever.

Couldn't find any pictures of the rolls though :(

And I tag...

Her Peachieness


ilurvemakeup said...

OMG I LOVE HELLO PANDA!!!!!!! They are so expensive at the chinese market near me though :( So when they go on sale, I buy them in masses lol xD I love Lindt and Cadbury too (I have Cadbury regular milk chocolate and my new fave soft english toffee ahhh you HAVE to try that one!!!)

I used to love oreos, but not as much no more for some reason :( Btw your #5 is marked 4 lol xD :)

mayaari said...

hello panda!!! haha I can't help but pick those up whenever I manage to go to the asian grocery store :) either hello panda or those yan yan things.

i've never heard of chocolate eggrolls, but they sound really yummy!

watercoloursky said...

lurve: thanks I'll change that haha :P
luckily hello panda is ok here - its more expensive but only a little bit more than the japanese price.

mayaari: oh i've never tried the yan yan ones. they look good though! yes choc eggrolls are awesome! i don't know if they're "egg" rolls since they seem quite chocolatety but thats the closest description I could think off since i couldn't find a picture...

cheryl said...

haha, honestly who can resist those delicious pocky sticks! :-P

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i love lindt chocolates - so addictive! lol and i really like pokcy sticks xD

Grayburn said...

yummy chocolaty junk foods!

Oh thanks for helping me plan out where to go. I'll be staying apparently 10 mins. or so from Eaton Center downtown (hope it's not a bad neighborhood). I wonder what the weather will be like? I'm guessing that I'll need to dress as warm as I do here right now. Food wise, I'm really dying to have some many types of asian foods because we don't have many here (Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese casual). As for Western food, maybe a good steak place!

Oh! There's a MAC pro store there? Is it hard to get to and can I purchase anything without a membership? I hear alot of people buying discounted MAC makeup from outlet stores. Are there any there? I also saw online that there are 3 Sephora's there which I'm planning to hit because my closest one here is in Luxembourg!

I will also be heading to Mississauga for a few days. I'm guessing that there's not much shopping there?

Oh I'm getting so excited talking about it! I really appreciate whatever advice you can give or think of.

Grayburn :)

alien man?! said...

lol iono where i'd even begin... but thanks for the tag

Bliss said...

I soooo love Pocky not to mention Hello Panda yum, seem like i gotta buy some now, the cravings just appear when i saw this post lol.

Chiara said...

Hahaha Yayy pocky! I went through a phase where I'd try to taste every single flavor they released :D I think my favorite was a vanilla strawberry chunk one :D

(g)ezebel said...

mmmmm, lindt truffles and cadbury chocolate -- the best!!

hey, i loooove extra crunchy skippy peanut butter. i have a jar in my desk at work for when i buy green apples. i loooove chunky peanut butter on green apples... sooo delicious!

what the hell is a chocolate eggroll??

Tracy Roa said...

haha. hello panda & pocky are my top choices when i want munchies from the asian grocery stores. i didn't even eat lunch today b/c i'm saving my appetite for the boyfriend's dinner tonight. this post just made me more hungry. :P

the Muse said...

oh god hello panda are evil evil evil!

but I love them so hehe!

The strawberry ones are me fav!

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