Saturday, April 5, 2008

Review: Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes

Review on Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral that I got recently :)






Note that 2 double sided applicators are provided - each shaped differently for application on a different part of the eye! Pretty convenient.

Suggested application method:

Basically the picture indicates to use the lightest gold shade to highglight browbone and inner lower lid, pink shade between crease and highlight, light purple all over lid, and dark purple as liner on top and outer bottom corner.

The colours are more of the sheer but shimmery-sparkly side. No UDPP or any other eyeshadow primer used in the 3 eye pictures. I did just one eye to see how it looked in daylignt so no mascara either = puny lashes :P




Under washroom lighting...

I DID use UDPP this time btw. And lol I look so...snobbish here, ignore that please :P

Also the usual stuff: EM Light Intensive foundation, EM Intensive Light concealer, Silk Naturals Sassy blush, MAC Emote blush, MAC 3N lipstick, MAC Spring Bean Lustreglass.


With flash...

The colours show up nicely with flash unlike some other eyeshadows - I think the flash brings out this type of shimmery colours better.



  • Subtle but definitely more than a no makeup look
  • Can be amped up for a smokey purple look if you bring up the darkest shade more and smudge it. Here I used it mostly as a liner.
  • Comes with its own sponges that are shaped specifically for application of each shade - I didn't have to use my eyeshadow brushes with this AT ALL.
  • Convenient for travel - comes with a mirror and the abovementioned sponges.
  • Sleek metallic packaging all over


  • Some fallout when wearing it, with or without UDPP as a base.
  • Maybe too sparkly and shimmery for some
  • Colour is more sheer - doesn't show up intensely in pictures.
  • Expensive (5250 yen, about USD52) - there are cheaper lines from Kanebo that are of similar quality i.e. Coffret d'or and T'estimo.

Overall I love this palette, and will definitely use it a lot. However because of the price I probably won't rush out to get the other shades unless they come out with something unique for their fall collection this year. If you detest fallout and sparkles then stay away from it. However, its worth trying if you like shimmery subtle shades.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow the colours are very pretty!! You know that advert you were doing with shiseido (purple eyes), well this probably spot on!! looks so pretty on you!

ilurvemakeup said...

The palette is so pretty, the casing is so glamor girl hehe Too bad it has fallouts :( Have you tried MAC paint pot as base? I notice with some of my more powdery shadows the paint pots keep them in tact. And yeah flash gives more of a true color look as long as you have the proper setting when you fiddle with the flash.

I like your new Pockey clock hehehehehe Does it have Hello Panda?

Bliss said...

The palette looks lovely and i like the sleek packaging, you look especially pretty in lavender and i like the shimmer heheh :)

Rae // theNotice said...

V. pretty! I adore the purple hues - and, of course, the gorgeous packaging!

(g)ezebel said...

ooo, i love that palette. the colors are so pretty!! and you look pretty in them. :0)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

the packaging is nice! :) i really like it. sucks about the fallout though.

watercoloursky said...

thanks guys! Lurve, i'll try out your suggestion with the paint pots - although the only one I own is Indianwood which wouldn't work. Maybe i'll wait til I go to the US in a few months and get those HIP Paints! and nope I didn't see a Hello Panda one :( will let you know if i do!

theChas said...

I feel like Japanese makeup in general tends to have a lot of fallout and sparkles. I get the same thing with my Maquillage shadows. However, I really like this look. It's so simple and pretty. Price is really high though, yikes!

the Muse said...

pretty girl ;)

Very nice! The yen is so strong right now I'm avoiding buying any lunasol as it's a bit too high :(

I think last year I had purchased my geminate palettes for about $10-$12 less than the converted amount is now :(

watercoloursky said...

thechas: yep lunasol is $$$.... :S

the muse: that sucks :( fortunately though i find that kanebo's other cheaper lines like coffret d'or do the makeup just as good :)

na said...

Ouch! $52! The color looks great on you, though. :)

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