Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a brief note

I have to sleep soon but just to warn people that I added a music player to the sidebar...under 'my current favourites' section. So don't be too startled by the music - I know I quite often am whenever I come across these players unexpectedly.

In fact my bf's computer was not loading the player on my blog even though it would do it for other blogs...but thanks to Nic Nic I realised it was the computer messing with my blog and not Blogger themselves :) Thank you so much!

And thank you to all of you that left me the sweet comments from my previous post! I actually haven't been wearing blue very often, I only started trying blue out because of Rolos from ABB. I'm definitely going to try wearing blue more often though in light of the favourable response? :P :)

And I apologize I haven't been able to update since so far - things have been getting extremely busy at work and also on weekends :S I hope to be online more often next month!


jing said...

I like the music!! It took me some time to tweak my player, same one you're using. It finally works on my computer at work, compared to the previous one I used.

Rolos eotds were inspiring. I miss her posts though. Definitely wear blues, it flatters your skintone a lot!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i really like this acoustic music :D

you sleep relatively early compared to me u_U lol..

im down with a cold now grr >_< cant wait to see you in the Bella cupcake challenge!!

ilurvemakeup said...

I actually looked for it LOL

Anonymous said...

Lol I was going to say that I can't hear any music, but just as I started typing this comment it came on and I almost jumped out of my chair.

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