Friday, May 30, 2008

bella cupcake's summer look challenge

quick posting before i head to the gym

challenge details here at Bella Cupcake's blog!

i originally thought of doing a gold and green-teal look, but decided to go with gold, pink, and brown instead.

the concept:


Tinted moisturizer or foundation (optional) - Buff'd foundation in Wool
Concealer - Everyday Minerals concealer in Multitasking and Sunlight to conceal redness and dark circles somewhat.
Powder to set - Silk Naturals Perfecting powder

Glowy blush - Laneige Snow Radiant Blusher in 02 Pink Prism on cheeks.
Highlight - Used a light dusting of the Laneige to highlight nose and chin and forehead where appropriate. This step can be replaced with bronzer if a tanned look is desired.


Base - Urban Decay Primer Potion
Light beige-y shade to highlight - ELF Pink Ice eyeshadow
Pale gold eyeshadow on inner corner of eye - Annabelle Gleam eyeshadow
Darker gold eyeshadow after pale gold, half way across the eyelid.- 'from a Maybelline quad
Intense pink eyeshadow - MAC Passionate eyeshadow on outer corner and above the gold colours so that it shows even when my eyes eyes open.
Frosty light pink eyeshadow on top of intense pink - Laneige Snow Radiant Blusher - I used this only because I wanted a glowy look on the eyes but MAC Passionate is a matte colour.
Brown eyeshadow to darken outer corners - MAC Brun eyeshadow

Dark brown pencil liner to tightline - Kate Square Cut liner
Bronze-gold colour to line above dark brown pencil, and on lower lashline - MAC Indianwood Paint pot

Lash primer (optional) - Clinique Lash Primer
Mascara - Lancome Definicils mascara


Lipbalm - Nivea Labello
Mute natural lipcolour if a lighter lip colour is desired - MAC Lip Erase in Dim
Peachy-nude lipstick and gloss - Coffret D'or Combient Rouge in 06 Peach Blossom

i know it seems like a lot of doesn't have to be. I just like using several tones because I think it makes the look more multi-dimensional...

the result:



i need more sleep :(







now for some quality time with the elliptical...


jing said...

Very pretty! It flatters your skintone so well!I love the third picture with the closeup of your eyes. You really did a good job blending the harsh lines. The lipstick looks great on you. I really should use my eyeshadows more, my blending still sucks. About Adambeauty, I'm getting very impatient already. I really hope it's a better deal that I wouldn't regret waiting long.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

I love this pink! it is very pretty on you! I love the hint of gold on the lid too! ahh sorry you couldnt do the gold/teal look because i also entered something of similar colour ^^; you could have still have done it, it would have been great to see your version!

I really like the piano music!

fuzkittie said...

That looks amazing on you! Although it's pink, it still gives me the feeling of summer - maybe because it reminds me of roses! ^^

Aya said...

OOOOOoooooohh!!! Gorgeous look on you missy! I have M.A.C Hepcat which I haven't touched b/c I didn't know what to use it with...your FOTD just inspired me! Thanks :)

watercoloursky said...

jiejie: thanks :) i'd love to see some looks from you! and me too, i hope adambeauty will have a good enough price to justify the wait :( i can almost feel that lemming dying, because i've been waiting so long! haha

nicnic: nah i didn't really like my attempt with the green-gold, the green was really faded by the time i got the chance to take pics :( and the green/teal didn't flatter my skintone :( the blue-green colour you used was much better! :)

fuzkittie: thank you :)

aya: thanks and no problem ;) if i remember correctly hepcat is a gorgeous colour! can't wait to see what you do with it :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

very pretty look! :) i wish i could pull off the more subdued looks like you do... but i feel weird with pastelish colors on me. it's like they look gross on me. :( i think it's cause i have naturally tanned skin. booo. :(

watercoloursky said...

christiana: the pink i used isn't pastelish actually - though the camera makes it seem so. Its more of a hot pink :P I know what you mean though. But hey you can pull off colours i can't either, like NYX Rust for example. Mine is just collecting dust...

theChas said...

ooOooo! Even if you don't win, I still think this looks way too pretty! :D It makes my pink FOTD look like dust compared to yours. Awesome job, arashi! It's a very pigmented and bright look and looks lovely on you! :)

Jane said...

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