Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAC randomness

If you keep up with Specktra Beauty Blog and, I'm sure you know about the latest news on upcoming MAC collections :)

Anyway I just had to say, I can't wait for the mineralized collections Sonic Chic and Electroflash!

I mean look at all these mineralized blushes...I feel like I would love to get all of them if I had the money to spare :P


And from Electroflash, I really want the green, blue, purple, and silver mineralized eyeshadows even though I've never been interested in the ones previously released. But the colours on these promo pics just look so good...

Its like after seeing all these, I'm not excited anymore about the next MAC collection Cool Heat, or anything else. The mineralized stuff just looks more worth my money! Which is sorta a bummer because I just found out I'm gonna be going to NY the weekend when Cool Heat is released, but now I won't be buying much from it anyway...

Well more money for other that new purse/wallet I've been meaning to get :)

Oh btw, what do you guys think of those half natural/half shimmer MSFs that are coming out? I'll be passing on it because I don't need a face powder, and I already have a champagny highlighter (my WnW Acapulco Glow). But I also wonder wouldn't the shimmer portion get all over the matte powder portion when you swipe a brush over it? Even if you do it carefully with that brush in the collection, its gonna be hard...the shimmer goes everywhere already whenever I swipe my MSFs.


I got a question from Diana:

Hey so I noticed you're into MAC and that in your EM haul that you ordered Light Olive.This is the colour I feel matches me the best, so I was just curious as to what you thought the equivalent would be at MAC in the Studio Fix Powder and the Mineralized Skinfinish Natural, because I have no clue! :P

I don't actually own any MAC foundations, but I've tried samples of them and have been matched to NC 25 in foundation, and NC 20 in concealer. Not sure about the MSF Naturals though. And btw note that Light Olive matches my skin shade but because the skin on my neck is really yellow, and I wanna match my face with my neck, I prefer EM's Light Winged Butter.

Hope that kinda helped :)


jing said...

Holy moly! My luv for blush in MSF?! I think this will be the only collection I'd rush to get.

Btw, I'll do let you know when I make a final verdict on buffd. Right now I like Lumiere MMU better than EDM. Cashmere foundation goes on silky on me, and isn't as obvious as EDM.

Anonymous said...

hi there. i was wondering, when you say light winged butter, is that winged butter mixed with light olive? or do some people refer to winged butter as light winged butter? thank you =)

Anonymous said...

wow mineral blushes look BEEAUTIFUL! lemming created

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

I love this post, i need foreigner blogs to read reviews about MAC, actually in Italy we can buy only some products. Mineralize foundation is finally available for Italy too, but with a small range of colours, i'm actually using the NW15 and this shade don't comes in MAC shop!

I hope to try these blushes, they look absolutely great! About the Electroflash collection, i've got something similar from Pupa 3-4year ago.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

those mineralized blushes look interesting...but aren't they just smaller version of MSFs? lol oh MAC always coming up with new stuff that aren't really "new". I'm not a big fan of baked stuff because there's so much fall out! I AM excited about the new eyeshadow colors though.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i hope i can stick it out when they come out!! i'll pick up one of a blush n shadow maybe :) haha

the new view mineralized skin finish looks interesting.. dont know if ill pick one up. i really regret getting the loose beauty powders which has loads of shimmer in it. that amount of shimmer will probably last me a life time LOL, so maybe no new view MSF for me!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

I can't wait til the MSFs and Mineralized blushes come out. Blushes and highlighters are my weakness. I have every colour imaginable but I still want every blush I see.

Anonymous said...

MAC is bringing out too many new collections too soon now!!!!

Luckily, a lot of the new products don't strike my fancy. :P

I replied to your comments on my blog, but I thought I'd leave my reply on the MAC Mineral Loose Powder Foundation here in case you don't check back.

The MAC mineral loose powder is great. The other MAC foundation I have is the Studio Fix compact and I find it a bit too heavy even when I apply it with the 187 brush (which is strange because supposedly it's a powder that's buildable). The mineral one is very sheer and I often use the badger flat top brush from Coastal Scents to apply it and buff it out. I like how it looks very natural on my skin even though it would sometimes leave itty bitty dry patches on my nose (but I have dry skin so that's often inevitable and I just have to double up on moisturiser). I recommend it if you're looking for something very light and low coverage. :)

Katrina said...

I'm interested in the same e/s especially the blue and green. I'm actually looking forward to the Cool Heat collection. The bright e/s look really pretty.

na said...

Freaking MAC. At this rate, I'm going to have to give up rent and food just to pay for the upcoming collections, haha.

MAC's half face products always suck, imo. The blush duos they released a while ago weren't that great because the colors would always mix together (which was great if you wanted them to mix, but not so great if you didn't lol).

FB @ said...

Those are GORGEOUS

I've only used Cargo so far, and I love it.. but I'd love to experiment

jing said...

^^ LOL at Emilee. I would second the food part, but my baby brother is still on the growing stage. If he doesn't grow any taller, it's gonna be my fault.

Anyway, I like both EDM Silk dusts as primer or/and finishing powder. Not particularly HG material, but keeps my oilies at bay for a few hours. I haven't tried Silk Naturals enough to give a verdict yet. I didn't like their foundation so I ended up forgetting about the SN's finishing powder. I'll try it more this coming week and give you an idea.

Anonymous said...

There isn't much I want from the upcoming MAC collection. Maybe just the eyeshadow duals because they look cool, lol.

I've been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it! Would you be interested in a link exchange?

theChas said...

Interesting...but somehow, I've just not been getting into MAC lately. I go through stages, lol.

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