Monday, May 19, 2008

Update and Everyday Minerals order

Its going to be a busy week for me both at work and in my spare time so I might not be posting very often. However I'm still working on those reviews I promised for the Lip Erase, Laneige blush etc... I have the pictures, just need to edit them and write what I think.

Anyway I was taking a little break and surfing some blogs...somehow I ended up on and noticed the new range of makeup from Kat Von D. Now I've never watched an episode of Miami Ink, nor do I have a tattoo or want one but somehow these really appeal to me. The packaging with the silver roses on black just looks so nice haha. I'm such a sucker for nice packaging...

I like these in particular:



The dark purple in the palette looks like a purple I'd love :) I hope the shadows are pigmented though.


I haven't seen these in the Sephoras in Canada, but I'm definitely going to check them out when I go to the US next month! Speaking of which I can't wait for my trip :P I gotta stop spending money and save for that trip...yet I still made another order from Everyday Minerals just now. I've been stalking their specials page for the past week waiting for a good discount to pop up, and finally they put up something today. Its a 10% discount, and if you spend over $18 you get a free full sized eyeshadow in Bubble Tea (a turquoisy-shade). If you spend over $34 you get another eyeshadow (don't remember what colour), but I wasn't interested in it so I didn't bother.

Here's what I ordered:


They have a new website in the works too, and the beta version looks quite promising. The product colours for one look soooo much more accurate than their current website. If there was one thing EM needed to fix, its the so-called "colour guides" on their website....they were never close to what the product really looked like. Good thing they're finally fixing it.


Question from Anonymous on my last post - sorry for the delayed response!:

hi there. i was wondering, when you say light winged butter, is that winged butter mixed with light olive? or do some people refer to winged butter as light winged butter? thank you =)

I'm referring to "winged butter" actually, sorry for the confusion :) I say "light winged butter" because that was the initial name for that shade on EM's website, but late last year they did some rearranging of their colour groups and changed the name to just "winged butter".


ilurvemakeup said...

Know what sucks I placed my order day before their new promo :'( Bleh it's cool! I still love that with any order I can get a sample kit ^_^ Yeay!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I agree, the packaging for the Kat Von D. line is nice! And that palette does have an awesome purple color. I also like that blue! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the reply, i really appreciate it. anyway, i've tried the kat von d eyeshadows and they ARE pigmented indeed. nice edm haul, btw. =)

jing said...

That palette has a nice combination of colors. This is a new line, I wonder if Sephora will put them in their shelves right away. Since Sephora started to sell Shu online, I've checked three sephoras already. None had it.

I've been stalking their specials page too. Hope you like your goodies as much as I like them! Let me know how the lavender corrector works out for you.

mayaari said...

the Kat Von D packaging is pretty - sort of retro punk, haha. It goes with the style of tattooing that Kat Von D actually does (she sticks to portraits and no colored inks).

The new shades on Everyday Minerals look really pretty, I am awfully tempted to order more blushes that I will never use up! Funny that their Bubble Tea e/s is turquoise, and Fyrinnae has a Bubble Tea e/s, but it's more of a mauve/lavender shade.

dang. now I just want bubble tea.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

They dont sell that brand over in UK.. which kinda saves my ass in spending LOL.

EDM is sure tempting but I think i'll resist. I'm sure you'll like the mint concealer if you dont have it already :D

Lol, I'm sure there's a big spree waiting for you in NY xD

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Blu3!! I take back the last comment i left, I'm gonna buy a buffer brush from EDM with the discount code.. I bought a brush from CS and a horrible smell came from it when i gave it a wash. The smell doesnt seem to go away and it's left a faint smell on my hand too o_O have experience any funky smell from CS brushes before? LOL.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

actually im gonna hold the thought of purchasing from EDM actually. Maybe I can cope without a buffer brush. Sorry for spaming you!! LOL

Melissa Joy said...

yummy! i am loving the kat von d packaging!

Lily said...

ooh that packaging is really pretty... i'm gonna go check it out right now lol

theChas said...

Kat Von D rawks! Her show (and Miami Ink) makes me want a tattoo...but I'm too afraid of my mom disowning me, haha.

(g)ezebel said...

i want that kat von dee palette!!

na said...

I didn't even consider looking at her line, but since blogs can't stop talking about it, now it's got me all curious, haha. The palette looks really nice, too; looks like it'd be a great smokey palette. The only funny thing is that Sephora had a free promo for the stars tattoo that she has around her eyes, and I can't think of a single person who would want it around their eyes, lol.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
I was checking out your reviews on coastal, and EDM. thanks for being so detailed and honest :)
Just a small question though. Did you end up paying a lot on duty fees when you received your shipments?
I think that's whats deterring me from buying so much >_< but I was also thinking that...mineral stuff, seeing as it's made in the US, should be duty free...but then again I believe everything should be duty free :P
Anyway thanks if you can answer me back, I do appreciate it

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