Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Laneige Radiant Snow Blusher

This review was requested by Her.Peachieness I think :)

I first read about this product on Musings of a Muse. Its a baked powder/blush from Laneige, a Korean brand. I was interested in them because she said they are quite similar to MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. Finally got them last month when I was compiling an order from Facial Shop.


The exterior is a fairly unusual holographic design on the top, while the sides are a sturdy clear plastic with the product sticker at the bottom.


The whole case feels somewhat nice and heavy in your hand, compared with MAC MSFs which are a bit lighter. This is probably because it includes a mirror inside which is really practical!


The shade I got is the 002 Pink Prism. The other colours, 001 and 003 were lighter and seemd more like highlighters which is why I picked 002. I have way too many highlighters already that I hardly use.

Pink Prism consists of pink, darker pink, white, and gold swirls:


If you want to look at the other colours in the collection, there are some great closeups of the blushes by Makeupalley's Fleckenschnitte.

Included in the box is also a mini insert with some product information and application tips:





When I first swatched the blush and wore it out, I was struck by how pretty it was, but also by how similar it was to my MAC Light Flush MSF -.- Don't get me wrong, Pink Prism is a gorgeous colour, but I wish it was more different because I don't really want two of the same thing.

So I ended up taking pics of the two side by side to also show you how gorgeous but similar they can be.



Not so similar at first glance - the marbling is quite different. Light Flush is more pink-copper swirls and looks like it would be warmer in colour.


But when swatched, even under different lightings, they look very similar on my skin:

(don't mind the red spot...that was just my skin not the blush :P)



If you compare side by side in real life, you'll see that Pink Prism has a bit more sparkle in it, while Light Flush is just very fine shimmer. But the difference is very slight if worn on the face.

So my conclusion is that the Laneige Radiant Snow blushers are a great dupe for MSFs, especially if you like the idea of getting a mirror with it. The shimmer is subtle, and doesn't have the chunky glitter problem that plagued MAC's Flashtronic MSFs and Fafi Iridescent powders. Definitely a great buy in my opinion, if I didn't already have the MAC one. So just make sure you don't have a colour that is already similar, and you won't be disappointed.

Where to buy? I got mine off Facial Shop for $31.99, and if you buy 3 items you'll get a 5% discount. But definitely shop around, there may be other cheaper places.

Oh and if you want to shop online for Asian brands the Muse did a post not too long ago on shopping for Japanese cosmetics. So far I've only ordered from Adam Beauty and Facial Shop. I haven't tried JPmon yet, I've been too lazy to make it through the tutorial lol :P


Anonymous said...

WHOA that packaging looks cool! it does look exactly like an MSF, although I don't think I would get theirs bc its more expensive =/

Grayburn said...

Great information, thanks!
I just realized that I haven't added you to my fav reads yet. I will do that if you don't mind!

take care,

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

I heard about Laneige, cause sometimes i buy form Ebay shop some Shiseido products specifically made for asian woman, as White Lucent line, cause my mom loves them and in Europe we cant't find anyone.
From my personal experience, some products as skincare and moisturizers could be good for both asian and european women, but is difficult for make up, cause the skin tones are drammatically different.
Too bad cause asian brands product te best kind of powders and foundations.
I read you live Canada, is actually sold in your country Shiseido Smoothing veil? Is a white colored foundation.
Take care.


Vanessa said...

Awesome comparison, I love the packaging!

Anonymous said...

I ordered through Adam Beauty thanks to you! I got my Kiss Me mascara already. It probably took less than a week.

I heard good reviews on it from the Taiwanese Beauty show and decided I have to try for myself. So far so good...

AskMeWhats said...

thanks so much for such good reviews and photos :) helpful!

ilurvemakeup said...

Off topic: That's scary cuz I read her old stuff from time to time too! Girl I was told she got married... I miss her so much! I often wonder what she wore for her wedding :'( She was and always will be my #1 inspiration when it came to makeup when I was new :)

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

love it... it looks gorgeous and this whole swirly thing is so in for the summer!

Unknown said...

After I saw that on the Muse's blog I wanted it too!! Except it seemed a little pricey on that shop. I'm hoping that when my aunties send a package over here, they might get some Korean makeup for me! We'll see though...b/c even though makeup is inexpensive there, shipping costs SO much!! We sent a package to my aunties and grandma, it cost $100 in shipping!! CRAZY.

Anyway, cute blog! Hope you don't mind if I link you! And of course you can enter :)

jing said...

Definitely looks close to Light Flush. Didn't like light flush on me though. Thanks for that link on Muse's page. It has tons of helpful information! It'll come handy one of these days.

theChas said...

Thanks for the link, and...you're right! They do look very similar. Well, similar enough to not be so nit-picky about it, I feel.

priincesspeach said...

Thanks for the review, Arashi! Since it's soo similar to MAC's MSF but way more expensive, I'll probably just stick with buying the MAC ones. Gosh, I DO love the shiny packaging of Laneige tho...

watercoloursky said...

darn i guess i forgot MAC costs less for US haha. To me the Laneige stuff was the same price as MAC in Canada!

I actually find these so similar that i want to sell it...but the shipping costs that Canada Post charges are too high to be worth the trouble.

watercoloursky said...

gee: link away! thank you :) i'm still trying to think of what look to do for your challenge...

and to everyone else: thanks for letting me know my review was useful :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow they do look similar dont they? but its nice laneige gives you a mirror, the compact looks very pretty indeed!

(g)ezebel said...

i love the holographic top! have you seen laura geller's baked basics (or sumthin like that)? this looks a lot like the pink one.

na said...

A boutique with Laneige makeup just opened up nearby, so I've been meaning to check it out. I love the packaging and Asian cosmetics in the general, but I'm not too fond of the prices!

Great review; it does look very similar, but the packaging is gorgeous!

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