Sunday, June 1, 2008

ELF swatches

I've been meaning to do this post forever. Even though it wasn't requested I always feel like if I have a collection of something I like to do a complete swatch of everything.

This is pretty much all of the ELF single eyeshadows and blushes (except the bronzer/face highlighters)

The blushes are: Glow, Shy, Coy, Flushed, and Bronzed. Everything else is eyeshadow.





These pics have been just sitting in my Photobucket for a while...I wanted to actually do a complete ELF product post as I have most of the brushes and bronzers too. But I don't think I'll be able to get around to it :(

I really like their blushes. I like how you can get them in that convenient pan format, meaning I can fit them into eyeshadow palettes to carry around. They are a bit more fragile than other eyeshadow brands though, and crack more easily. See picture of Glow blush top left corner as example, haha. But, at the same time the product texture is very nice and soft.

As for their depends. A lot of people seem to hate them. For me it depends on the shade. I find the lighter colours are more chalky and less pigmented (eg. Pink Ice, Ivory). However some other colours are nice and pigmented (Wisteria, Golden Glow, Periwinkle). The texture is super soft, almost too soft for my liking. I usually end up picking too much on my brush, and end up having to tap some product off. Maybe its because of the softness, but I find they are quite blendable.

I must say though that their company and customer service sucks. I've heard about some bad experiences with them. Also, I have emailed their customer service before a few times and have never, ever, gotten a response back.

I also hate their shipping practices. When you place an order, they will ship only what is in stock, without informing you that the other items were unavailable, or even giving you an option to wait til those are back in stock. And even though they claim to refund the short shipped items, they never refunded mine. I only had 2-3 items missing though, so I actually forgot all about it until a couple months later. Still, not refunding customers' money is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

So yeah...I guess to sum up, I actually like some of ELF's products, but would recommend that you purchase them in-store, not online.


Stephy said...

thx for the post about ELF! =)
where do u get ur ELF products? i never seem to see them anywhere in vancouver!

Anonymous said...

Long-time lurker and first-time commenter here. Thanks for the review! I've always passed by the ELF displays in stores, b/c I've only heard bad review of their eyeshadows and such.

But your swatches are pigmented and beautiful! Are those wet or dry? I think I'll have to pick some up the next time I see them!

Grayburn said...

I agree that the Golden Glow eyeshadow is pigmented and not bad actually (even if they are soft). Which is your favorite color of the shadows and blushes?

x Grayburn

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i gave up ELF a while ago lol. Nice swatches though. OMG they have store there??? dont think exist here lol.

Anonymous said...

:( I actually placed and order with elf about 3 and a half weeks ago and still no response or shipment. How long did yours take to come?
I sent them an e-mail and asked what the status of my order was and what they wrote back was an automated message saying how it takes about 7-14 days to get everything in their system.
I've been waiting for almost a month!

Makeupfairytale said...

thanks for the review! (i was thinking of buying it but now i know it's probably not for me) =P btw i love the final fantasy piano song that's playing on your blog, thank you for introducing it to us all.

I was having a pretty hectic day and that song really eased my headaches.

thank you thank you

:) kimmei

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for the review! Actually, I've seen ELF products in Food4Less and Target. I've never personally tried their products, because I don't like their shipping policies. I've heard mixed reviews about them also. Have you tried their brushes? I heard some are good and some aren't.

Lily said...

sweet! thanks for the swatches! i ordered from them like a week ago... the shipping is taking forever! hopefully they don't have to separate my items into different packages :( you got your second package with all the stuff that was missing a few months later??

watercoloursky said...

stephy: yeah sadly i haven't seen it in Toronto either. I ordered off that time (which was last year).

anonymous: lol, its always good to see a first time commenter :)

the swatches are dry. they look really pigmented because the shadows are so soft my finger picked up a lot of product. It will be a bit less pigmented than the pics once you blend it in.

grayburn: hmm... my favourite blush colour would be either Glow or Shy, its hard to pick! For shadows, I like the colour of Wisteria, but I find I make use of Truly Pink more often as a highlighter.

nicnic: haha I know :P

Some drugstores in the US carry the line, but not in Canada.

Anonymous: Mine took about 3 weeks on average. I hope yours comes soon! I think they will take longer if there was a sale going on.

Kimmei: no problem :) glad you like the song!

fabu-less beauty: yup, I finally decided that their shipping policies are not worth it too so I haven't ordered since last year. I do have many of their brushes. I'll say all of them suck haha, EXCEPT the basic eyeshadow application brush. That brush is awesome, I own about 8 of them :) Only complaint is that the metal ferrule comes off the handle after a while but that can be fixed with glue.

Lily: actually...i never got the missing items. so basically, they didn't refund me or send the items later, which is why i've sworn off ordering from ELF online. i do hope you get yours soon though, and with all the items you ordered!

watercoloursky said...

stephy: my bad, its not, haha.

na said...

I was tempted to get some 4 pan palettes a few weeks back, but didn't want to pay the $7 shipping for just a few. had a great code for 50% off of orders up to $15, but I forgot what it was. I think it still works, though.

jing said...

I remember you posting your haul or order from elf a long time ago! Those are really great swatches, very clear, up close and with natural lighting! I ordered elf palettes back when they had specials, so I ended up like with free shipping. They did take a while.

jewels said...

wow u building quite a collection of makeup.

lol i hold myself back always, cuz its like i already have every colour of the rainbow, i dont' need any more.
i feel like i am wasting money.

Shen said...

great post. our elf here have little selections. :( thanks though. :)

Bliss said...

Wow those colours are beautiful and really pigmented :).

Iraz said...

hi there,

have a question -- are ELF custom eyeshadows and MAC refills in the same size?

let me ask this way -- can I fit mac refill e/s in ELF compact?



Anonymous said...

Hi, i have created a Facebook group for France and Belgium about E.L.F. . Do you authorize me to publish this swatch? It is very good quality and will be very helpful for the ones who want to know how coulours really look like. Thanks.

watercoloursky said...

Hi Anonymous,

It would be ok if you can also link back to this post saying that you obtained the swatch from my blog. Thanks for asking! :)

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