Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RMK Shiny Mix Eyes

a very long overdue review on RMK Shiny Mix Eyes in 01 Silver Pale Green:



The RMK Shiny Mix Dots are from this year's Spring collection. The product looks like pressed clusters of green mixed with dots of blue and yellow. The concept is pretty cool - I think they were inspired by the painting technique of pointillism. There is also a mirror on the inside of the cover and a small brush included.


It has some very fine subtle shimmer which I love - its the perfect amount that doesn't cause fallout and doesn't look glittery. However, I find the colour payoff is on the sheer side. The colour only shows up well with Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base.

Left: With UDPP as base, Right: Without any base


Overall I really like this eyeshadow because its a very wearable green that can be intensified with a base or applied sheer for those who prefer that. The amount of shimmer is just right too - its a classy amount, not a discoball amount :P

The only thing I would complain about is the price tag - it cost about 3,200 yen which is about US$32 (roughly). Thats the most expensive eyeshadow I've ever bought! The price is what keeps me from buying more RMK products. However if you can afford it, and prefer subtle shimmer over pigmentation then this would be for you.

To be honest, the first few times I was playing with the shadow, I thought this was a waste of money to have sheer colour payoff for such a high price. I was thinking that I could probably get something similar in the drugstore at a cheaper price. But after using it more and more I find the colour and shimmer and texture to be rather unique. If I had the money...I would love to get the silver purple version too lol :)


Nic Nic said...

i think my purple one looks pretty but lacks pigmentation =_= i hardly wear it! lol. i could never put it on top of another colour because it wont show up.. perhaps ill just use it by itself..:/

fuzkittie said...

I've been wanting to get these from Sasa, but I'll wait until I go to Taiwan! =D

Ling said...

It is pretty! I don't even even own much e/s cos I have monolids and I don't know how to work with them. Its kinda irritating.

Btw, I love your haul in your previous post.

The guerlain looks really pro. Hope to hear more about it. =)

N a b i said...

It looks so much prettier in the case =( I thought it would be high pigmented but it doesn't look like it. It's very expensive!

jie jie said...

That's expensive! But it's a pretty green, its softness definitely reminds me of your taste in eyeshadows.

Btw, I remember you bought that cherry matsushima (sp?) perfume.. I just tested it out, and it's yummy! I rarely put it on me, but did anyway, and I can't stop smelling myself for the last couple hours.

cheryl said...

hi there! is RMK a japanese brand? green can be difficult to mix and match so perhaps sheer is better (?). glad u like the shadow... earlier i got a pressed powder compact from a brand i wasn't familiar with, it was 38 euro! and i don't even like it! what a waste, LOL!

Gee said...

It is quite pricey -_-;;; But it is still very pretty, lol.

R said...

Oooh I bought so many of these, but I regret it a bit now...its just not pigmented enough! x

(g)ezebel said...

i love how pretty those colors look all spreckly like that. i'm a sucker for cute packaging...

theChas said...

Ah, I've heard such good things about RMK but don't have a single product of theirs. :( I think the subtle, sheer pigmentation is very Japanese. I'm actually toning down my looks so I'll consider this. I heard they have a rockin' red; too bad I don't live in Japan.

Emilee @ GMM said...

$32! I don't know if I could ever justify it, lol. I like the packaging, though.

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