Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow

Another overdue review, on Shiseido Hydro-powder eyeshadows I bought a few months back.

At first I bought the colours in Languid Lagoon and Violet Visions:


Later I saw that Facial Shop was selling for a cheaper than retail price the colours Bare Pink and Glistening Sand:

(Sorry for the small picture, I don't have them on hand right now but this pic is a crop from my haul post)




Languid Lagoon - Vibrant green-blue
Violet Visions - Blue toned violet
Bare Pink - Warm brownish pink
Glistening Sand - Light champage-y gold

Pigmentation and Texture:

The colours are quite pigmented, and depending on the colour, can be very vibrant. Languid Lagoon in particular is a very bright blue-green. I actually don't like it too much on my skintone but it looks great when used with darker colours. Also it livens up duller green or blue shadows when used as a base.

Texture is creamier compared with MAC Paint Pots. I prefer the softer texture because I feel it doesn't drag on my skin as much when I'm trying to blend the colour.

Staying Power:

Pretty good - they don't crease on me. The colour stays just as vibrant the whole day when used alone, and definitely helps powder shadow stick around longer.

Side note: I tried using some of these as liners too, and they apply nicely because of the creamy texture. Glistening Sand and Languid Lagoon in particular stand out when applied on the lower lashline. However their staying power won't be as good as MAC Fluidlines, so watch out for that if you have oily lids.


1. I've used Violet Visions as a base and colour for this:


2. Languid Lagoon before as a base and colour for this look:


3. Violet Visions again for this, taken a couple months ago but never posted. I think the inspiration for the purple and grey came from a similar colour scheme done by Princess Peach (aka Her Peachieness).



Getting sidetracked here ....but here's yet another example of the difference between using the Foliage setting and without with my Canon Powershot 870:

This is how vibrant Violet Visions looks in real life:


Without Foliage setting, the true colours get washed out and it looks more blah


Again I gotta say love Missha lashes:


It looks like I used everything but the kitchen sink for this look, haha :P

But really its only because I was using one shade from each of the palettes shown :D



♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Both Violet Visions and Languid Langoon are beautiful on you :D I really love how you used the colours in both looks! Your blending is so soft too!

wow the falsies looks really natural and pretty on you. can't even tell their fake!

Anonymous said...

I love the Shiseido Hydro-Powder eyeshadows! Unfortunately they are quite dear here so I haven't bought any of them. :P

I can't believe how natural those Missha lashes look on you!

I bought a jar of that volcanic ash exfoliator from MAC. Turned out our local MAC had just received the collection. It's not heavily advertised so there were still plenty left when I went to the store yesterday. I tried it last night and I love it! :D

Lily said...

the colors are beautiful! i'm afraid they'll crease on me though. just about everything creases on me!

ChyiX2 said...

I completely agree, normally I love the hydro powder shadows but I was a bit disappointed with how languid lagoon looked on me, but as a base it def works better :) I actually like both looks on you, what did you pair the languid laggon with if you don't me asking? Violet/purplr looks great on you! said...

Beautiful! I really love the HP, I find it doesn't smudge at all. I love your funky blue eye too!!!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Ack, totally want Bare Pink. I wanted it a few months ago but I think I was afraid of it creasing since I have oily lids.

(g)ezebel said...

that purple looks fantastic on you. i think purples, greens, and dark blues look great over our brown eyes.

*notices your eyelash blue* may i make a suggestion? the clear one is better 'cuz if you mess up, put too much (like i always do), and it gets all over your eyelid, it dries clear (not dark) and your eyeshadows aren't jacked up. :0)

sugabum said...

I've always loved how you applied eyeshadow. And I agree with the above commenters, those lashes look so natural on you!

I'm going to take your advice about the foliage setting when I take eyeshadow pix because I think I ordered the same camera as you. (Is the Canon SD870IS is the same as Powershot 870? Probably, huh? Well, I hope it is cause your pictures come out lovely.) When you use your camera, do you find that the auto settings usually work fine, or do you have to usually adjust the manual/scene modes to get a good normal picture taking, I mean, not makeup photo sessions? I never had a Canon before.

Anonymous said...

violet vision looks absolutely amazing on you!

those are falsies??? they look SO natural on you! pretty! my fave look so far! do more violets!!!!

purple snowflake said...

OMG.. purple is my fav colour...
(hehe i think you can tell by my blog name) but it looks gorgeous on you.. it's so 3D..

i'm gonna do more practice....


jie jie said...

I remember those looks you did! I love how the purple and blue came out, it's so pretty. I have violet visions and bare pink. i heard Tiger Eye is another must have. Unfortunately, this creased on me several times. It was a long day anyway and I didn't use a primer most of the time.

Ling said...

I think purple looks really good on you. Really pretty!

Do you have any ideas what kinda eye makeup will look good for a monolid like mine? I need help from a pro!

Anonymous said...

the colors are so vibrant! I have been lemming these for the longest time, I have no idea why I still haven't gotten any :( Purple is a fantastic color on you, you should wear it more often!

cheryl said...

wow those missha lashes look so good! go perfectly with the pretty colours u're using. all 4 of these shiseido hydro shadows look good...gosh u just can't go wrong with shiseido products!

Ginny said...

those colors look awesome! I want some!!! shiseido products are the best!!!

theChas said...

Simply gorgeous! Both looks are so well blended and vibrant, yet not too showy at the same time. I love it! I swatched these at Sephora and loved how creamy and smooth they were. I'll add this on my mental list of Things To Buy, haha. Darn you! *shakes fist*
Oh! And the lashes looked so natural and full. I'll keep an eye out for these. :)

na said...

I can't seem to find these listed on the Facial shop. What's the retail on these? The colors are gorgeous.

I stopped by Missha the other day and wanted to pick up some false lashes because of you, but I had no idea which ones to pick because they had a bajillion different ones. :\ Any recs?

Vanessa said...

very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Haha... I'm much more late than you... discovered them not until two days ago. :p

Actually, I did pay attention to the small lovely pots at the counter, but I never made up my mind to buy it... but now I'm so in love! Want more colors! ;)

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