Monday, April 28, 2008

Ilurvemakeup's Pink/Purple Challenge

My entry for Lurve's Pink/Purple challenge: - Tutorial for the eyeshadow portion of this look at the bottom :)

First, a full summary of what I used:


Everyday Minerals concealer in Intensive Light
Everyday Minerals foundation in Light Winged Butter Intensive
Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder

MAC Blush in Emote to contour cheekbones
Everyday Minerals blush in Photo Album


Urban Decay Primer Potion (not pictured)
Shiseido Hydro-powder eyeshadow as base
MAC Pink Pearl pigment
MAC Naval Blue pigment
MAC Passionate eyeshadow
MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow
random pale pink eyeshadow to highlight brow (not pictured)

Blinc Kiss Me mascara (not pictured)


Nivea LaBello lipbalm (not pictured)
MAC Lip Erase in Dim
Coffret D'or lipstick and gloss in 06 Peach Blossom







Tutorial for the eyeshadow portion of this look:

What you will need:

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion (not pictured)
2. Shiseido Hydro-powder eyeshadow in Violet Visions
3. MAC Pink Pearl pigment (PRO, Heatherette)
4. MAC Naval Blue pigment (PRO)
5. MAC Passionate eyeshadow
6. MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow
7. any light pink eyeshadow (not pictured)


1. Apply UDPP all over eye from lashline to brow


2. Apply Shiseido Hydro-powder in Violet Visions all over mobile eyelid. This acts as the colour base. Pat on extra product on the centre of the lid to make the purple very visible.


3. Apply MAC Pink Pearl pigment on inner half of eyelid and blend


4. Apply MAC Naval Blue pigment on outer V and blend


5. Apply a tiny bit of MAC Passionate on inner corner of eye and blend


6. Use some MAC Beautiful Iris to help blend the transition between the colour on the lid, and the browbone highlight.

Then use any pale pink eyeshadow to highlight the brow.


7. Blend as necessary, and add more colour as needed.


8. Curl your lashes and add mascara/falsies, aaaaand you're done! :)




Hope you liked it Lurve ;)


ilurvemakeup said...

Thank you :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

pretty. i love purples and pinks. :D you did a great job with this one. :)

Shen said...

woooow!!! great great look. i'm having a hard time "judging", all the entries are great.. i'm scared to be in lurve's shoes. :)

Chiara said...

Awww what a pretty look! I wish I bought pink pearl when I had the chance TT.

I've been putting off Lurve's Challenge for hella days... So much to do. Not sure if I'll be able to whip something up in time, lol

Bliss said...

Gorgeous colour combo, very pretty and i like the step by step of the tutorial :).

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I really like the Shiseido Hydro-powder eyeshadow in Violet Visions.

Tracy Roa said...

i love the colors. you look so pretty! great tutorial. good luck with the contest. =)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

this is beautiful! waaaay better than what i did for the challenge!! one of the top ones ive seen so far ;)

watercoloursky said...

lurve: no problem? lol :)

christiana, bliss, and tracy: thank you! :)

shen: haha me too, i've seen so many good ones!

chiara: aww i would get it for you from the pro store but canadian pricing for mac pigments is like $5 more than US price :S

liz: me too, its replaced Violet pigment as my fave purple colour!

nicnic: thanks, but i liked your pink one a lot too! :)

again, thanks guys for all the kind comments :)

Klaudea said...

Damn I think this is one of the best FOTD I've seen. i love how the pink is in such a small area and the colors contrast each other. The pink almost *glows*!!!

AMazing I love it!

jing said...

so many stuffs for this eotd. lovely combination and your blending is perfect! btw, i love that hydropowder. i suck at blending and combining colors, so i use it by itself often. the color is so pretty!

watercoloursky said...

klaudea: lol honestly its really because MAC Passionate and Pink Pearl are such awesome colours. Pink Pearl really helps Passionate blend in with the purple too since it has that purple shimmer to it.

jiejie: haha i know...its a lot more products that i normally use. i usually don't even bother with a colour base when i'm rushing to get ready.
yep, that hydropowder is the prettiest purple i've seen! i'm so glad i got it :) even though it was expensive.

theChas said...

Wow, this look is a lot more layered than it seems. I especially liked how there just appears to be a hint of pink in your inner corners. Great job!

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

Love this make up!

priincesspeach said...

GASP! This is gorgeous, Arashi!!! I gotta try this look. And I think I need MAC Passionate e/s now. Ok, this is my fav now for the challenge. Super job!!

cheryl said...

great tutorial & very pretty result!

na said...

This look is gorgeous on you! :) I'm used to seeing you in much more subdued colors, but this looks just as good.

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