Saturday, July 12, 2008

white and gold [edit]

wow it looks like a lot of people really like the BCBG orange dress! i do like it, its just that i was kinda iffy about it initially because the orange colour isn't usually my thing. My bf was the one who told me to get it :) thats why i do enjoy clothing shopping with him sometimes. When he's in the mood to give opinions, he chooses really good stuff.

Surprisingly though i haven't worn the orange dress yet. Reason being I don't have any matching heels that are dressy enough to go with it. i wore the Betsey Johnson one and the red BCBG one to a wedding 2 weeks ago, which I will post some pics of :) I might have another wedding to go to in August, not sure yet. But that would give me an excuse to tell the bf I need to buy shoes to go with the dress :P

Reading the recent nail polish posts by Alienman, Fei, and Fuzkittie makes me want to buy some OPI / Essie right now. But I can't justify the expense because I can't wear nail polish on a regular basis other than on my toes (because of work). And then toes only get showcased in the summer so I don't feel like spending the money on them :P

But I saw some posts sometime ago on how to recreate the Antiquitease crackled nailpolish look so I decided to try it yesterday for lack of other ideas.


I think the look is better when viewed further away. Up close it does look a bit strange but it looks much nicer from afar.


Stuff used:

2 coats of Maybelline Express Finish Advanced Wear white nailpolish (I can't quite remember the name, but it was something like 'French White' or 'French Manicure')

1 coat of OPI Golden Rules! and blotted off with the edge of a textured paper towel

Wet n Wild clear nailpolish as a topcoat


I would prefer a lighter gold nailpolish but I haven't been able to find any true gold shades that weren't LE. Golden Rules! was the only gold shade I could find :(

Hmm I should try these colours in an EOTD....I'm sorta in a makeup rut lately and haven't had any new ideas for looks to do. White and gold colours are something I haven't used before together...


I have a question for you guys...I want to do something to my hair because its so boring. But my hair is on the fine, flat side and the ends get damaged easily.

I wanna either:
- dye my hair a jet black OR blue black colour
- perm my hair (in a salon)
- do streaks (in a salon)

so which is the lesser evil? I was under the impression that dyeing my hair a dark black colour won't really damage it because it wouldn't have bleaching agents in it right...but then I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe I should just leave my hair alone? :( Someone make my hair more healthy please!


fuzkittie said...

Wow those nails look so cool! I think you scored it~ OPI makes some cool shades. Chanel is coming out with a gold polish for the Fall!

I think all 3 of those things will only damage your hair more. I have gotten black dye before, AND I have also done perms before, both gave me damage. =/ I think the only way to get healthier hair is prevent dying and perming, and use deep conditioning every other day. That's how I got rid my split ends!

When I stopped using conditioner on my roots, my hair became much less flat and had more volume.

Anonymous said...

Perms might not work out how you want them to and there goes $200. I think waves would be nice (: just invest in helen of troy/hot tools curling iron.

jewels said...

perms are kinda >_< like if your hair doesn't turn out great...u might regret doing it. I remember I had a friend that permed it, she hated it...everyday after that she had to wait for it to grow out and actually iron it flat everyday...which took her more time to get out of the house than usual.

Unknown said...

That's super cool looking!!! I don't have patience for that kind of stuff -_-;;

I wouldn't dye it jet black or blue back :P I think it's just too dark and very unnatural on us Asians. I wouldn't perm either since it can be chemically damaging.

I think maybe adding highlights or going a dark brown will add more dimension if your hair is flat~

alien man?! said...

i'd love to see how a perm looks :) be sure to ask around for recommendations, first! esp. from fellow asians who have had their perms done in the area. our hair is NOT the same as white ppl's

also, i LOVE how u did ur toenails! so, did the paper towel give it that cracked look? that's so cool

(g)ezebel said...

love the nails!

perm your hair meaning curly or perm your hair meaning straight? either way will totally damage your hair. may i suggest that if you want curly hair, to use a lot curling products, scrunch up your hair in sections with clips, and let your hair dry naturally. (or blow dry scrunch with a diffuser)

i like jet black. *but i'm partial to that*

na said...

Nails are not my thing (that's why fake nails were made for me!), but the cracked look is cool on you.

I'd go with highlights, but I'm pretty sure all 3 of those would be damaging. :\ Maybe invest in some deep moisture conditioners?

Anonymous said...

i would have to say that i wouldn't perm my hair if it was already fine and dmaged. but i think you should dye it jet black. i've dyed it jet black before and i loved it. now it's just a brownish-black color. but i absolutely LOVE jet black on asians. and i would definitely say that by dying it either black colors or streaking would be the lesser evil. FOR SURE!

plus---i love your toe nails! very pretty color effect. and you have such pretty feet!

Anonymous said...

If you have jet black hair and you perm only the ends (maybe from ear length down), it actually gives the impression of a richer black and the slight waves are very very pretty.

I first gave my hair some waves in 2005 and never looked back.

It's true that the perm would damage the hair a little but if you use a conditioner every time you wash your hair and also a deep conditioner every week or so, it's no big deal, really. I had wavy hair till it was almost waist-length and never had a single split end. And everyone said how healthy my hair was (even though there were dry bits here and there!)

I would say borrow a curling tong from someone and try and give yourself some curls so that you roughly know if it'll work for you =)

Anonymous said...

Those nails looks sooo cute!!
I wouldn't perm it either as it may not turn out how you want it. I think you should try some highights.

cheryl said...

hi there, if u wanna do 1 of the 3 things to your hair, i'd probably say do streaks... a raven black colour will look REALLY flat for the asian skintone, unless u plan to always wear an extremely light-coloured contacts, but then it might look too goth (?) if your ends get damaged easily, it's a good idea to do a hair mask every wkend... klorane's mango butter's amazing. it's on

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

nice nails!

i am succeeding in resisting in buying nail polishes at the this moment in time xD

ohh my sister and mum permed their hair in HK and both look really nice! I think you should get perm too :)

Anonymous said...

your nails are cool i don't think i'd have the patience to paint my toe nails haha, my feet are wide anyway so i can't even wear open toed shoes -__-'
i permed my hair last year and i told the hair stylist i wanted nice wavy curls like the japanese magazines, and it turned out like a lion, so difficult to maintain especially since i didn't want to spend that extra 10 mins on my hair. soo after 4 months of lion like hair i did the japanese straightening perm. it'll probably be easier to curl your hair yourself with an iron since it might not turn out the way you want at a salon. how bout extensions or bangs?

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks totally cool, it must have been time consuming though. The gold polish looks gorgeous.
As for the hair, I vote for dying it blue black, I think it would look amazing against your complexion.

jing said...

Golden rules look gorgeous! I like how you added white streaks, creative indeed!

Perms are kinda risky. I mean, good if your stylist give you the curls you want.. but if not, you'll be stuck with the results. And as mentioned, it's expensive! It's also not healthy for the hair.

As for deep conditioning treatment, try coconut milk! When I was in the philippines, my grandma and aunt swear by this. But I hated it cos we used fresh coconut and some bits of it get stuck on my hair and are difficult to take off. But as jojoba,, mentioned, use the ones in box, or can.

theChas said...

Beautiful nails! I want to do this too! Still haven't had the chance to make your fried rice btw, but worry not! I will report back to you once I do.

As for hair, if you want to keep it healthy, I wouldn't do anything to it at all except trim it. If you want to do something different with your hair, I think it's kind of inevitable that you're going to damage it a bit. I think, going by your description on your type of hair, it would look hawt if you loose permed it! :) Like, loose wavy would look beautiful, but high maintenance.

Par said...

The color is so nice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is a bit long...

Chemical hair treatments permanently alter the outer layer of the hair shaft creating a porous cuticle - under a microscope chemically treated hair looks like Swiss cheese. Once hair is damaged by chemical colorings, perms or straightening chemicals, people are sold a myriad of synthetic products that artificially coat the hair with plastic or protein polymers to make it look and feel undamaged. The more damaged the hair, the more porous it becomes; the more porous the hair, the more it absorbs these synthetic "protein" polymers (e.g. soy, wheat or oat proteins - that are NOT edible foods), plastic polymers such as PVP (petrochemical polyvinyl pyrrolidone) and gum coating agents.

I think virgin black Asian hair is just beautiful. You might just want to do something very minimal processing like highlights or streaks. I don't think a single perm/or color process would damage so much (as opposed to bleaching which takes a double process of stripping the hair first etc)

If hair ever gets so damaged, the only thing to do is to cut it off and grow new healthy hair.

Ling said...

That's a creative way to paint your nails. =) I should try that someday.

As for your question, I think the 3 options causes damage to your hair. Maybe you should go for a different hairstyle instead?? It might give you a different look without damaging your hair.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

I completely forgot about the Antiquitease look but it's gorgeous! I can imagine it being strange up close though (but who's going to be up close to your toes right?). For healthier hair, it's best to dye it darker rather than lighter. I've got ugly dried hair and it looks healthy only because it's darker again. Show us pics whatever you decide to do though!

Bliss said...

Im so for the late input but i think you can totally suit & look pretty with the blue back hair ala snow white hhehe but its going to be hard to colour it back if u want to go auburn etc.

ps your nails looks great :D

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