Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NY Trip: Clothes and other stuff :)

i got more stuff to share from NY :)

This is mostly outlet haulage - except the first and last item.

Esprit summer top -

Esprit Top Front

Esprit Top Back

BCBG and Off Saks:

BCBG Orange strapless cocktail dress

BCBG Orange Dress

BCBG Orange Dress Top Detail

BCBG Orange Dress Side Detail

BCBG Orange Dress Bottom Detail

BCBG Red/brown strapless dress

BCBG Red Dress

BCBG Red Dress Detail

Betsey Johnson outlet:

Turquoise/white cotten lined dress

Betsy Johnson Dress Back

Betsy Johnson Dress Front

Betsy Johnson Dress Detail

Betsy Johnson Dress Detail Bow

Betsy Johnson Dress Detail Side

Came with removable straps too:

Betsy Johnson Dress Straps

Coach outlet:

I told myself I wouldn't get another Coach purse (I already have a black one) but I've always had a thing for the white optic signature fabric...plus sling bags are always useful to have.

Coach white optic signature sling bag



Jimmy Choo outlet:

Open toe slingback heels in satin ruby





Now this one below was not from the outlets - would be nice if it was though! lol

5th Avenue LV

Damier Azur Koala wallet




Lots of card slots...something I need



Small coin pocket at the back


yeah....so I'm done shopping for the rest of the year hopefully lol :) I promised the bf not to spend anything for 3 months at least....so til end of September. I also don't wanna buy any more makeup for 6 months (til end of the year) besides the MAC MSF release in October that is. Wish me luck!

P.S. But, I do have one more cosmetics haul to share...so that one doesn't count as I got those 2 weeks ago!...And, after the 3 months I will probably spend more on skincare rather than makeup...since its what I should be concentrating on anyway.


Aradani said...

all of those purchases are HOT!!!
why no pics of u in the sexy dresses???? I am madly in love with that orange dress and those heels

Stephy said...

ooooooooo love the coach purse!! i want one too!! :)

sugabum said...

That's a really nice haul. I love the wallet and the shoes!

sugabum said...

I actually read some bad reviews for the sunscreen remover on MUA, both the Shiseido and Anessa versions. Maybe that's why they discontinued it? There may be other brands of sunscreen remover, like maybe Sofina? I don't know. But, I think any good oil-based cleanser should be able to remove the waterproof sunscreen, I think. This is why I opted for sweatproof, not waterproof. =\

Anonymous said...

Nice haul, the dresses are pretty & I especially love the cute wallet! :D Thanks for the eye candies, haha..

fuzkittie said...

What an AWESOME haul!!! *applauds* So nice to look at, would be even nicer if it were my haul.. hahaha!

Where is there a Jimmy Choo outlet?! I have never heard of such a thing.

Can't wait for your cosmetics haul sharing... good luck on the 3 month no-buy, why did he make you promise that anyway? If my bf asked me that, I'd go "You craaazay? Boooyyy~" Haha.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

OOoh I'm totally drooling over the Jimmy Choos and the BCBG orange strapless dress! Great haul!

jewels said...

I am wondering about the orange BCBG dress. how orange is that??? like ING dirrect orange??? or what? I am curious on how it looks too. cuz the style of it looks nice.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! all of your dresses are adorable! that burnt orange dress looks gorgeous! and your jimmy choo's are to die for!

Unknown said...

i loveeee the cocktail dresses. esp. the orange and the betsey johnson one. but my most fave is your LV wallet! hehe

mayaari said...

the Betsey Johnson dress is so cute - I love the blue flower detailing on it!

Stephie said...

omg! great buys!! i adore the betsey johnson dress, i love her funky style!

Stephie said...

omg! great buys!! i adore the betsey johnson dress, i love her funky style!

Anonymous said...

I love the dresses you got!!!

I'm heading to NYC at the end of year for a week. What outlets would you recommend?

ChyiX2 said...

Gahd, that BCBG strapless thang is sexay! Next entry: you in that little thing. What I mean is pics please! ^^ Jimmy Choo FTW, I only have two pairs of Choos, I esperately want more!

Par said...

Nice dress you got there.
I like the blue one too!

Lily said...

omg that orange dress is BEAUTIFUL!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i absolutely LOVE this haul! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your two BCBG dresses! :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ooo great clothes haul!!

loving the cocktail dress :D

oooh LV! the Damier is definitely classier than the normal monogram print :)

jing said...

That BJ dress is absolutely adorable! That's one awesome haul. But I gotta love the shoes. I'm biased towards anything that red.

The Faux Fashionista said...

OMG fantastic haul! I like every single thing you bought, especially the dresses and the heels! Totally TDF!

Grayburn said...

Nice hauls from NYC! I really like the orange strapless. I imagine you would look stunning in it!

have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

nice haul. I LOVE the shoes!!

cheryl said...

oooooh girl, u've been naughty: yea no more shopping for ya for the next 3 months - but fabulous choice of the jimmy choo shoes. are they comfy?

purple snowflake said...

I've been reading ur blog for a while.. but never really commented. Loved all ur EOTD.. looks really nice. and latest Shopping POST.. WOW... nice jummy choo SHOES.. and LV wallet...

can't wait for ur cosmetic haul..

(g)ezebel said...

WOW! that is one great clothing/accessories haul...!! i am soooo jealous. i love all of the dresses.. so sexy!

na said...

Jimmy Choo + red color = ♥!

I love all the dresses, but the Betsy Johnson one is really cute. If you don't mind me asking, how much were the Choos?

Anonymous said...

how much did u get the coach bag for???

watercoloursky said...

anon: sorry, i haven't been ignoring your question! i just can't find the recipt for the bag! i think though it was about $80 + 8% tax.

Bliss said...

Ooooo your dresses are to die for, i have also been lemming for the koala wallet gotta save up for that hehhe.

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