Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tag: Exes, Loves, Flings, and Best Friends

Jiejie started this with her Exes and Loves post, so here's mine :)

Mineral Foundation:


The Ex:
Everyday Minerals (all formulas) - Sorry, you just didn't cover enough of me :P

The Fling:
Silk Naturals - we just weren't on the same wavelength - i wanted a more yellow toned colour but you kept on oxidising to a darker tone

The Love:
Buff'd Cosmetics original formula foundation - awesome coverage!

Undereye concealers:


The Ex:
Maybelline Age Rewind concealer - too crepey for my taste in the end

The Fling:
Everyday Minerals Sunlight concealer - you were too high maintenance - you crease easily on my dark skin, and require foundation over the top to blend in

The Love:
Dior Skinflash Illuminating pen - you make me look more awake and refreshed! what more could i need...

Contouring product:


The Ex:
Wet n Wild Bronzer in Medium/Dark - because you were only cheap matte bronzer i could find :P I guess I was desperate back then.

The Love:
MAC blush in Emote (LE, from Smoke Signals collection) - Don't ever run out on me please....



The Ex:
Cover Girl Lash Exact - You were my first and will always be remembered fondly ;)

The Fling:
Kiss Me Heroine mascara - short-lived thrill

The Love:
Blinc Kiss Me mascara - Why did I ever try others, when I had already found you? You're perfection in a sleek silver tube - You stay with me when I need you, yet when I need my space you are not clingy like the others, ;)

MLBB Lipcolour ('MLBB' = my lips but better, so not counting pale pink or bright coloured lipsticks):


The Ex:
MAC Viva Glam V lipstick - Love at first sight, or so I thought...

The Flings:
Lavshuca PK-1 lipstick, Shiseido Maquillage lipstick PK730

The Love: none as yet...:*(


Brushes for foundation / blush (sorry the pics are out of order but I guess you can figure out which is which)



The Ex:
Sephora Stippling brush, MAC 187SE

The Fling:
Coastal Scents Italian Badger brush (foundation)

The Love:
MAC 138 (for blushes), Everyday Minerals Flat top brush (foundation)



The Ex:
Aveeno sunscreen spray SPF30 - you smelt great and was convenient, but made my face oily :(

The Love:
Shiseido Very Water Resistant Sunscreen lotion in SPF55


The Ex:


Clinique Happy - Sweet at first, til I realised everyone already had you :P

The Fling:


Ralph by Ralph Lauren

The Love:


Masaki Matsushima Cherry :)

My other Best Friends: (clockwise from top left)


-Silk Naturals' Perfecting Powder
-MAC Prep and Prime lip exfoliator
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-MAC Emote (mistakenly put this here again lol but i do love it!)
-MAC Lip Erase in Dim

-Annabelle angled eyeliner brush
-Sephora Crease brush (for blending)
-Spa Resource contour brush (from Wal-Mart!)

-Sephora Lash Placement tool - the only way I know how to apply false lashes
-MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
-MAC Mattene lipstick in 40s Pink - perfect base for pink lipsticks
-Lancome lipstick in 302 SOS Pink - perfect girly pink


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

some great choices! aorry the EDM didn't work well with you.

i'd love to try out Emote.. i know it's part of the Smoke Signla Collection but I swear it's still available to buy.. well at least on the website anyway :)

fuzkittie said...

Hehehe, do you use MAC emote for contouring? I asked a MAC SA for a good sculpting color, and she recommended Harmoney, which turned out to have too much of a red undertone, bleh. Emote looks perfect though.

I've seen some swatches of Maquillage l/s, it looks really good!

Anonymous said...

I tried my Buff'd today! I bought samples awhile back, but hadn't tried it out seeing as I was trying to find my colour for EDM.
Anyway I gotta agree that the coverage is awesome. I guess it must be the work of the clay?
Thanks for sharing^^

sugabum said...

Hey, I noticed you like the Shiseido Ultimate Sunscreen Lotion. Does it feel heavy on you when you wear it? Alienman has tried the CREAM version of it before and said it feels heavy...but the lotion version that you have is much more watery. So I was just wondering how it feels on the skin. it messy to use? I tested it out at the Shiseido counter today and when I squished the bottle to get some product out, it came out like water! Okay, okay, last question, I promise...when you wear the sunscreen, do you wear it under or over your moisturizer?

Thanks sooo much!

...and I just got MAC Emote from CCO, I didn't know it was LE?!! (I'm a MAC noob.) Now I'll have to use it sparingly for fear of running out!

jing said...

I didn't know you were on the dry side. I love EDM cos it controls oilies more than SN. I haven't touched buffd since I broke out from it (I think). That 138 looks really nice, wasn't that one of MAC's most expensive brushes?

sugabum said...

Just wanted to reply to a comment you posted on my blog a while back. I've been to both the CCOs at Woodbury and Tanger Outlets. The CCO at Tanger has MUCH more MAC variety to choose from. The Woodbury CCO has such a limited selection of MAC products, I was so disappointed. However, Woodbury Outlet, in general, is a much better outlet to visit. Did you get anything good when you went?

cheryl said...

i love this list you made! the emote blush looks real good, i'll really have to try it!

The App Goddess said...

Great list. I didn't like cover girl lash exact either.

watercoloursky said...

nicnic: EM is still useable for me on days when i don't need as much coverage. I still have a ton of samples to use up anyway haha

fuzkittie: yup I use Emote only to contour. You could try the Sculpt powder from the Pro line - thats the one that came out with the Accentuate/Sculpt duos last year. I like Emote better though because its a cooler shade of brown/taupe compared to Sculpt.

rasilla: np :) thank Christiana, I wouldn't have heard of them otherwise :)

sugabum: lol yep ration it carefully :P it was LE from last fall.

regarding the sunscreen, i actually want to try the cream once I finish this lotion version. The sunscreen has a mattifying effect, which would be great for oily skin. However I have dry skin so I find that the lotion version accentuates the dryness on some days.
The lotion version IS more liquid - I usually shake it up gently and pour a bit out on my fingertips / palm at a time.
I had the exact same question as you last year! I think I concluded the best for me was to wear it first under moisturizer because that helped my foundation go on better. But I don't know which makes the suncreen more effective - I think it depends too on whether its a chemical or physical sunscreen. If I find out, I will let you know :)

and, i did get several things from Woodbury! going to be posting them soon lol. I am so behind in posts!

jiejie: yeah my skin is schizophrenic. Most of the time it is dry, but my t-zone gets oily some days as well. So I still get a lot of blackheads :(

cheryl: i hope you can find it...or give the MAC Sculpt powder a try instead :)

THSG: actually - i do like lash exact, but in the end i preferred blinc just because its so easy to remove :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

just went ont he MAC website, its no wear to be seen on UK website :( darn it lol! maybe they'll re-release it.. lol.

mayaari said...

nice list :) EDM sunlight definitely works well, but like you said, I hate having to blend it under a layer of foundation. As much as I love Ralph, it's too floral/fruity for me - just one spritz lasts the day (and then some!)

psychoexgirlfriend said...

This is a great meme! I don't think I've tried any of your loves/flings before. I did quite like Emote though but I didn't realize this until it was sold out. Yikes.

alien man?! said...

you won't believe this... maybe it's b/c i've added sunscreen to my makeup routine, but now i'm at 1 scoop of buttery gold and TWENTY SCOOPS OF IVORY

Once I run out of Ivory, i might have to try buff'd, too

and that buttery gold is lasting me FOREVER @_@

i love this post btw

so cute how u did it

The Faux Fashionista said...

I just ordered Buff'd foundation samples (concealing formula) in Almond and Cream because EDM doesn't provide the coverage I seek. Fingers crossed!

Ling said...

Thanks for linking me! =) I've linked you too. haha.

Oh I want that Dior Skinflash Illuminating pen so much. You make it sound so holy! Is it ex? I wonder if they have it in Singapore. =/

Aya said...

I enjoyed reading your list! Now I want to try Buff'd makeup! I'm a total MMU foundation junkie, I have stuff that hasn't been opened yet (-__-;

I would loooove to see how the Dior concealer pen works on you. I use EDM Multitasking Concealer, it's cheap and it gets the job done :)

(g)ezebel said...

ooo, look at all that neat stuff!!!

sorry i didn't get a chance to say goodbye, twice. haha

so glad you dropped by my blog. i'm slowly trying to put together my blogroll and i hafta find people off other people's blogs.

theChas said...

Very cute! Man, I keep hearing all these great things about the Shiseido sunscreen...but no! I must resist! Oh! And I got a free gift from Sephora of the Kiss Me Mascara...I'm anxious to try it out.

na said...

I'm waiting on some Buff'd samples from Christiana, so I can't wait to try it out. I'm starting to fall out of love with EDM as well. :(

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