Sunday, July 6, 2008

thoughts on some Everyday Minerals' products

Everyday Minerals Lavender concealer
(review for Jejuney...finally i got around to using it...)

From the website:

Lavender Color Corrector

Neutralizer for yellowish undertones. Helps relieve the sallow look in olive skin tones.

(Pictured here with EM's Light Intensive foundation and EM Sunlight concealer)


I got a sample of the concealer after reading somewhere on Musings of Muse that she uses a Lavender base powder (from a different brand) to brighten up her complexion.

Also from the description on the website, I wanted to see if it would neutralize my uneven skin tone. I tend to have pink toned skin on my cheeks but yellow-olive toned skin on my t-zone, especially around the chin.

Tried it on one side to compare with the other side (no foundation on top in these pics) and it does make a difference. The duller skin around my mouth and chin looks a lot closer to the skintone on my cheeks. The difference may be slight for some but my uneven skin tone has always bothered its nice to have something that helps it a bit now.

Without Lavender concealer


With Lavender concealer


I wouldn't use it all over my face though - tried it and it makes my face look paler than my neck. Could work if you are going to put some on your neck as well, but i wouldn't because it'd probably rub off on my clothing.

Just out of curiosity - I tried using it for undereye circles and concealing blemishes. As I suspected, it doesn't do much for those lol.


Quick note on the Everyday Mineral's perfecting powders - I don't like them :( They apply a bit chalky on my dry skin. I guess it works better on more normal or oily skin types.

The ones I got were the Sunlight finishing dust and Silk Dust.


Silk Dust applies better than the Sunlight dust. However I compared both perfecting powders with Silk Naturals' Perfecting powder and SN's powder applies better on my dry skin. I'll save those EM powders for days when my skin is less dry, but it'll take me awhile to finish them - it already takes me forever to finish the sample foundations.


FOTD using some of my new eyeshadows:


Urban Decay Primer Potion
EM Bubble Tea eyeshadow, inner 1/2 of eyelid
MAC Blue Flame eyeshadow, outer 1/2 of eyelid
a bit of MAC Steamy eyeshadow to help blend the two

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara


Buff'd Foundation in Sand
Silk Naturals' Perfecting powder
Everyday Minerals blush in Soft Touch
MAC Emote to contour

Excuse the messy hair :P




Should've blended more on top :S

I find that EM Bubble Tea doesn't stay well when applied dry even with UDPP as a base. The colour is pretty though, and a bit similar to MAC's Mutiny pigment when swatched on my skintone.


Top: MAC Mutiny pigment
Bottom: Everyday Minerals Bubble Tea eyeshadow



Unknown said...

That lavender does make a little difference! I want to try it now...

I have the Start to Finish Rice Powder in Sunlight and I think it's also slightly drying, but it seem to control my oils around my tzone :P

Do you find Bubble Tea to be really pigmented? B/c it seems kinda washed out on me.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Pretty fotd!! the blue is really soft on you.

I have the tinted silk powder, i havent used it in a while, i agree its good for my t-zone. SN perfecting powder is okay... but my makeup still manages to melt off at the end of the day though lol.

fuzkittie said...

I actually really like your hair! It looks really natural and pretty, and your blue eye makeup compliments your hair color and skin tone perfectly!

It seems the lavender powder does a good job evening out your skin tone!

DC Belle said...

that lavender powder did well to even out your skintone! I use the tinted silk dust and it works well on my skin - but I have combo/oily skin in the summer, so that might explain it. I loved using the SN perfecting powder in the winter though!

Digital Angel said...

I was getting distracted by your eyes o.o Are you wearing color contact lenses ? I was not sure. It looks great on you :D Very pretty

jing said...

Lovin the eye color and eotd! Too bad EDM finishing powders don't work for you. I love mine, and so far it works best compared to other MMU.

The lavender powder does give a noticeable difference. I gotta remember getting this next time.

watercoloursky said...

Gee: nope its quite a pale colour...and rubs off too easily when applied dry. I guess i should just use it wet.

nicnic: thanks :) ah I guess that shows SN is less hardcore and better for less oily skins? lol

fuzkittie & jiejie: thank you :)

diana: thanks for the input! i'll have to wait for the weather to get warmer and more humid over here before my skin can handle the powder :S

Nabi: lol yep I'm wearing Freshlook Colourblends in Amethyst

theChas said...

I've been thinking about a lavender base and orange base, which works great for undereye circles btw. I already have a green based concealor because I have so much redness, and green helps with redness...*ponder ponder* But wow, yea, it really did make a difference!

na said...

I'm surprised they swatch so similar given that they look so different in the jars.

I'm going to have to try the lavender concealer sometime, thanks for the tip!

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