Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Incandescent's contest

This is for Incandescent's "Eye candy collage" challenge :P Keep in mind this is all in good fun btw ;)

My top 5 fellas...

5. Chris Martin


Ok, you might be going, "wha...?", but I think there's nothing hotter than a guy that can write songs for you. Plus his blue eyes are sooooo mesmerizing....*swoon*


4. Naohito Fujiki


There's something about his boyish looks that I find attractive. I think its how he could fit into the cute-guy-next-door category :P Ahhh..... I could stare at his picture all day..... LOL


3. Takeshi Kaneshiro


Tall, dark, and handsome (TDH). And look at his facial structure...omg perfection. Looks good even in costume dramas with the cheesy long hair :P



2. Christian Bale


Another TDH fella....MY favourite type of guy :P Not to mention he gives off a bad boy vibe that I find irresistible....*sigh*


1. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers


I first saw him in Bend it like Beckham, haha. Super hot, no?

Especially here...OMG...*fans self*


So serious...


Ooh a smile!


If Blogger could password protect entries, I would've included one more fella. However, he'd probably kill me if he saw an embarassingly hot picture of him posted for everyone to see, haha :D


fuzkittie said...

LOL! I wanna see an embarassingly hot picture of mystery guy!!! xD

Thumbs up for christian bales... omg, I remember Takeshi Kaneshiro was SUCH a big thing in Taiwan... he still is... he will always be an icon in Asia.

Tracy Roa said...

Good choices! I totally missed out on the chance to see C. Bale (and Ledger) when I found out they were filming The Dark Knight here at work last year. DOH!

Ahleessa said...

I agree with your #1. I always thought Jonathon Rhys-Meyers was gorgeous and love his eyes! He gets my drool of approval! :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Johnatan Rhys-Meyers is super hot!!
he was on a english drama on the bbc and he was half naked alot! hahaha xD

I think Christian Bale is sexy too!!

Im quite weird.. I havent found many japanese men that actually attractive, I like Takeshi tho! he's cute!

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

I'm back from my vacations, sorry for not visited your blog last weeks, i was always off line.

Takeshi Kaneshiro is the perfection for me, i love his atypical japanese face!

alien man?! said...

*swooons @ chris martin* if someone looking like that wrote a song for me like Yellow, i'd be all over him 24/7

jing said...

I had Chris Martin in mind too, but couldn't find a hotter picture. Those blue eyes are gorgeous! Oh, not only Chris Martin, but definitely Naohito Fujiki! He's a bit older now, but his age just makes him sexier. You're not alone, I can spend hours staring at his photos too. Since you listed them already, i'll have to replace him from my list.

Grayburn said...

I want to know who the mystery guy is! I'm in love (shhh, don't tell my fella!) with Christian Bale!


x Grayburn

fuzkittie said...

Thank you for the sweet wishes lady! :]

Angie said...

Christian Bale =)!

Facial structure.. ya know I never noticed how important it is on a guy til my ex started going on about good looking men having nice facial structure (he has fab taste =P).

I don't know about clinics here.. there aren't any that I found. I think Planned Parenthood may have free breast exams but I don't know what good that will do cause it requires further examination to diagnose and I don't know how much I trust those nurses. Thanks for the idea! I'm gonna keep looking.

Yeah, I just asked. I always go to Nordstrom for La Mer. If it's part of a counter with other brands you could ask one of the other SAs! Don't be scared of those snobby bitches! Then again, my mom's always told me I have thick skin. HEH. But yeah try La Mer if you get a chance! I really love it.

jing said...

lol.. i knew someone would react like that after seeing odagiri joe's first two pictures. it was a cute picture though. definitely my #1. he was born to model. weird, i too had a childhood crush that has the same features as him!

Anonymous said...

I love Takeshi too!!! Hottie to the maxxxx. Good choices :)

Bliss said...

I LOVEeeeeee Naohito Fujiki and Takeshi Kaneshiro heheheh

cheryl said...

jonathan rhys-meyers is a great actor! takeshi looks great on screen. his mom's taiwanese, right?

Anonymous said...

Lol embarassingly hot pic of your guy? You leave me very curious...

Btw, answering your question, lyna cream doesn't make me purge at all. It was like, the morning after applying it my skin just felt noticeably smoother or something. And it has only gotten better, not worse, but then again I've only used it for a little over a week. Hope that helps!

theChas said...

All handsome men!

I can see that you definitely have a "type" haha, but TDH is not a bad type at all. I love TDH...and pretty, so TDH/P? :P

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