Monday, September 1, 2008

Review: Mukomuko Store

I haven't felt the usual urge to shop in malls these days. Its mostly because no matter which mall it is, most of them carry the same chain stores, each with similarly bland pieces. Think American Eagle vs Aeropostale, Suzy Shier vs Smart Set, Urban Outfitters vs Urban Planet and you get the idea. I think thats why I enjoy browsing stores in downtown Toronto Queen Street more, the selections there are from less mainstream (but more expensive imo) brands.

There is definitely a whole lot more variety though if you look online. I've noticed Ling's store, Mukomuko for a while now since coming across her personal blog. Recently, she asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her store and I said yes :)

She releases new collections regularly, and always with unique and functional pieces. Take this faux layered piece for example. I'm actually the type that is too lazy to think about layering pieces. I dislike buying say 1 vest, and having to think about what shirt to wear under it. So items like this 3 piece vest-shirt-inner-layer combo is a godsend for me :)


It looks super comfortable to lounge around in as well, which is always something I consider before buying.

I think I love the dresses the most, especially this black and white piece. Its a great alternative to the little black dress, which while classic, feels boring for me.

With this, I like how the sleeves are puffed, giving it a demure yet still girly look. The ribbon around the waist helps define the waist and give it shape. Its definitely something I could wear to a company event, or even a meet-the-parents dinner lol :P


Also, almost black and white dresses I see in stores are strapless or with thin spaghetti straps. I usually get chilly in airconditioned places so I always have to hunt for a separate matching shrug or scarf. But the sleeves on this one will keep my shoulders warm :)

If you are lucky enough to enjoy warmer weather all year around (unlike us poor Canadians lol), definitely check out the floral dress from the latest collection. The flowers and pale teal background make me wish I was vacationing in the Carribean...


There are also numerous layering pieces available, which I find useful because they don't look like the usual bland tank tops I find in regular stores. Instead these pieces have details that make them special, such as:

this ruffled top:



ultra-feminine layering dress:



All in all, I'd say my favourite parts about her store are the dresses, the faux layered combo pieces, and the layering pieces.

The sizes differ depending on the piece you want. Measurements of each piece are provided below the description, so just be sure to have a tape measure handy. As for the prices, I think they are quite reasonable, definitely on par or even cheaper than prices here in North America.

From my experience in dealing with Ling, I've been very satisfied thus far. She responds to questions very quickly. I had questions about the size and material of an item, and each time I emailed her, I received answers within 24 hours.

I can tell she definitely cares about customer satisfaction as well. I was asking her about the added shipping cost of the blue and white floral dress in one of her previous collections, and she also helpfully pointed out that the background of the dress was cream (even though my monitor settings made it look white-ish), just to make sure I would still be okay with it :)

As for payment methods, Mukomuko uses Paypal so any payment is secure. She provides a detailed email with the breakdown as well so that you know exactly how the charges are applied even with the exchange rate.

If you are interested in other reviews of Mukomuko, definitely check out Fuz's and Fei's reviews. I'll also post more once I receive my order :)


The 4 Rockstars said...

I love this "store" too but I find that most of them are too expensive for me xD
I only buy things on sale and only if they're $6 or under, unless I absolutely love it. xD

IchigoBunnie said...

the clothes are adorable! I agree, I like the dresses :) I also love the earrings. VERY cute!!!

is SGD singapore dollars?

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