Thursday, August 7, 2008

korean food & some new stuff

a few questions answered...

you cant beat a food post...i love me a food post!...I find Mandooo to taste like regular tawianese dumplings...i never seen that type of sausage served at a korean restaurant before...very interesting...reminds me of blood sausages which im not tooo fond of...none the less the food loooks super yumskies!

you really think korean food is affordable? i find korean food to be overpriced!!!...that why i tend to make it myself... - xppinkx

hmm I find korean food IS more expensive if compared to other asian food here - Chinese and Vietnamese food is much cheaper. But compared with Western food its still cheaper and fills me up more!

Also i tend to go for the stews which can take hours to make, so i'd rather pay than slave over a stove just for 1 bowl of soup :P I'm not too fond of the pickled stuff.

And according to Gee, these are indeed blood sausages / soondae :)

They had pictures in the menu? I wish the korean restaurant i frequent to also has pictures. So to be on the safe side, I just order bbq. I love the sides, they give out a lot too, can ask for more for free. i love the spicy potatoes! now, i'm cravin for korean food. - jiejie

I know what you mean, actually this is the only authentic Korean place that I've noticed to have pictures. Other places usually have just a list of food, with a brief description.

I usually follow my bf's recommendations since he knows a lot more about Korean food :) I normally order their stews/soups, bibimbap, bulgogi. Soups are a good bet, can't go long as its not the oyster soup my bf ordered lol.

The post of Gee makes me crave of mandoos and actually you doing the same! The foods look delicious and i when i back Rome after vacations i must go to korean restaurant. Actually i can't satisfy the curiosity, i don't have any korean restaurant near here, and i can't find stuff to try at home. - Alice

That sucks :( I can't imagine not having access to Korean food now that I like it so much. I guess there isn't too much demand in Rome for it...I do hope you get a chance to try it though!

hey is this on yonge/finch? - jewels

Its on 6068 Yonge St. north of Finch, and its called Man Doo Hyang :)


Besides eating, I also picked up the Hello Kitty socks from H&M over the weekend (my excuse being the ankle socks I've had the past few years are loose and keep sliding off my feet in the shoe, which is hugely annoying).

Hello Kitty socks

Also, when grocery shopping at the Chinese market I saw this Doraemon bag in the snacks aisle and couldn't resist! It was cheap anyway since it was more like a free bag that came with the wafer biscuits inside. I'm going to use it as a cosmetics bag of course :P

Doraemon bag

Love the tag even if it is somewhat childish :D

Doraemon tag


It feels like awhile since I did a proper FOTD. But I haven't been satisfied with any of the looks I've worn recently so I'm posting a look from a couple weeks ago (hence the old hairstyle :P) It looks almost the same as the look I did using Everyday Minerals Bubble Tea...but at least these shadows stayed on better than EM, which faded really quickly when used dry.



Stuff used:


RMK Shiny Mix Eyes in Pale Silver Green - inner corners
MAC Steamy eyeshadow
MAC Parrot eyeshadow
MAC Blue Flame

MAC Beautiful Iris (unfortunately it doesn't show up in the pics, but I used it to blend the crease colour out, giving it a touch of purple)
Kate gel liner in PU-2 purple (to match with Beautiful Iris and the purple contacts)
Blinc mascara


MAC 3N lipstick
MAC Cult Fave lipglass


The usual foundation/powder
MAC Emote to contour cheekbones slightly
Everyday Minerals Corner Office blush + Pink Ribbon blush


fuzkittie said...

Doraemon!! Ahhh brings up good childhood memories~~ :] Love your FOTD, especially with the hair and the headband, you look like an actress from some asian soap opera, hehehe.

alien man?! said...

i still can't get over how perfect your eye makeup skills are

it's never too much and it's always just perfect

the colors look so good!

Vi Anne said...

Doraemon! I had a Doraemon steering wheel cover (Mom's dog tore it up while I put on the tub for washing). I wish I can pull off blues as nice as you.

Vi Anne said...

Oops, I'm supposed to be just a lurker. Oh well.

Tracy Roa said...

Ooh, all this talk of Korean food is making me hungry. =)

Those Hello Kitty socks and Doraemon bag are so cute!

Love the look, too. Simple, yet elegant.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that look. The blues look so pretty.

ChyiX2 said...

Ah! I love the doraemon bag! Too cute :) I like blues on you.

sugabum said...

OooOo....yea, it looks similar to that other look you did, but I really like how the entire look came together with the headband and white blouse. You're absolutely glowing! Ahh, it's so pretty.

jing said...

i totally agree with fuzz, you look so pretty in blue!

Ling said...

I love your look, lady!
Not too strong, just right and not overdone.

You look really pretty in your FOTD. ;)

Rae // theNotice said...

*note: posted here because you have comment moderation on. Not an actual comment. But you don't have a contact link to an email address, so...

Apparently, there's a Daiso in Vancouver. What does this mean? Pointed q-tips for a fraction of the MAC price!

Hope that helps, hon! :)

Unknown said...

free stuff are always good! esp if it comes with food :)

but good lookin. I like how you made blue so wearable!

Ahleessa said...

I have to agree with everyone above you look great in blue! :)

I'm glad you like Korean food. I can't live without Korean food since that's what I was raised in since I was born. I believe you can use any fish you want. I'm not too sure what I used since I just take it out of the freezer. My dad does all the cleaning and cutting when it comes to fish. I think you can substitute red pepper powder for the red pepper paste. It just wouldn't look the same because red pepper powder doesn't dissolve everything. You will see small chunks of powder, but it's good enough.

Anonymous said...

I always love you in blue eyeshadow, you pull it off so well. Your hair looks gorgeous btw, very healthy

I love those socks lol, love all things hello kitty :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

pretty FOTD! i love the hair band look... for some reason i cant pull off hairbands, but it looks very cute on you :D

ohh so they are blood sausages! they are known as black pudding here, made out of pigs blood and usually eaten with the english brekkie :)

sugabum said...

I haven't been using my Eyetalk. I used it twice and was not able to get used to the weird, tight, unnatural feeling of closing my eyes with my eyelid all glued up. (Actually, I just put some on right now to remember why I didn't like it, hahaha.) Also, I would never walk outside with Eyetalk on because it looks so unnatural when I close my eyes! It just looks so weird. Maybe I'm not applying it as well as I should be, but I did watch the videos for it, so I don't know what I could be doing wrong. I told myself I'd try using it on the days that I'm staying home to hopefully train my eye to have that crease, but I simply haven't been keeping up with it. I personally wouldn't be able to suggest it because I think blinking with it on is painful (pinching feeling). You know what, as much as I hate the feeling of having it on my lid, now I kind of want to give it a second shot because having one monolid and one double lid is just not okay!!! No promises on if I'll keep it up though. Does using lash glue feel weird when you blink? I know you said it's not working well anymore, but is it because it's not sticky enough or because....I don't know? If you're more specific, maybe I can explain more specifically how Eyetalk compares? Do you feel like your eyelid is sort of getting "trained" to stay double-lidded even without glue?

Maquillame Lily said...

Awww you have the sweetest face ever!

theChas said...

OMG!! I freaking love Doraemon! XD

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