Sunday, August 10, 2008


Besides the re-release of MAC Petticoat this October, I'm now also excited about the Ungaro collection after seeing these pictures on Specktra. The bright pink lipglass, cream colour base, and beauty powder look like products I could make use of easily.

And, did you guys hear? MAC could possibly be doing a Hello Kitty themed collection in 2009! I'm actually not a huge HK fan, (despite the fact that I bought those socks), but I think HK branded MAC makeup would sell really well, especially if the promos and packaging are done right. If the packaging is designed tastefully (not too cutesy), and without compromising quality (please no stickers like with Fafi) these could become real collectors items. I hope this rumor is true...but for the sake of my bank account I sorta hope it isn't :P lol

I'm also excited about the release of the Cremesheen lipsticks this October. I'm so sick of seeing so many lipsticks with Lustre finishes being released, Lustres have the second least colour payoff besides Glazes, and its too slippery to spread well on my lips :( According to the Specktra forums, Cremesheens are permanent, and supposed to gradually replace Amplified Creme lipsticks (the highest colour payoff). I personally haven't tried Amplified Cremes, but thats because none of the colours appeal to me.

In fact, there are a few things I really wish MAC would make permanent or expand on...

1. Mattene lipsticks.


These are the only lipsticks that show up true to the lipstick shade on my naturally pigmented lips, even with the lighter shades like 40s Pink and Flattering. Most other lipsticks (even other mid-range brands) are too sheer. I could use Lip Erase underneath, but its a pain to carry around two products for touchups, in addition to lipbalm and gloss.

I know they have some coming out with the Cult of Cherry collection, but those shades (imo) are horrible. They're super dark, vampy shades that'll make me look like an extra from a horror movie. Also, dark coloured shades from cheap drugstore brands show up on me with no problems, so why should I fork out the $ for these? MAC, please come out with some light coloured shades!

p.s. And please also make 40s Pink permanent.....pretty please?

2. Softwash Grey pigment.


Such a gorgeous duochrome colour, grey with purple duochrome. I had originally gotten the Holiday pigment set 2007 with it but decided to return it because I was new to pigments at the time and found them messy. I also didn't think I would ever use 3/5 of the colours there. Now I wish I'd kept it, because I could probably have sold the other pigments separately anyways. I do have a sample size from Emilee but I really would like a holiday size amount lol.

3. Emote blush.


The PERFECT contouring colour. Its a cool gray-pink shade and doesn't have the warm undertones which I hate in contouring products. Its a cooler shade it looks like shadow, if that makes sense :) When applied under cheekbones it seems to "hollow" out the area. I've heard MAC Strada blush may be a good substitute though according to Nicnic.

4. Volcanic Ash exfoliator.


It exfoliates and cleanses at the same time. As I mentioned earlier its not without its faults, because there are others that'll exfoliate more than this (like the aspirin mask). However this is a nice midweek scrub for me, its less intense than using the aspirin mask twice a week, and doubles as a mask if I leave it on for a few minutes before washing off.

5. Mineralized Skinfinishes.


I don't care which ones, but just make some permanent. It would save my wallet money in the long run, as I think the reason I want to collect them is because they've always been LE. After all, there are many similar products from Laneige, Laura Geller etc.

I think though that there will be one coming out this October that is permanent...yay!

I am curious though for the MAC addicts out there...What LE MAC product(s) do you wish MAC would bring back?

And: What do you wish MAC would stop bringing back?
I wish they'd stop redoing Jardin Aires...I keep seeing it! Maybe they made too many the first time and have an overstock? lol.


The 4 Rockstars said...

OMG! Hello Kitty themed?
I am so all over that!!!

Anonymous said...

When I started lemming softwash gray and emote, they weren't sold at counters anymore -_-; so sad, wish they would bring them back so I could try them

fuzkittie said...

HK themed? I'd be all over that too and I don't even like MAC! xD

I went into a MAC Pro store to look for a contouring blush. The MA told me that Harmony is the one for me, she even tried it on me. But after getting home and looking at it under different lighting, I realized it's too damn red! I hate it~ Pft. I gotta try out Strada then.

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Darling, I wholeheartedly agree with you about the Softwash Grey pigment! I remember not really liking it when it originally came out with Gold Dusk. But that was because I hated all shades of gray at the time. Now, I'm really lemming it but refuse to pay more than retail for it. I also agree about Emote blush. It's a surprisingly nice colour which you'd never look twice at unless you tried it on your face! :D Oh and of course the Mineralized Skin Finish. I think if MAC did make them perm, I'd stop buying. I feel like I only buy it because it's LE and sold out so fast. I don't want to feel like I'm missing out. But almost always, I kick myself for falling for the hype. PS: hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think the Hello Kitty themed stuff could be really cool. I thought it was weird but cute when MAC did Barbie. I'm not a Barbie fan but it was neat to see them do a collection like that, and it made sense to me, because I've always thought of Barbie as a fashionista.

It'll be interesting to see the Cremesheens.

I wish Cult of Cherry was out already! I've been waiting for some good vampy lippies. I feel like MAC's quality is best for lippies, and I really love they way the Mattenes and Slimshines feel on my lips. Too many drugstore brands feel waxy to me.

I'd like it if they brought back Maidenchant from the Lure collection. I found that to be a great pink, and while I have a good amount left in mine, it'd be nice to not have to worry about running out.

Ahleessa said...

Someone told me about the Hello Kitty theme today, and I'm excited about it. I bet it'll come out cute! :)

Anonymous said...

when I went to a CCO a few weeks ago I saw a bunch of Emote blushes! I thought about getting it but decided to pass since I really like contouring with NARS Laguna bronzer and don't feel like changing to something else. I am quite sad that I missed out on the volcanic ash exfoliator, I really wish I had gotten it!

watercoloursky said...

ruby : i know, i can't wait for someone to confirm the rumour!

incandescent: do you have access to a CCO? check for those holiday sets...i tried looking for them when i was in NY but Woodbury didn't have them. Also I've recently been hearing a lot about Emote turning up in CCOs (see Audrie's comment) so you should check those places :)

fuzkittie: that sucks! you should get it exchanged for strada, hope that works for you.

psychoex: lol i know, and yes with the MSFs, I always feel a bit let down after using it a couple times. Thanks my weekend was good :) just watched the olympics the whole time haha :D

decorative: wow you've been into MAC for a while then. I wasn't around to catch the Lure collection unfortunately.
I agree, I don't like drugstore lippies either (unless its super cheap like NYC lol).

Alyssa: I hope you're right :)

Audrie: you should totally get some and sell them :P I would if I lived near a CCO...why don't they have any here in Canada? :S

I have a feeling that MAC will bring it back, because it seems it was such a huge hit. I haven't heard one negative review of it yet.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i still with Emote was around!! You make me wanna try it out ;) haha. I havent been with MAC long enough to say which LE should be made permanent unfortunately :/

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on everything! This whole LE is getting too much! Hype hype hype... my poor wallet is crying!

cheryl said...

hi blu, what does the softwash grey pigment look like? is there a swatch in one of your posts? I'm not familiar with mac pigments but today i got a sample of the teal colour. i'd like to see greyish colors too.

na said...

Definitely agree with your list! I have a back up of the exfoliator for when I run out one day.

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