Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clinique Moisture Surge Gel

I wanted to review the...

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief Gel

because I've used it for awhile now...and its almost out lol, so it seemed about time.


Comes in a plastic jar with metallic lid.


Ingredients for those who read labels like I do :)

Was surprised to notice it contains some dimethicone, as the gel texture feels nothing like the usual silicone containing products. Its probably present in only a small quantity since it is further down the list.


Label claims:

100% Fragrance free, allergy tested, oil-free gel, boosts moisture...etc etc.


Like it said on the jar, its a nice lightweight gel without any fragrance. I like to store it in the fridge because it feels refreshing to apply it cold. You can use it as either a moisturizer or apply a thick layer and leave on as a moisturizing mask.

Does it work?

The product is exactly what I would want in a moisturizer...lightweight and refreshing. It also absorbs quickly into the skin as the label claims. But....unfortunately, it just doesn't moisturize enough! I don't know why, but after I've applied it, my skin will start feeling dry again after a few minutes. Even if I reapply more, the dry, somewhat tight feeling stays :(

As a result, I've been going through a lot of the product. I used over 3/4 of the jar in 2 months already:

2 months ago


Right now


That for me is too fast. Usually with Lancome's Aqua Fusion, I go through 1/2 in the same amount of time. and it doesn't leave that annoying tight feeling on my skin either.

I have sorta combination skin, with occasional dry patches on my cheeks, so I think this gel would work well for people with oily, normal, or regular combination skin. However if you have dry patches or dry skin, don't go for this product. Despite the "extra thirsty" in the product name, it isn't helping "extra thirsty" skin like mine.

Also, this product does not contain sunscreen. You'll have to use a separate sunscreen under this if you are wearing it out during the day. I tried using my Shiseido Ultra Protection lotion under this, but that didn't work well. The sunscreen has a mattifying effect, and this cream does not moisturize well enough on its own anyway, so combining the two just made my skin dry and flaky :(


You'll like this if you:
- have oily or normal/combo type skin
- are looking for a lightweight moisturizer
- already have a separate sunscreen to go with this

You won't like this if you:
- have dry skin or combo skin with dry patches
- want the convenience of sunscreen + moisturizer in 1 product


P.S. I've been watching the Olympics for the past few days, and wow Michael Phelps is amazing. I used to be a mega Thorpe fan but since he retired, guess its just Phelps left to watch now. Can't believe how he's 4 for 4 with all world records. I wish Thorpe was still competing...there's nothing more fun to watch than a good rivalry :P

Besides swimming, I love watching gymnastics and diving too. I wish they wouldn't have these events all at similar times. Even though the stations try to cover both by cutting back and forth, they're not able to show every athlete that way :( Perhaps I should've gotten TSN...


sugabum said...

My contacts are Freshlook Colorblends in Gray. And about my eyes, I don't really wear e/s anymore because it will accentuate the unevenness of my eyes. These days, I simply line my eyes with dark eyeliner. I depend on my colored contacts to bring in some color and interest. =)

Also, since I've been using my new eye cream, I wake up with really puffy double lids on both a lot puffier and bulgy than usual, almost unnatural looking, so that was another reason I haven't been using Eyetalk. But sometimes I forget to put eye cream on at night, then I don't get double lids. Maybe the cream is changing my eye shape! *prays it to be true!* Mmm, I'm gunna try to be more consistant!

Oh yea, you know how I said that I put some Eyetalk on today? I totally forgot I had it on and was just reminded by your comment. I guess several hours later the glue becomes the residue is still there, but it's not holding up my lid crease anymore. (I'm picking at my lid right now, lol.) Thus, I wouldn't suggest you try Eyetalk unless you get the sports version, which I think is either sweatproof or waterproof. Say no to the pink bottle.

P.S. OMG swimming and gymnastics!! The Chinese women's synchronized swimming was SOOO GOOOOOD! I totally wished they showed more teams. And omg so many little fuck ups in women's gymnastics; USA could have freakin taken the Gold, but noooo, they had to fuck up, too! And oh boy, Michael Phelps! What a swimmer that guy is!! Ahh, my mom is telling me men's gymnatics is on, gotta go! =D

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel about the Aqua Fusion (for some reason I keep on wanting to call it Aqua Fresh lol) It feels very nice and light on the skin, but after a few minutes my skin feels dry again. I've had enough of oil-free moisturizers, I find those to not be moisturizing enough for me. I'm still trying to use up my jar of Aqua Fusion though, it's nice for the summer, definitely won't cut it for the winter. Although for some reason these types of moisturizers look so *juicy* in the jar, makes me want to dip my finger in it and swirl it around LOL.

Tracy Roa said...

Thanks for this post. I've never really tried out department store cosmetics or skin care, but this post was helpful. Which brands have you tried out?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i love that stuff, it actually works! i get flaky skin when i use too much spot cream, it dries like a b*tch haha. great review!!

fuzkittie said...

hey blu3~

Thanks for this review! Yea in general I like to stay away from oil free products... even when I have combination skin. I like to feel moisturized always. Sounds like it'd be good as a mask after the beach or a long day out though!

The Olympics is sooo good to watch, yes, esp gymnastics and diving! :D

The App Goddess said...

Have you tried it as a mask? Great review, thanks.

jing said...

Great review! I'm on the oily side.. so we have totally different issues. Is gel supposed to be lighter or heavier than lotions/emulsions?

I've been glued to the tv too, the longest since.. i can't remember when. i missed the synchro diving!! they're always showing swimming and gymnastics.. and even in gymnastics, when they're just talking, and the us team is sitting,t he camera is still on those gymnasts on the side. they could've at least shot other countries' performance. sucks how the russian/german man the other night fell on the high bar... felt so bad cos when he redid it, it was perfect. also if that korean rep didn't mess up, wouldn't it be great to have all asians on the podium? i'm impressed with the japanese one, the commentator said that if someone fell off twice on the pommel horse (?sp), there's no chance for a medal. Yet that japanese one got the silver. lol.. i've never been into sports for a long time.. and i've never followed up with olympics, but i didn't realize what i was missing!

Grayburn said...

I found the same problem when I used the clinique one. I actually like the one from the body shop a little better!

I love watching gymnastics but so many of my old favorites have retired.

How's the weather in TO? It is already getting colder mattifying SS got barely used this summer :(

x Grayburn

na said...

I was really surprised with the texture of this moisturizer, too. I really thought it was going to my face a oil pit, but it lasted pretty well.

Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

just reading some old reviews of yours and i stumbled across the moisture surge.

what i usually do with the moisture surge is I apply it over my moisturizer.

how it works is that it helps "lock" in your moisturizer. In my case, it's the dramatically different moisturizer in gel (since i have oil/combo skin and it works for me!)

so together, it hydrates well and it helps lock in everything!

maybe give it a try if you still have some left?

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