Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Annabelle Cosmetics contest

another quick post before i head off to bed - this one for Canadians:

Annabelle Cosmetics
is having a makeup contest! Any makeup loving Canadians should enter :) Its not open to current or former makeup artists, so its for regular ol people like us :P

Contest details here.

Annabelle contest

The top 3 prizes are quite good - you get $1,500 shopping spree with a professional stylist, a professional Annabelle photo shoot, a session with this international makeup artist, and some other things.

Also, you get a 1 year supply of Annabelle cosmetics (some of which are quite good I must say). In total, the prize package is supposed to be worth $6,500 CDN, according to the contest details.

There are also 30 semifinalists prizes -> $75 worth of Annabelle cosmetics each.

I'd love to enter, but there are other terms and conditions, of which I don't meet one of 'em :( So disappointed when I read through them :S Oh well. But most of you Canadians should qualify :)

Deadline is September 30th, but it looks like there's weekly voting as well, so it might be better to enter sooner than later.


Fei said...

Wow. Too bad it's just for Canadians...

MiuMiu said...

i was looking back at your post about the Coffret D'or in the blue version and I was wondering if you layered on alot of the shadow? Did you think it was hard to match with your outfits? I purchased this in Hong Kong a few months ago and i have noooo clue what outfit i should wear with it, it seems to stand out so much @__@

Janice said...

aww i wish i could do this but i'm not old enough yet ):

Unknown said...

thanks for dropping by? what do u mean u didnt meet their standards?

ChyiX2 said...

*gasp!* Aaw... darn it's for canadians... The prizes are awesome! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Ling said...

Yeah, too bad it's just for canadians. =/

I love the eye makeup on the model.
It's like a peacock-ish colour. lol. Beautiful!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Oooh thanks for letting me know. If I can actually find any time, I'd enter. Sadly, I'm being pulled in five different directions. :(((

jing said...

that's one awesome contest! goodluck to all the canadians.. hope we can see the entries though.

jing said...

ryc: nice tip about outlets! i heard that cherry smells somewhat like clinique's happy. i haven't used perfumes since i was in high school, CKs *arghhh*. but i don't wanna smell like everyone else! i've been looking forward to this F&F since the last one. but haven't browsed the site until a week or two ago, cos i just realized nov is right around the corner.

alien man?! said...

why wouldn't you qualify??

btw: You have been tagged! It's your turn ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm really digging the model's colorful look. It sucks that it's only for Canadians, but how much EXACTLY is a 1 year supply of cosmetics?? Because the only thing I really use up in a year is probably concealer or loose powder lol.

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