Wednesday, August 20, 2008

quick update

Remember how I was supposed to be on a shopping ban?

Well, I was doing good with makeup. I hadn't bought any makeup in 2 months. However I finally caved last week and ordered the Lavshuca Summer Palette in the silver/blue version.

With shopping in general, things aren't so good. I went to Ebay just to look for some cheap OPI, and ended up ordering more than just 1 thing. I picked up 5 OPI polishes (I know! lol), some eyelid glue, and restocked on my Clarins toner. Will post pictures of the stuff I've received soon :)

I also bought a Guess tee which I do love, but wish it wasn't so expensive...:S

Stock pictures off the website:




Some links I came across recently:

First a piece from NY Times on wrinkle removing treatments titled Wrinkle Removers, Backed by Science.

The topical application of retinol sounds promising. I'll probably check out those retinol creams the next time I'm at the drugstore to see if they have enough retinol to be effective. I'm not really at the age to treat wrinkles yet, but I do have some lines in the undereye area plus laugh lines that could get worse.

On a completely different topic, I thought this entry by Cakalusa was hilarious :D If you liked it, read the latest two. I thought the first was the funniest though.

You also have to see this fail post, if you haven't already! That site makes me laugh :D


Some replies to comments from previous posts:

I'm really digging the model's colorful look. It sucks that it's only for Canadians, but how much EXACTLY is a 1 year supply of cosmetics?? Because the only thing I really use up in a year is probably concealer or loose powder lol. - Audrie

I know! I was thinking about it after I posted it too. After all I still have my EM foundation samples from last year...hmm

I found the same problem when I used the clinique one. I actually like the one from the body shop a little better!

I love watching gymnastics but so many of my old favorites have retired.

How's the weather in TO? It is already getting colder mattifying SS got barely used this summer :(

x Grayburn

I'll have to check out The Body Shop one then. I didn't see many gymnasts that I recognized either. The only one I remembered was Li XiaoPeng from China because I was a huge fan back in 2000 :) The weather in Toronto sorta sucks lol. We have thunderstorms almost every other day, although the past few days have been mostly sunny but cold (around 20 degrees)

why wouldn't you qualify??

btw: You have been tagged! It's your turn ;) - alienman

dangit!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

lol jk :P thanks :D

that's one awesome contest! goodluck to all the canadians.. hope we can see the entries though. - jiejie

actually you can see the pictures on the website. It looks like you can also vote for your favourites!

Oooh thanks for letting me know. If I can actually find any time, I'd enter. Sadly, I'm being pulled in five different directions. :((( - psychoexgirlfriend

I hope you find the time! and post pics if you do :)

aww i wish i could do this but i'm not old enough yet ): - ladyish

:(( I can't do it either....for reasons I prefer not to elaborate on but it sucks :( Would be nice if they changed some of the rules next year.

hi blu, what does the softwash grey pigment look like? is there a swatch in one of your posts? I'm not familiar with mac pigments but today i got a sample of the teal colour. i'd like to see greyish colors too. - cheryl

I don't have a swatch, but I can do one in the next post :) However its LE though so it won't be available at MAC stores/counters. You might be able to get it at a Cosmetics Company Outlet, in the pigment set from 2007 Holiday collection.


fuzkittie said...

Ooooh yay!! I do like that Lavshuca blue palette! I need to post on that soon, speaking of which! Hahaha.

That tee is too cute, can't wait to see everything you got.

Fei said...

Do share your polishes! I haven't touched my nails in WEEKS. Which is blasphemy, because I normally change my nail color every other day.

I like a lot of Cakalusa's entries. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your sweet comment!

nice shirt!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh that palette is still available here! Ive been pretty good and not buying makeup and beauty products xD gonna wait til next month ;)

Oh i want to buy more OPI nails polishes! I left mine back in UK haha.. cheap ones will have to do for now..

tee is cute !

ChyiX2 said...

I love the T-shirt, it's so cool! I like how it looks like the patterns are on top of one another but it doesn't look messy, just cool.

Tracy Roa said...

I really love the design on that Guess tee. I usually don't buy their clothes b/c they always seem so pricey, but I do like their handbags and watches. Can't wait to see your eBay haul!

Anonymous said...

LOL I love failblog!! It's my daily read for some hearty laughs. I read that geography fail and I sent it to everyone I knew because it was so hilarious. Wow you kept your makeup ban for 2 months that is crazy!! I would never be able to do that...must share your Lavshuca palette when you receive it! :D

mayaari said...

the guess tee looks really cool, i like all the different patterns on it - and that it's on the back as well.

ah cakalusa...i love reading his posts, they definitely entertain :)

purple snowflake said...

hey hey..
Thx for stopping by my blog.. and LOVE ur T SHIRT!!!...
the design is so cool.
as for the competition.. it's unfortunate.. cuz I live all the way in Australia.. hehehe

take cares.. have a great weekend

na said...

I can't ever buy just one nailpolish on Ebay. Have to justify those shipping costs! :P

I'm a total Thorpe fan, too!! I don't care if he's never going to swim again - he's too hot. Haha.

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