Saturday, September 13, 2008


A while ago, I was contacted to review some samples of o.b. tampons. These are not your usual tampons that come with a plastic applicator. They're as basic as you can get - just the cotton part and string.

I received the samples to try a while now, but didn't have many *ahem* opportunities to test them out, haha After all it comes only once a I feel bad if I post a review of something I've tried only once.

First thing I noticed is how conveniently small they are. The size is smaller than a MAC lipstick or a tube of lipbalm. Definitely very discreet to slip into your pocket or purse. They are also sold in two formats: in bulk, or packed in sets of 3 in a nondescript plastic case that can be tucked into your purse. These are the cases I got - aren't they cute?


The case itself is quite compact:


And the product even smaller:


The main difference between o.b. and other brands is the fact that o.b. doesn't use applicators. That can be both a good and bad thing. Good because it reduces the waste generated by applicators. The idea behind it is that eliminating the applicator helps reduce waste. After all plastic and even cardboard, when tossed into a landfill still takes up space. According to the company, these tampons have 58% less waste than regular tampons.

It also helps reduce the size of the product, making it extremely convenient to carry around (and hide, lol). Thats one thing that used to always bother me with pads back in school - I always worried that someone will see me sneak one from my bag into my pocket :D These are less than half the size of regular tampons so no trouble there.

My main complaint would be that the lack of an applicator makes it tricky to use for beginners. If I had never used a tampon before, I wouldn't have a clue how to use this. If you already use tampons though then these will be a breeze.

Having to use your fingers means you better wash your hands well before using this! Though you really should be washing your hands no matter what you're

You might wonder if it works just as well as other brands since its so tiny. Well I found it does it just as well as other brands. I know tampons don't suit some people especially if they have heavier flow. However when I tried them, they worked just as well as as the other brand I normally use (Playtex).

Overall, I think if you already know how to use tampons, these will do the job just as effectively AND reduce waste at the same time :) And if you are interested in trying these for free, there are free samples being offered on their website for Canadians and US residents.



Angie said...

aw they are very cute! Upon first glance, I thought it was floss! Thanks for the review. I totally forgot about o.b.! I love my playtex sports but I'm going to have to try this since I try to be environmentally conscious.

Rae // theNotice said...

I have the little blue case ^^ I like to use them only at home, though - having to wash my hands before going to the washroom is only conceivable if I'm at home, and thus have the time to!!

Less waste = happy Rae!

jewels said...

I got this little OB sample 2 yrs ago. I requested b/c i love the cute container it came in.

but too bad i am really bad as tampons. doesn't feel that comfy when i try putting. I tried it twice and gave up. So I am still a pad user >_<.

sugabum said...

I never really ever got used to the feeling of using tampons, but these look so small. Still, I would never be able to get past using my finger to shove that cotton in me. The packaging is really cute, though!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the tampons in japan are awful!!! i have to get on with the napkins... hmm i have short fingers.. doubt hat would help! haha

AskMeWhats said...

ohh I just saw DHC in HK but I didn't purchase are right there are some product quite difficult to review coz it doesn't show any dramatic change but it doesn't work bad on you too! :)

The tampon looks too cute!!! I am not a tampon and if I will be reviewing a have to wait for MONTHS coz I am irregular! LOL

Tracy Roa said...

I've tried these before, and I do agree that they are a bit tricky to use. Now that you mention the waste factor, I'll probably start using them again. I just signed up to get some of their free samples. :D Thanks for this post!

watercoloursky said...

thanks for the feedback everyone! definitely try the samples - they are free to try after all :)

theChas said...

Aw~ the case IS really cute! :D But I must admit, I loathe OB tampons. I've heard people swear up and down that once you use them, you'll never go back. I think it's the fact that I have to use my finger...I personally just feel like it's so unhygenic, lol. And tampon sizes don't really bother me. I think I've came to that point in my life where I can walk around with it and not really care, haha.

Sina said...

It's funny how in the US tampons without an applicator are so strange for people. Over here (I'm in Germany) almost everyone uses them. We do have some with applicators, but I've never seen anyone buying them - they are way too expensive for my taste.
I don't feel that it's unhygienic to use your fingers, as long as you wash your hands (which you should do anyways) - just think about other things that might go in there, too ;D.
Oh and I imagine the ones with applicators to be trickier to use *lol* because my fingers are more ... err flexible?

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