Saturday, September 13, 2008

FOTD: Violet Blue

Something I haven't done in a while: a FOTD! This one's a FOToD though - from who knows when :)


I can't ever seem to get these Ardell Pixies on properly. The positioning always differs on one eye - see how the right eye lashes are angled upward more below? Do you have that problem?


Full face:


What I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Shiseido Hydro-powder eyeshadow in Violet Visions all over mobile lid
ELF Wisteria eyeshadow on inner corner
MAC Cornflower pigment on outer corners
ELF Truly Pink eyeshadow in crease to blend
ELF Pink Ice eyeshadow to highlight
Bonnebelle black brown pencil to line upper lid
Ardell Invisiband Pixies

Shiseido Maquillage Climax Rouge lipstick in PK730
Guerlain lipgloss in Fraises au Croquer

Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte foundation in Light Olive
Everyday Minerals blush in Best Friends


In other news, I failed a road test today. Not too happy about having to re-do it, re-pay the test fees, re-pay the car fees, and waste another "vacation" day to re-take it. Its such a waste of time and money, which bothers me more than the fact that I failed. I guess the worst feeling though, is knowing that I could've passed if I hadn't been nervous about it.

It seems my addiction to makeup / cosmetics is becoming more moderate. I stopped by the mall after the test to see if retail therapy would make me feel better. Surprisingly I didn't buy anything, even though my wishlist is already quite long. All I did was pick up some samples from Sephora. I got the SA to make me samples of the MUFE HD primers as I'm currently on a primer hunt. I've tried 3 primers already but I want to try as much as possible of other products before settling on one to buy.

Speaking of samples, while I was at the MAC freestanding store, I asked the MA for a sample of Antique Green pigment and she said they no longer give out pigment samples :S I don't know if its like that at all stores and counters yet but I hope not.


mayaari said...

purple looks so good on you! I've only tried wearing false lashes once, and failed miserably, haha...might be time to try them again, but I guess it just takes some practice.

cheryl said...

hi there! i certainly hope not: it'll be too bad if mac really stops giving out pigment samples!

u know what, i often go window-shopping too without buying anything, partly because i buy less but i go for quality stuff.

real sorry u didn't pass the road test. if it's any consolation, i drove into opposite traffic during my test! :-D

really love the pixies falsies on u! i have the same problem of having one side of the lashes pointing up higher than the other side, but i think it's because in generally the eyes can't be 100% identically. i usually just use a quarter of the strip lash on the end of my eyes. u still get a wink effect but it's faster and fool-proof.

purple snowflake said...

Oh WOW>. you know I love every single one of those purple looks you do..

Ai said...

blog hoppin'! love the blue <3

fuzkittie said...

Yay high five on purple eyes, haha. You look great with the lashes and the angling is hardly noticeable!

Sorry you have to retake the road test, that really sucks... :[

I haven't bought makeup in a while! My hands are itching and I'm REALLY holding myself back, haha.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

So pretty! ive not wore "colour" in a while now :/

Phyrra said...

I love the violet blue eye shadow. Cornflower is very petty on you.

Ally said...

Oo.. Nice eye makeup!
I sometimes have the same problem with falsies, one tends to be higher.
& it sucks that you have to do your road test again.
Good luck next time!(:

watercoloursky said...

mayaari: thanks! yep practice helps. Also I use a lash placement tool I got from Sephora which works better than tweezers :)

cheryl: I know :( thanks for the consolation lol :)

purple snowflake: i like the looks you do too!

dyahalit: thanks! i've added you too btw :)

fuzkittie, phyrra, & ally: thank you for the consolation :) i hope I pass it next time!

nicnic: I miss your coloured looks actually!

Rae // theNotice said...

Gorgeous!! I love, love, love the lashes, and the purple is to-die-for!

AskMeWhats said...

This EOTD definitely rocks! I am so sorry about failing the road test...its just not the right time maybe... cheer up! you really look pretty ! Love this look on you!

Tracy Roa said...

This is a very pretty look. The lashes look good on you, too. I don't use falsies, but I've seen those falsie applicators that help to put them on. Have you tried using that?

theChas said...

Your looks are always so feminine and flirty; I'm jealous. :P

Girl, I have that problem with falsies ALL. THE. TIME. Which is why I hardly wear them. They always look different on each eye and I can't seem to get them on properly. *woe*

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