Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lavshuca Summer Palette

I just realised I posted the Lavshuca palette in my eBay haul post, but I actually got it from Ichibankao instead. I keep thinking it came from eBay because I was deciding between getting it from them, or from an eBay seller.

Anyway, this was the first time I had ordered off that site, and I'm satisfied with the service. The lady informs you when they receive your order, and also when the order is shipped. Processing time is fast as well. However I do wish it came via registered mail, after all their prices are higher than other places like Adam Beauty which have a flat $2 fee for shipping via registered mail. The packaging method is the same - bubblewrapped in a regular envelope.


Lavshuca Summer Gradually compact in 02 Windy Aqua Beach:

(why they made the name so long I have no idea :S)


I've been lemming this mostly because the case looks sleek and pretty :)


The size of this is tinier than what you might think from pictures! The size of the case is about the same as this summer's Stila Kitten palette. However Lavshuca palette contains less product since it needs to make room for two sponge applicators. You can see each shadow is smaller than a MAC or NYX single eyeshadow.


The eyeshadows as you can see are packed separately so you can place them in the palette yourself. They come with glue already on the back. My original idea was to get rid of that glue, and put magnets instead so I could reuse the metal palette for other shadows.

Unfortunately the palette isn't magnetic - it feels like a light aluminium alloy...or something. I haven't decided what to do, since I don't want those palettes stuck in forever. Perhaps I'll stick a magnet strip at the bottom of the pan to make it magnetic anyway. We'll see.

Anyway, the colours are shimmery and vary in terms of pigmentation.

A: Silver, very glittery, hardly shows up.
B: Pale cool green, fine shimmer, sheer
C: Beige, fine shimmer, sheer
D: Medium blue with a green undertone, fine shimmer, moderately pigmented
E: Dark blue with multicoloured shimmers, moderately pigmented
F: Tan (brown) shade, satin finish (not shimmery), hardly shows up



A guide is provided on the back of the box to give you an idea which shade to wear where. It also shows a diagram which explains most of it without you having to read it.


I'm too lazy to try and decipher the Japanese text right now, so I can't tell you where A and B go. However I found A works best if applied on top of the other colours, in the centre to create a glittery look if so desired. B works well as an eye brightener in the inner corners of the eyes. [Edited the last paragraph: I typed A and C earlier by accident but meant to refer to A and B]

I did try following the diagram but I don't like the result. Most of the time, blending shadows horizontally doesn't look right on me.


I prefer using them vertically. Note these two, and the above are washed out by flash. I don't know why my skin looks red like a lobster here :(



Some pictures sans flash with other settings. Its still hard to capture the shimmer and colour payoff though.




Angie said...

The greys looks gorgeous on you! And man your eyebrows look good! Mine always need to be trimmed XD.

Hahah I wish I could beam! I actually wanted to send some to friends but I realized it's Saturday.. and these cookies aren't very good if they aren't fresh -_-

AskMeWhats said...

I can see the lovely colors on your final photo! WOOOHH!!! That looks so pretty! You're right, packaging is too pretty but if it's sheer and some hardly shows up on you, definitely WON'T show up at all on me! LOL I have this skin tone that makes it hard to see those shimmery colors! thanks for the review!

cheryl said...

hmm interesting palette - with a very long name, lol! the shades are so sheer i guess that makes them foolproof huh? your vertical blending technique's really good!

Olive Poppy said...

I think the grey looks pretty on you, but I was totally distracted by your brows! They're gorgeous, gal! I can never get mine to look like that, even with professional help. :(

ChyiX2 said...

The case is super cute! I like the second look better on you althhough they're both good :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

very pretty! you always look good in blue :)

its very odd, all the japanese drugstore are available for me to buy... but i just dont lem for them o_O

ChyiX2 said...

Tag, you’re it

fuzkittie said...

Yay I have this one too, I think I already said that before, hahaha. It's pretty nice. I think it looks great on you! I also tried following the diagram, but didn't see anything amazing about it, haha. You did a great job doing it vertically. I like the shimmer, but it's not the most pigmented shadow ever.

jewels said...

aw so pretty!!! blue looks great with brown asian eyes.

watercoloursky said...

angie: thanks! i do have to trim my brows actually otherwise they look really unruly.

LOL I'll just have to settle for baking them myself :)

askmewhats, cheryl, chi: thanks :)

missmall: Mine used to look messy and unruly. I remember the first time I went to get them done they botched it too :( Fortunately I found a better place to get them shaped, and now I just tweeze/trim them myself to the same shape.

nicnic: ah it sounds like a case of wanting what you can't have (i.e. MAC) and not what's around? We could swap if you want :)

fuzkittie: yup exactly, they have more of a sheer to medium pigmentation

Tracy Roa said...

I love the case for this palette. I would definitely want to be able to re-use it, so hopefully you'll figure out a way to do that and make it magnetic. You did a great job with the look, and I love how nicely shaped your brows are. =)

Vanessa said...

Love the simple look! And yup it changed color (the pressed pigment vs. the loose pigment), oddly enough the pressed pigment was darker despite the fact that the blue undertones were pulled out but I guess they meshed together when it was "wet" with the alcohol. I posted a comparison pic of the two on my blog...

Unknown said...

This looks gorgeous and so do you!! I have blown my budget right out of the water this month....what harm wil one more teeeeeny weeeeeeny purchase do?!

Grayburn said...

It's a pretty blue and wow do you have nice eyebrows!

x Grayburn

miemiemie said...

the palette looks so pretty :)

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

u know... when i think of shimmer, i think of you. lol

ur a total fan of shimmer! shimmer queen!

theChas said...

Lovely, lovely! I envy your ability to pull of the blue/gray shadows so well. Also, your brows are AMAZING! *snatches*

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