Monday, September 8, 2008

'Red She Said' info on Specktra [UPDATED2]


Larger pictures now available here, courtesy of Risser from Specktra.

I am so getting that face brush set for sure! I know the quality of the eye sets aren't that great but the face set is alright (from past experience).


Swatches of the Cool Eyes palette and Smoky Eyes palette from Snowkei.


Finally, Specktra has some product images of this year's Holiday collection sets from MAC :)

I'm not sure I dig the palette packaging, but I like the look of the red handled brush sets and the pigment sets!

Are you excited about it? Which products are you looking forward to?


Angie said...

Wow thanks for the link! I like the red color of the packaging. I'm excited to see a "party bag" bc I don't remember MAC doing that before. I almost want another brush set simply because of the pretty red handles! The only thing I may get would be an eyeshadow palette. Everything looks the same from year to year =(

Angie said...

Yeah.. we'll see if they have other ones. I have blitz & glitz but honestly, to me it's the same as blacktrack, so the party bag may be a bit useless. But you could always sell it if you like everything else!

Thanks =). I say do it once in a while. I worked in a daycare while in college and every now and then I would dress up (esp when I was a bit blue), it really puts me in a better mood!

Unknown said...

ooooooooh I like the brush set! Red is my favorite colour so this would fit into my world niceley!!

Thanks for the blog!

fuzkittie said...

Red!! :]

I wish every cosmetics line would please stop making lip palettes!

cheryl said...

hi there, u know what, one time i got a holiday brush set and the quality of crap! lol...

Grayburn said...

I love the packaging but I already have the brushes :( Can't justify getting more unfortunately...

x Grayburn

theChas said...

Eh, I'm not terribly impressed with anything they've got going on, but I feel like my opinions might change once I see it, like it always does. :P And is the pigment set the same as last years warm pigment set? O_o

I like the gold glitter liner though!

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