Sunday, October 26, 2008

Review: Clarins Gentle Facial Peel & Exfoliating Refiner


I've used the Exfoliating Refiner for over a year now, and recently bought the Facial Peel to try out as well because some Makeupalley reviews mentioned it could clean out pores.

Firstly here is Clarins's explanation of the differences between the two:


So basically the Peel is a mask that you'd apply, then remove immediately. The Refiner is like a physical scrub with grains, similar to MAC's Microfine Refinisher.

The Peel is a bit different from any product I've ever used. The product is a silvery-grey thick paste that dries quite quickly on your skin. The SA demonstrated the removal technique, also illustrated in the product leaflet. You apply a thin layer of product all over dry skin, and then using the sides of your palms, rub the product off. This method of removal is supposed to slough off dead skin in the process.

The Refiner is quite simple, just like any other exfoliator. Its a white thin paste with super fine grains that you massage onto damp skin then rinse off.

The leaflet shows pictures of how to remove the Peel and instructions on both:

(First set of instructions is for the Peel, I accidentally cut off the heading when I took the picture.)

My experience with both:

Clarins Peel:
The product was difficult to spread due to its thick texture. I also noticed I was using a lot just to cover my face (and the tube itself is quite small at 40mL). Removal was a bit difficult for me because the method, although simple, is hard to perform effectively. As a result I still had a bit of product left on some hard to reach areas around the nose. It definitely takes practice. The first time I used this the product dried too quickly, so I had to remove the product more vigorously from my skin. That annoyed me because I really don't like rubbing my face can't be good for your skin to tug at it like that. Also I noticed some red spots on my face were more irritated due to the tugging...

The dry bits of peel that come off when you slough off the product get all over the place too, so make sure you do it over a sink. It is rather messy.

Clarins Refiner:
The grains are very gentle as the product says and doesn't hurt my skin at all. In contrast, I noticed that MAC's Microfine Refinisher and L'oreal's Power Buff would sometimes hurt if my skin was feeling sensitive that day. Its almost gentle enough to use everyday, but that depends on how hard you scrub with the product as well. The instructions actually say not to rub the product but I do massage the problem areas around my nose and chin, otherwise the product wouldn't be able to exfoliate well. Still in my opinion, the Clarins Refiner definitely fits the epitome of a gentle scrub.

Here are the ingredients for both if anyone would like to know:

Gentle Facial Peeling:

Gentle Exfoliating Refiner:


Clarins Peel:
Pros: Clay base and texture would probably work well for oilier skins.
Cons: Troublesome to remove. Creates a mess too. Does not exfoliate properly due to the tricky removal method.

Price: 2/5 (~CAD$35 for 40mL)
Packaging: 4/5 Good - tube form
Effectiveness: 1/5 Did not see results.
Would repurchase: No

Clarins Refiner:
Pros: Gentle but does the job well, excellent for sensitized skin
Cons: More expensive than other scrubs like L'oreal, MAC.

Price: 2/5 (~CAD$35 for 50mL)
Packaging: 4/5 Good - tube form
Effectiveness: 4/5
Would repurchase: Yes. Already on my second tube :)


fuzkittie said...

Mmm, those "Gentle" formulas usually don't do anything for me.

Ahleessa said...

I love reading people's review because it tells me what I need to look into, as well as, what to stay away. Great review! :)

Rae // theNotice said...

Oh, the refiner sounds marvellous! Almost all the scrubs I buy end up being used as body scrubs because my skin is so sensitive :( However, $35 is definitely out of my non-working student budget, lol!!

Thanks for the reviews!

alien man?! said...

i'm with fuzkittie on the "gentle" stuff... but it sounds like Clarins' scrub is serious stuff. wish i could afford it >.<

great reviews, as usual!

thanks for complimenting my penmanship xD my mom always had perfect handwriting and it was always important for me to meet those standards... wish my korean wasn't so chicken-scratchy -_-

yea sociology is definitely a favorite interest of mine but i never pursued it b/c i didn't think it'd get me where i'd like. however, i now have tons of credits to make up >.< so i figured i might as well use up those credits on something useful, right? thx for reminding me i still have to set up appts with the advisors T_T

Unknown said...

Great post as always.

I second Fuz, gentle scrubs dont scrub my face. But I do always follow my scrubs on with a gentle face wash!

Unknown said...

I've been going crazy trying to clear out my whiteheads lately. I've always had them, but they are particularly bothering me lately :P

Maybe I'll try the Refiner.

Btw, I do think MUFE Primer helps a little bit w/ color correcting. I looked a bit brighter. I'm leaning with yes, I'd buy it again.

cheryl said...

sounds like the scrub's much better than the peel... rodial is coming up with a peel product, i think it'll be great.

Aya said...

Thank you for the review! I tried the same peel at the counter, but I noticed the tube is really small!

I did try their yellow alcohol-free toner. It smells heavenly and it really moisturizes skin without being greasy...Grab yourself a sample next time you visit the counter :)

Anonymous said...

different strokes for different folks ! I love the peel! Its messy and costly but its worth it. Wen I use the peel it leaves my skin brighter and soft! I'm thinking you have to have patience to use this product- because it is messy!!

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