Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Tagged by Rae of The Notice:

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I think I may have done a similar tag before...but I'll do it again :)

1. I can twirl a pencil in both directions. I used to be able to do it with both hands, in either direction, but my left is out of practice now.

2. I'm completely hopeless at front-in parking. But I can reverse park without problems.

3. Before inserting contacts, I must have a paper towel to dry my hands with, not Kleenex or bath towels...or I just can't do it.

4. I can crack my knuckles by just clenching my fists slowly. Not very feminine I know...

5. I can't eat beef tongue if I know what it is...but if you don't say anything I will thoroughly enjoy it.

6. I do the Vulcan salute just to annoy the bf, because he can't do it :D

I'm tagging:

Faux Fashionista
Make Me Shiny


fuzkittie said...

LOL @ beef tongue. Haha... I think a lot of people are that way!

Rae // theNotice said...

^^ I can't twirl a pencil at all, much to the shame of my other Asian friends!

(And don't worry; I'm the same about beef tongue. I love it, up until someone tells me what I'm consuming.)

Angie said...

The peel sounds rather similiar to the Laneige strawberry yogurt peel where you rub off the dead skin cells.. It works rather well.

I was so confused when you said I was tagged.. haha

Hahaha I love reverse parking! =) I refuse to eat tongue of anything (not very Chinese, I know haha).

OMG my sister's bf can't do the Vulcan Salute either! She ALWAYS does it to him! Hahaha.

Yup, that's exactly why I'm replacing my old AE stuff with mature/work clothes or at least clothes that can be worn to work and out. I love my AE underwear too! =)

Oooh a red coat would be nice!

Goodluck with the rolls!!! They were really fun to make!

Unknown said...

I can crack my knuckles the same way! And repeatedly, like over and over -_-;;;

Never had beef tongue! But I hear it's just like pot roast lol

cheryl said...

wow the knuckle thing was pretty scary, lol!
u know what, i thoroughly enjoyed eating cow tongue when i was little. I expressly asked for it whenever my mom went to the butcher's!!!

Tracy Roa said...

Thanks for the tag!

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