Sunday, October 26, 2008

United Colors of Benetton

I love store catalogues, especially those from clothing or furniture stores. When I was younger I used to pore over the IKEA catalogue and fantasize what I would buy and how I would arrange them in my room, haha :D

Anyway this is just a quick post on some of the things I like from the United Colors of Benetton Fall'08 catalogue. I love their suits but usually their prices are way over my head unless I get them at outlet price. I have splurged before though on a black wool coat from them because it was the absolute perfect length and cut even for my petite size.

Thats another thing too about UCB...their stuff fits me fine for most pieces, unlike Banana Republic where regular sizes are too large unless I go into their petites section.

For some reason I'm attracted to greys and plaid patterns in the catalogue:



I want that pencil skirt desperately...I see some similar pieces on Forever 21's website but they don't have my size...



This pleated skirt looks pretty good on the model, especially with the matching coat:


I love how they got to put blue lipstick on the front cover model :D


And green on the back cover model:


Coming up tomorrow - some reviews on the Clarins stuff and Harajuku Lovers fragrances!


Anonymous said...

mmmm gray and plaid, I love all the outfits! Especially the gray suits. I agree, the pleated skirt with the coat goes surprisingly well together even though the patterns aren't quite the same. The sad thing is that clothes never fit as well on me as they do on the models :(

cheryl said...

lol i love the blue lipstick. i gotta say benetton has great photography. as an italian brand, it's still a great solution to dressing well and not spending a lot.

Anonymous said...

O wow. The cold color lipsticks really give off that outdoor winter vibe instead of looking like the sweltering indoors in layers of sweaters. That first dress OMG...

Unknown said...

I love UCB too!!! I always find that their clothes fit well and I like the way they have one item in a heap of different colours...I always find something that I like...always.

IchigoBunnie said...

how cool! i REALLY love that plaid skirt. really really really love it :3

i also love that turtleneck dress at the beginning. very cute and chic :3

jewels said...

i know what you mean, that's why i look the most horrible on weekends. My work clothes has dominated my wardrobe. Making weekends a watever clothes day.

you're right if you get pink tights there's not much use thru out the year. since its soooooo cold in Toronto most of the year.

Angie said...

I miss UCB! I don't have one in my area =(. I'm loving all the grey, tweed, and plaid! I'm loving anything pleated this season!

fuzkittie said...

Wow look at all the pretty suiting~ I think the plaid mini with the suit jacket looks fabulous!! It's like casual chic, but very sharp at the same time, I love it! Grey is pretty~ :]

The App Goddess said...

I'm looking forward to your Harajuku Lovers review:)

cheryl said...

hey there, about the icelandic product, the collection's real small so they dun do refills. it would be a nice idea though!

CL said...

Does anybody know who those models in the blue lipstick are? They look great! (I suspect the back cover is Jourdan Dunn...?)

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