Tuesday, November 25, 2008

La Mer Radiant Infusion, new skincare haul


I picked up a sample of La Mer Radiant Infusion about a month ago. I'd originally asked for a sample of Hydrating Infusion but the SA gave me this instead, and I didn't realise it until later.

These are the claims for this product:


Sounds too good to be true....and it was.

Radiance? Nope
Clarity? Nope
Pore minimizing? Nope
Tone? Nope

What it did though, was prep my skin nicely for the moisturizer. Its similar to Japanese style toners (called "lotions") which are liquids that you spread over your face prior to applying moisturizer. (Check out a great post on Asian-style toners here)

It made my skin more supple, and the moisturizer used afterwards helps lock this moisture in. Granted, the supple feeling is temporary, but it does help my moisturizer feel a lot more effective. Instead of having to use a heavier cream for fall like I usually do, I felt that I could get away with using the Infusion, then a light moisturizer afterwards.

It also has a nice light sea-ish fragrance which adds to the luxurious "I'm using La Mer" feeling lol :D

Overall: Nice, but not necessary. Also remember it does not reduce pores or improve radiance at all - all it does is add a bit of extra moisture to your skin. However there are cheaper products out on the market though that will do that anyway.

Review on Gel de la Mer to come soon!


I went to Sephora yesterday to return a few things and got these instead.


DDF Redness Relief gel
Bliss Steep Clean Mask
Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk
deluxe sample - Fresh Rose Mask

Reviews on all 3 items were generally positive. Will report back after a month or so, as skincare products supposedly take at 28 days to see an improvement.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow... such an expensive product and it does nothing!!

thanks for the review...

oooo nice haul. I have seen bliss products around in UK, let us know how it goes for you!!

Anonymous said...

La Mer is an addiction lol!

It's a hard habit to keep up with.

I am fascinated by what their products can do, or claim to do, but I don't think I would buy a pot or bottle unless my career depends on my face! :o)

AskMeWhats said...

wow, you gals are really lucky you can return products, for us, we can't return items especially if the boxes are opened...yup..that bad! LOL

Thank you for your La Mer review, it does look promising but does nothing lol

Unknown said...

ooooh you got steep clean! I totally and utterly love that stuff!! It really works for me and I hope it does for you too!

mimi said...

hi there!!! i'm adding your blog to my list! i love it =))

mimi said...

hi there!!! i'm adding your blog to my list! i love it =))

Anonymous said...

It's a nice solution to avoid skin problems…. too got best skin treatments & beauty products through SkinStore.

fuzkittie said...

Oo, you should try to get the Hydrating Infusion sample next time~ That SA is annoying! The hydrating one smells even better imo, haha.

cheryl said...

i gotta say some of the products in the la mer collection are a bit mimicky, just big on statements and small on results. but i really do like the gel de la mer. it really really works.

Angie said...

The reviews from Radiant Infusion aren't immediate. I've used it since this summer and I think that it really added clarity and radiance to my skin. I didn't see results until a month or two later though, at least not obvious results. And the results intensify if you use it before CDLM, as it's made to complement and enhance the benefits/results of CDLM. It didn't do anything for my pores though. I wouldn't use it in place of a toner either. I use mine every night. I like it, but I agree, it isn't necessary to have.

Steep Clean is pretty nice and Fresh's Rose Face Mask is awesome!

The App Goddess said...

Hope you and yours have a beauty full Thanksgiving!

AskMeWhats said...

I LOVE THIS! So pretty on you and natural. Happy Thanksgiving to you

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