Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shiseido Clean Contrast Eyes SV844

I did this ages ago, meaning to write up a review but didn't get to editing these pictures until now.

The Maquillage Clean Contrast Eyes palettes were released as part of this year's Spring collection:




The colours are sheer as with most Japanese makeup.

- Sheer white with some glitter
A bit glittery so a light hand is needed to apply it

- Matte cool lilac
Kinda chalky on its own, looks much better used as a base under the shimmery grey shade

- Shimmery warm grey
My favourite shade. Very unique colour

- Charcoal grey powder liner
Smudges easily...I wouldn't use it without a liquid/gel liner over it to fix it.

This palette was used on the model in the Spring '08 collection promo pictures


I wouldn't have had the slightest clue how to use the purple shade properly if not for A Touch of Blusher's review. She mentioned that the model used the purple shade as a base all over the mobile lid, then layered the shimmery grey on top. The colours are sheer so the grey still allows the purple to show through while adding dimension at the same time.


1. White shade to highlight
2. Purple all over mobile eyelid
3. Warm grey over the purple, blending along the "crease"
4. Charcoal grey as liner


Added some silver glitter liner (Kate gel liner) since the model used it too






Angie said...

Pretty! I might get one of those palettes =). I think it looks really
cute with the silver liner!

You look great in those contacts! Love the lip color too! What are you wearing?

Anonymous said...

The case is so wild~ Looks futuristic to me :P

Blu3! I bought the Seche! It ended up being 6.89+taxes. I didn't realize that the reviews were THAT great for it. It normally goes for 11.99 in stores, but with their card, its 6.89. I was sooo thankful when at checkout she told me that, because it didn't show that way on the shelf :)
And there are several Sally's in the GTA. Except they are all...out of the way for the most part :T

Terri said...

The palette looks lovely! Did you get it from online or is there a store in the Toronto area that sells Japanese makeup?

Btw, about MUFE aqua eyes liner... it DOES smudge on me, but that's mostly because my eyes are horrifically oily. However, out of everything I've used, it smudges the least, so I've been sticking to it.

Rae // theNotice said...

I love this! Very elegant, simple - but still a gorgeous pop of colour. (In other words, very "you"!

Gorgeous ^^

fuzkittie said...

You used it wonderfully!! Love the purple with the grey, it's very elegant~ And the silver liner looks beautiful on top too!

mimi said...

sooo pretty!! japanese cosmetics are the best!!

cheryl said...

such a pretty look :-D u can't go wrong with greys and purples. absolutely beautiful!

mk said...

where did u get the palette? i tried searching online but cant find it!

watercoloursky said...

Hey mk, thanks for visiting :) I got the palette here.

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