Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Japanese goodies!

Recently I was fortunate enough to have Nic Nic do a CP for me :) She also sent me her Sana concealer to try! Thank you Nic :D


  • Sana concealer in Light Yellow
  • Lunasol Geminate liner (most expensive liner ever but I got it because it looks so good on Fuz!)
  • Kate Super Sharp liner in BK-1
  • Esprique Dress On Moist Rouge in RO610 (because of Row's swatches)
So far I've tried only the concealer. The texture is nice, it doesn't crease at all (almost all concealers do that to me), however the coverage tends to be sheer. It reminds me more of a highlighter/eye brightener than a full coverage concealer but I will have to use it a few more times before I can give a proper verdict on it.


I also got some Majolica Majorca goodies in the mail lately courtesy of Paris B. from My Women Stuff! She had a giveaway a couple months ago and I entered completely last minute, within the last hours of the deadline...and somehow I won :) Thank you Paris! :D


  • Majolica Majorca eyeshadow in GR185
  • Majolica Majorca gloss in PK384
  • and a super handy cellphone pouch :)

The eyeshadow is pigmented and easily blendable, I actually find the texture better than the Majolook palette I got this spring. The lipgloss is sticky, but the staying power is good and it has really nice shimmers in it.


Finally, today's outfit:



Black knit top, H&M
Brocade olive gold skirt, Forever 21
Sheer black tights, Life Brand (lol)
Black leather boots, Browns

Layered a denim jacket (pictured) and black wool coat (not pictured) over it before going out.


The skirt is new :) I was waiting impatiently for it to get on the Canadian website since spotting it on the US F21 site. Only thing is it feels a bit tight :/...probably because of the high waisted cut as well.

I haven't worn these boots in ages...the last time I wore them was the previous winter so almost 2 years ago. Mostly because these aren't very comfortable. They feel fine initially but after a couple of hours my feet will hurt depending on how much walking is being done. Then again though I do have problematic feet...I'm getting some custom made orthopaedic inserts soon to help with my foot issues.

The metal stuff around the ankle is actually on a removeable leather piece, so I could remove it to make them look like regular plain leather boots.

Finally I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving! 3.5 weeks left to Christmas :)


AskMeWhats said...

that is a great outfit!!!! so hip! I am excited with Christmas too!

(g)ezebel said...

*jealous pout at makeup*

ohmygod, your outfit is soooo sexy!!

mayaari said...

that skirt is so pretty! and I can't wait for you to try out the Lunasol liner - I contemplated getting one myself, but I'm still torn on the price!

Anonymous said...

As I was scrolling down the page, reading this post, I thought about commenting on Majolica Majorca. That is until I saw your outfit of the day! It looks super! I'm a big fan of brocade even though I do find it hard to pull off as an every day fabric. But the way you mixed and matched is perfect!

OK, Majolica Majorca. I made my first Majolica Majorca purchase just a few weeks ago, when I was back in Taipei. I got the lip gloss too (RD447 and RD449) as well as the powder blush (RD255 and OR211). I'm very impressed with the quality of both products, so much so that I asked a friend in Taipei to hunt down the blush in OR322 and post it out to me! I think RD255 is an excellent dupe for Nars Orgasm. What do you think? What other Majolica Majorca products would you recommend?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

YAY you got my package :D

The skirt looks super cute in your outfit!!

Yumeko said...

the sana concealer doesnt work for me but am curious to hear how it works for u ^^

sugabum said...

That skirt is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

The skirt looks fantastic. Is it still available? I didn't see it on the Cdn / US website.

cheryl said...

oh aren't u a petite little thing?! lovely outfits. high waist is back, which makes me hate my low-waisted jeans, argh! i like your boots. i have a pointy-toed cowboy boots, but the point is a bit too long, making it uncomfortable :-(
i can't get over that little bear drawing on the concealer tube XD have fun with all this new stuff!

fuzkittie said...

I love the skirt~ F21 makes some really cute skirts, which reminds I still have a new one sitting in my closet! Love the outfit too!

yayy, Lunasol liner!! It's so pretty isn't! I think the Sana concealer would work great as a base for other eye concealers~ :]

watercoloursky said...

askmewhats: I'm excited about the shopping mostly haha. Not too keen on family gatherings though

gezebel, sugabum: lol thanks :)

mayaari: I'll do a fotd with it!

liz: sounds like you actually own more than I do! The only thing I own besides what I just received is the Majolook LE palette from Spring '08. But I've heard many good things about their mascara (the Lash Enamel Neo) if you're looking for a good stay put mascara.

Nic: Thanks again for getting the stuff! :)

Yumeko: I'll do a better review once I've tested it out some more

carmen: unfortunately I can't find it either so I guess it is sold out :( Thats one bad thing about F21 I noticed is they don't always get a lot of stock in :/

cheryl: I actually still like my low waisted jeans, I don't think I could stand high waisted jeans or pants actually! Too many bad memories from the 90s, haha. But I'm really liking high waisted skirts though! They make my legs look longer...*I think*

The Faux Fashionista said...

OOOOO I love the skirt! And your boots are so versatile <3

Aren't Asian cosmetics so much fun to play with? They fascinate me so...

Lana said...

oh! i am new to your blog but i just had to comment - that outfit looks so sleek & chic on you. the (sooo pretty, can't believe it's f21) skirt compliments your lithe figure & the boots really do give it that edge.

i really hope you do an FOTD with that Lunasol liner pretty please :) how kind of another blogger to CP for you!
anyhow, I really like your site, your looks, & reviews. I'm so coveting those Laneige (i know this is old news) baked highlighter thingys doubly so now -- I spotted them on my last flite into Korea but didn't chance to pick one up :( pity as the one you showed in an older post really flattered you! but yes, can I reiterate - I am adoring your outfit <3

Aya said...

I love your girly always look so warm! I never know how to dress for cold weather, although I've lived in Japan for most of my Can't wait to see the looks you come up with using your new makeup!

paperdollrevenge said...

Oh how nice of her! I love the cute JDM bear on the Sana concealer packaging, hehe.

Yes, I do love NARS but I wish the prices were lower so I could buy more! =P

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