Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some recent favourites + basic FOTD


This has replaced the Nivea Labello Moisture as my HG lipbalm. Labello is great for locking in moisture to protect lips but it doesn't actually ADD moisture to already chapped lips. Also, it doesn't allow lipstick to apply well on top because it feels so greasy.

In contrast the Lip Care balm actually feels protective and moisturizing at the same time. It has a thick creamy consistency that performs well as a base under lipstick in my opinion. The scent is faintly vanilla-ish, which goes well with the usual MAC lipstick scent. (I dislike using fruity balms underneath MAC lipsticks because it just smells funny together...). Bonus - this contains Q10 to nourish lips as well :)


This is one of the few things I would recommend from ELF. The pads remove polish really well and I can usually use 1 pad for just 1 use. It may take 2 if you have a strong topcoat like Seche Vite but still works better than other removers I've tried. The pads are also scented with this citrus scent, it may smell a bit artificial but is still much better than the chemical smells from regular polish removers.

Only complaint is that the container isn't airtight, so it doesn't help keep the pads moist. After a couple months, the pads tend to dry out. They still work if you dampen them a bit with another polish remover, but aren't as effective as before. If they could improve the packaging, this would be an awesome product.


This year's birthday gift from Sephora - Vanilla Cupcake shower gel. It smells fantastic - like baked vanilla cupcakes...I might consider actually buying this if it isn't too expensive. Using it is like having a sinful dessert without the calories :D

Check out the scent description:


I've been skimming through a number of Japanese magazines online recently so I felt like doing a more simple look focusing more on the winged liner:

Urban Decay Zero liner
Kiss Me liquid liner in black
over UD liner
Maybelline Cool Effect liner in Champagne Ice on lower lashline
Blinc mascara


Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Climax lipstick in PK730
Nivea Lip Care Q10


Everyday Minerals Mint concealer to hide redness
Everyday Minerals Sunlight concealer all over
MAC Emote blush to contour
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in So Ceylon on sides of the face, on cheekbones
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat on apples of cheekbones



Anonymous said...

MAC petticoat looks great on you! I think I need to apply it as light as you or maybe try to find that So Ceylon to be used together like you did. and Kiss Me liquid liner in black is most excellent. I think your liner work is one of the best I have seen among Asians.

fuzkittie said...

Mmmm I love the nude look on you~ So pretty and fresh! That's how the Nivea lip balm was on my lips, it doesn't heal chapped lips, and just sits there... :/ I will try your suggestion them! :]

watercoloursky said...

jojoba: aww thanks :) Actually it helped with to have the UD pencil liner first. Without it, I usually mess up the liquid liner so I still need lots of practice!

fuzkittie: lol I know, the Labello for me was like a stick of grease :P The Lip Care balm is creamy so it feels great :D

Anonymous said...

I hadn't really realized that they don't moisturize...because my lips weren't that chapped before...

but with the cold we've been experiencing i have noticed that nivea sticks suck at moisturizing :( too bad cause I bought a crapload cause it was

but love the look~ especially the lipstick colour! sheer but enough colour to notice.

kuri said...

Your liner looks gorgeous! It's just like the magazines. Maybe I'll try lining with pencil first.

mayaari said...

i saw a bunch of those nivea lip care things at the store the other day and was just wondering if they were any good! might have to pick one up the next time i'm out :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

I still want Emote blush :( LOL

very simple but pretty fotd!

Unknown said...

OOO! Love the lips!! The color is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

The natural look if so becoming on you! You are naturally fresh faced and glowy anyway.

Angie said...

You look gorgeous with this neutral look! I love how you lined yoru eyes and the lipstick!

Cute ass outfit!!! F21 skirt?! Really? wow! haha.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun! =)

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