Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yet another year older

Some pictures from my birthday a couple of weeks ago:

One of my friends had her birthday the day after mine so our bfs got together and planned the surprise for us.

They booked a karaoke room and went there beforehand to decorate it. My friend and I went there assuming we were just there to hangout and chill for a bit, so we were surprised when we went in and the room was all decorated out :D



They got lots of balloons - helium ones and also blew up lots of regular balloons. We had to remove the decorations before we left, so we had a lot of fun popping the regular ballons before we left, haha. There was bits of balloon spatter all over the stuff :P


We should've taken a picture of the room after - it was basically a tiny square room but the guys really changed it up with their efforts :)

After that we did a bunch of things...went for a movie, dinner at a Japanese place before going back to my friends' place to chill.

Me with my cake:




My friend had a mango mousse cake:


We split up the helium balloons, these are the ones I took home.


The balloons had really cute weights tied at the bottom to hold them down.


The bf also got me a Fossil watch :)


EOTD from that day using Lunasol's Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral:



Sorry no good shots of the makeup that day...I took all these pictures at the end of the day, so my face looked greasy and shiny...not something you wanna see I'm sure.

And my outfit:



I'm all H&M'd out here...

H&M white knit shrug
H&M black knit top with ruched sleeves
F21 satin trim / cotton pleated navy skirt
H&M black tights
B2 brown suede buckle boots
Swarovski starfish pendant necklace

I also curled my hair that day, so it looks more wavy, because I did sorta expect we might go out someplace nice for dinner or something lol so it was worth it, haha.


AskMeWhats said...

First of all HAPPY HAPPY BIrthday and looks like a great party! That cookie monster balloon is too cute!!! And you've got lovely gifts!

I love your hair curled, super pretty! :)

fuzkittie said...

Happy belated!! Glad you had fun~ And the watch is so cute! :] Your bf is very sweet.

I LOVE Lavender Coral on you! Hmmm I want it now... haha.

Terri said...

Happy Belated!

All those different balloons are awesome, haha. And I hope that cake was delicious! Looks so good...

watercoloursky said...

Thank you guys! :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Ha[[y Belated bday!

the balloons look really cute!! and very pretty outfit! Im glad you had fun :D

Unknown said...

Hope you had a great bday!!

Your cake looked YUMMY!!

I suck the helium out of balloons if I ever get them >_< hahaha, it's just funny to hear you voice turn into a chipmunk heheh

mayaari said...

aww, how cute! that was a really sweet surprise :) I love the band on your new watch!

Unknown said...

How great do you look!?

Happy Happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Your boyfriend is SO AWESOME! Looks like you got yourself a keeper and you deserve it!

Hehe, I'm embarrassed to admit that, at a quick glance, I thought your new watch was a series of empty NYX eye shadow singles. Apparently, I love that brand too much.


Rae // theNotice said...

Happy belated birthday, hon!! I love the cookie monster balloon ^^

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you had an enjoyable day on your birthday!

Those balloons are so cute! And the cakes look divine!

jie jie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Blue! The BFs are so sweet to surprise you two like that.

Yummm... I probably can't choose which cake to pick.. Mango is my favorite fruit, but I loooove Tiramisu!

cheryl said...

oh my god i didn't know it was your birthday: HAPPY BELATED! looked like a great party. u're so very cute in that outfit.

jewels said...

happy belated. love the skirt.

Angie said...

Thanks! I'm quite happy with Givenchy's Mister Light! Hrrm maybe you should try Givenchy's if Dior isn't working for you. My mom liked the Dior pen.

Yeah, Dior's Hydrating concealer does crease a bit. It doesn't crease except right around where my lower eyelashes are, when I smile.

Yup they do! But I had so many more than I usually have to deal with. My forehead was really bump free for like 2 years but with all these clogged pores, it was starting to look ugly, like I had a ton of zits when I didn't.. =(

I have Gel de la Mer too. And it's not moisturizing enough for me. It leaves my skin feeling a bit dry.. =(. Get a sample of the Creme! It's wonderful.

I know! I'm loving Lychee Rose! The smell is AWESOME! Makes me happy each time I put it on!

Grayburn said...

Awww happy birthday! What a sweet thing you bf's did. You look so cute and comfy as well as the hair is pretty. Hope you had an amazing time !

x Grayburn

Anonymous said...

those balloon weights ARE cute :P
hope its another lovely year for you :)

Katrina said...

wow that was sweet. :) mmm the cake makes me hungry! yummy sweets! happy late birthday! :) i'm kat btw. i'm new here. :)

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