Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bliss: Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk & Steep Clean Mask

Before I get into the review I need some recommendations from fellow bloggers and readers please :)

I want to replace a few of my basic eyeshadow brushes. I actually liked ELF's and got like 7 of 'em but now a few of them are shedding after a year's use. Any recommendations for cheap basic eyeshadow brush (less than $10)?

Also I need a backup blending brush - a 'squirrel' shaped type of brush like this. Any rec's for a good cheap one (less than $15)?

Thank you :)


Bliss reviews - These will be quick because the products didn't work all that well for me. They were decent enough but I didn't see the results promised even though I used them for a good while so no repurchases from me.

Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk

Supposed to be a daily use cleansing milk that "breaks down excess dirt, sebum, and debris".




What I found:

- The texture is nice, its a thick milky liquid that you massage onto dry skin.
- Scent is slightly plastic-y.
- Can also be used as a 5 minute facial. It tingles slightly when left on for a while, which I like because it feels like its working to exfoliate your skin gently.
- Its supposed to remove makeup but I found it was too gentle. Had to use a separate cleansing oil beforehand.

Does it work?

As a basic cleanser, yes. As for its other claims, no, not really. I did not see any difference in pore size after 3 weeks of use. No "unclogging" was done for my pores despite the name of the product.


It is a nice daily cleanser, and I do like how it exfoliates gently enough for daily use. However I wanted something to actually help unclog pores and it doesn't do that. The price is also rather expensive considering it doesn't do much more than any other cleanser or exfoliator out there.

Steep Clean mask

An enzyme based mask that promises to "visibly dissolve blackheads, dead cells, dark pores, and debris".




The nozzle is pretty unique because it contains two different coloured liquids that you squeeze out and mix to activate the enzymes prior to massaging it on your face




What I found:

- Scent is light and pleasant
- Even pressure has to be kept on the nozzle to get the yellow and blue parts to flow out at the same rate
- Works best if your skin is dry or only slightly damp
- I like how it turns from opaque to clear as it works. If I forget to check the time before I put it on, the colour of it lets me know if its close to being done or not

Does it work?

Yes and No. Yes, it does give me brighter skin due to the exfoliating action of the enzymes. However it failed to clean out my pores unless I gave it some help (with a nose strip). But still, I found the amount of gunk removed from my pores was about the same as if I were to use the nose strip alone...


Great exfoliating & brightening mask, however on its own it doesn't fulfil its claims. Didn't see any "visible dissolving of blackheads" for my skin. However do keep in mind it works differently for each person. I've heard other people rave about this mask as well including bloggers Glow and Fuz. For a great step by step review of the mask go here and here.


Grayburn said...

I've been using some from Coastal scents and they seem to do fine. They do have a blending brush as well. I also bought a set of brushes from a craft store the other day which work surprisingly well and were quite inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

Essence of beauty at cvs has the best cheap brushes. Do they have cvs in canada?

fuzkittie said...

Hehe, I agree though, sometimes I think this mask works better on my pores and other times it's just so so.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i would have been sold if it could "dissolve" those horrible pesky black heads!!! :(

cheryl said...

hey there, about brushes, i usually get them from sephora but am not sure if they fall under your budget... i hear PUPA brushes are really good..

vivavoomz said...

Try The Body Shop? I like their brushes. Will stock up when there are sales. :)

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