Thursday, January 8, 2009

FYI: Cosmetic deals on

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions on the eyeshadow brushes! :) I would rather avoid Coastal Scents so I'll just have to wait for a sale on The Body Shop brushes, or see if I can make it to a CVS in the US sometime.

Anyway I wanted to mention that has a few items on sale for quite cheap:

Urban Decay Best of Urban set for $15 (still $35 on Sephora)
Korres Plum Colour set for $12 (still $29 on Sephora)
Korres Lipgloss Trio for $15
Becca Best of Becca Palette for $36.75 (original price $73)

They also have the Paul & Joe Disney collection which I found out thanks to Nicnic :) Waiting for it to arrive.

Shipping to Canada was about $5 for 2 items.


This was a super old look from September perhaps thats been sitting in my Photobucket for awhile. I don't remember most of what I used except that I was wearing no eyeshadow, just MAC Brassy Fluidline over Kiss Me Heroine liner.


Somehow coloured contacts always seem to make a plain look more interesting. Unfortunately lashes weren't curled well in this can't even see them! Haha.


Mineral makeup (probably Everyday Minerals), a shimmery blush, and most likely Shiseido Maquillage Sheer Climax Rouge lipstick in PK730.



Kimberly said...

ohhhhhhh thanks for posting that hun!!! I love that paul and joe line, I just LOVE LOVE DISNEY!!!

and those are some killer markdowns!

AskMeWhats said...

thanks for the tip, i will tell my friend in the US about it! :)

I love your old photo, you don't even look like you're wearing contacts :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh you look really pretty in those pics!

which colour did you pick in the end?? I know Fuz has the other colour :) omg I would have love to have got the Becca palette... but I ran out of time... and im not buying makeup anymore LOL.

Anonymous said...

You look so fresh in that 'old' photo. I'm more into natural looks these days, and by natural, I do mean no makeup. :)

Coastal Scents, yeah, after a couple of orders, I've decided not stop buying from them. That refillable powder dispensing pump brush I got (which I believe you have to), I still haven't figured out how to use it; no powder comes out even after I've pumped it for ages! Do you use yours? And do you like it? If you like it, I'll give mine to you!

Angie said...

Pretty! I think you have beautifully shaped eyes! Colored contacts look so natural on you!

Thanks for the link!

I use steep clean once a week. It does a decent job, but not that amazing for deep clean. But 3 days later, I always use DDF's sulfur mask.

Anonymous said...

it's soooo subtle but you REALLY brought out those eyes so nicely

i think this is my favorite look so far!

what are the chances a monolid like me could pull this off without wearing thick eyeliner?

Unknown said...

Blu you look gorgeous!!

Ths thing about ASOS over here is that most people only buy clothes from them so so far you can get some fab makeup deals.

Do let me know if you woudl like to try some UK brands wont you??

Grayburn said...

I love the color of those contacts! I wish I had the guts to wear contacts but I get scared of putting anything in my eye.

x Grayburn

fuzkittie said...

I like the metallic liner~ Very pretty~ Your skin also looks nice here!

Unknown said...

hey ure in Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

kimberly Tia is coming down we should meet up !

cheryl said...

hi how is your new year going so far? u always look so elegant whether with subtle looks or more colourful ones. i think we have similar skin tone - almost having like a pink undertone, rite?

Anonymous said...

Love the subtle-ness of the liner! it really gives you that little extra, without being too over the top!
I checked out asos cause of the post, and nearly bought more stuff I probably don't Thank goodness I came to my sense in the end. Otherwise I probably would have cried.

You would think MAC would be nicer to us Canadians, seeing as it is a Canadian company...(or was it bought out by the states? We seem to lose everything to them) But I we will see after the email. Some have suggested I call in, but I think I'm really frustrated to the point where I don't care, and will refuse to contact them. Might change eventually cause I want some MSF...

Ack! 25% already! And yes, I love Sephora's policy. It is one of the best out for returns. Maybe I will look into Stila as well. Only tried their lipgloss and have shadow trios...but do you have any rec's?

and yes, try out the masque, what do you have to lose? :P

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was wondering what contacts you're wearing...super pretty! TIA!

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