Friday, December 26, 2008

Fresh Mangosteen set on sale @ Sephora

Too tired to do a proper post...I've been up since 4.45am this morning for Boxing Day... Just wanted to mention to anyone who has been lemming after the Fresh Mangosteen fragrance (like me, lol) to check out Sephora at Eaton Centre. They have the Mangosteen box set slashed from CDN$114 to CDN$64!

The set includes the full size Mangosteen fragrance 100mL, and smaller sizes of the Mangosteen body lotion and soap. So its like getting the fragrance at a discount with the two other items as an extra bonus! This set isn't even on the Sephora website anymore so that must be why the store is clearing it out.

Besides that, they had some Stila lip glazes, lip glaze sticks, and other lipglosses on final sale as well (50% off). I was about to get one but decided not to in the end because they would still cost CDN$14, almost as much as a MAC lipgloss...

I have no idea what sale items they have at other Sephora locations in Toronto...but if anyone can let me know I'd appreciate it :)

Oh and do share your Boxing Day hauls! :D


Angie said...

My mom was the one to tell me about Boxing Day. I had no clue the day after Christmas had a name! hahaha.

I'm glad Sephora finally added some noteworthy items to their sale category. I've been resisting though =P

Angie said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Yeah the snow by my work has melted. It's still super hard to get out of my neighborhood though!

anna_junger said...

hey! just linked your blog off of fuzkittie's.
Happy to see there's another Torontonian beauty blogger out there!!! Eaton Centre was crazie today, hope you had a great christmas and boxing day. I didn't get too much, but I'll be posting it on my bog tomorrow if you want to head on over. =)

cheryl said...

hi wow are u having a boxing day marathon? :-) i'm itching to buy some new makeup cos i haven't really bought anything for a while. I'm not on a ban or anything but i haven't felt like i need anything "new".

anna_junger said...

thanks for visiting my blog =)
IT was my first time at the warehouse sale, and it was pretty intense! I'm not sure what the 'discount' was on the items, because they didn't charge you full price and then discount it - they just charged you the already discounted price... the prices were either $7,$9,$10,$12.. I think the $7 items were e/s and such, $9 were maybe paint pots and paints, $10 were blushes, $12 were pigments, face powders, and palettes? It was definitely worth going. Better to go with a friend though - it would have been much less hassle for me (and less time waiting in lines) if I had known someone else who wanted to go.

Yumeko said...

wooooo 4.45am!! amazing!!!!

anna_junger said...

ugh. bad haircuts suck! I think all the good hairdressers are migrating to richmond hill! That's where my good hairdresser is. Well, kinda on the cusp of r. hill and markham. I used to live in thornhill and work in r. hill, so it was super convenient. It's not so much anymore!!!

actually, the mac warehouse sale was up at the markham fairgrounds. I wasn't 'invited', but I was able to buy a ticket off of someone. Next time we can definitely go together if you're willing! It'll cut the waiting time in half too, since we'll be able to line up in different lines at the same time. =)

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