Saturday, December 27, 2008

spoils of war...

Contrary to what my last post may have sounded like, I didn't haul much from Boxing Day sales. The reason for waking up so early was to help the bf get the stuff he was eyeing at Futureshop (a Canadian equivalent of Best Buy that is ironically now owned by Best Buy...).

We only had two things to get - a Yamaha home theatre receiver and a pair of Energy speakers. They only had a minimum of 8 per store of receivers, and I think 4 pairs of speakers, and because they were discounted over 50% we had to go there early if we wanted any chance of getting them at all!

First we woke up at 4.45 so that we could get to Best Buy by 5.15am. They open at 5.30am and if you stand in line beforehand, you get a chance to win a $500 giftcard from the store. And yes thats the only reason we stopped by there first :P

There were a lot of people there already before us...I heard someone in front of us say they came here at 4am....crazy. Anyway we basically froze our butts off waiting til 5.40 (they were late!) when they announced the winner. Unfortunately, it wasn't us :(

After that, immediately we drove to Futureshop to wait in line. The people in line at Best Buy probably thought we were crazy for leaving right then, lol but there really wasn't anything at Best Buy that interested us. Anyway, there were less people at Futureshop but still quite a bit considering the insane hour. Surprisingly they let us in early, 10 minutes before the store was supposed to open at 6am.


(doesn't that figure look creepy? hooded and the grim reaper :P)

The store staff had all the big Boxing Day deals pulled out of their warehouse and set up along the aisles.


Its a good thing we got there early because when we found the speakers, there were only 2 pairs left, and right after I pulled aside our pair another person came and grabbed the last! Same for the receiver, they were all gone within 20 minutes. The lineups at the cash registers were super long but luckily because we were in the home audio section they had separate computers to ring up your purchases right in that department.

Spoils of war...


The rest of the day was spent at Eaton Centre mall...which was nice in the morning, but it got more and more crowded after lunch. In previous years I had never been bothered to wake up early, but I think I would wake up earlier in future just to avoid the crowds. Once there got to be too many people I just didn't feel motivated to shop anymore.

Some stores had lineups to get in too - like the Nike Store, Hollister, and Abercrombie and Fitch. In fact the lineups were so long at A&F they spanned a couple of stores. I guess the clearance sale there was a really great deal but still, I wouldn't have the patience to wait that long for clothes. Maybe if it was shoes or bags I would :)

Anyway I really didn't find anything I liked...My main goal was to find a pair of heels/pumps, and also a pair of comfortable low-heeled boots, but everything looked so ordinary and blah. It seems like I'm getting too picky as I get older. These were the only things that caught my eye:


  • Zoya polishes in Lily and Harmonie 30% off from Trade Secrets
  • Fresh Mangosteen set about 40% off at Sephora
  • American Apparel Double U-neck dress in red, 20% off
  • American Apparel Over the Knee socks 25% off
  • American Apparel Knee high socks 25% off

Closer look at the Zoya polishes. I've wanted to try some ever since Audrie posted about them.


Contents of the Fresh Mangosteen set: Full size perfume, smaller sizes of the body lotion and soap.


I also bought some stuff from The Body Shop website. Originally I wanted to see the items in store before buying but they didn't have any left so I had to order online. At least the shipping isn't too bad, only $5 and all of the items were 50% off:

Brush roll

Travel makeup bag

Fragrance Atomizer

Aqua Lily Me Time giftset

Thats probably it for a while. I doubt I'd find anything in other malls since most stores are similar. There will be some other pre-Christmas hauls from Sephora and Adam Beauty coming up in future posts...


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the 'getting too picky as I get older'. I think it's a good thing... we've finally come to our sense! :P

Have you started using 'Aqua Lily' from TBS? That was my scent earlier this year. I really liked the fresh smell.

anna_junger said...

When I was younger and at home up in thornhill, my sister and I used to get up really early and head downtown to shop. Really the only way to do boxing day! We used to be done by noon, and would be heading home on the subway..we'd v the only 2 on the northbound platform, and we'd be watching FULL ttc cars emptying out on the other side!

I'm not an early bird anymore, so this year I went in the afternoon (also at the Eaton Center) it was insane! Good thing I didn't really want/need anything. I just went into stores when they would thin out.

BTW, I love zoya polishes! Wish I had seen that deal. :P

mayaari said...

nice hauls - I didn't even bother to go shopping after Christmas, haha. I'm glad you were able to get those speakers!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i found some goodies on boxing day too!! xD

cheryl said...

u were brave to wake up so early XD malls are fun when they're quiet, or on rainy days :-)

Anonymous said...

woo nice bargains lady!!!

fuzkittie said...

That is craziness!! Hahaa, glad you got great deals though. Zoya polishes have been in my dreams a long time!

Anonymous said...

oooh you got the Atomizer as well? i always wanted something like that, so i picked it up as well. its a good thing that you guys got what you wanted to get at futureshop! and just in time as well :)

being picky with shoes is a good thing at times, because good shoes can make or break an outfit.
there are many times i see girls with certain shoes...and
but yes, storage place would be a problem, im running out in this room of mine with all my books all over the place :P

ps i cant want to see your hauls :) sephora~ i still havne't bought from them online...but they do have some deals that have been tempting.

Anonymous said...

pps the zoya's are sooo pretty! i didnt know they sold them at tradesecrets, thanks for the heads up

Anonymous said...

Some cute deals. I didn't get anything for boxing day. =( It's nice to read a Torontonian's blog. =)

I found the boxing day deals pretty lacking this year. I noticed, for the things I was interested, the pre-Christmas prices were the exact same as the Boxing Day prices. They just removed the Christmas 'sale' tag, put the regular price and then took 50% off. Very disappointing.

Yeah, once I discovered the long lineups for the fitting rooms and then the cash registers I just didn't want to shop anymore and left. >.<

Argh, just not a boxing day shopper. I'll try shopping again once the Christmas/New Years mania is over. XD

Angie said...

I'm waiting for an Adam Beauty package myself. It's taking tooooo long!

Wow you got lucky! Sometimes it pays off to be early and wait in line! The Mangosteen set looks amazing! I love the sugar lychee soap by Fresh. I want that set, but I don't think I'd use that perfume very often.

xnikkix said...


is it possible for you to do a post on the top 10 products that you really like???

thank you

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